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How can I install Git to my server which does not have apt-get?

My host is Bluehost. My server is on Linux. I have tried to follow the tutorial.

How do I use C headers from libgit2 without getting this error?

I took everything from include/git2 to /usr/include, then tried compiling the following program: #include <stdio.h> #include <repository.h> int main(void) { puts(“Hello, world!”); return 0; } When I compile this with GCC, I get the following error: maxwell@UNIX-PC:~$ gcc ok.c In file included from /usr/include/common.h:16:0, from /usr/include/repository.h:10, from ok.c:2: /usr/include/inttypes.h:33:2: error: #error “Use this header only […]

Why “git pull” command over https from github repository need “sudo” as prefix?

My OS is ubuntu, I have some codes located on github.com, everything is ok before, but one day, when I typing: git pull I’m asked to input password as usual, and then I get this error. error: couldn’t connect to host while accessing https://ghosert@github.com/ghosert/VimProject.git/info/refs fatal: HTTP request failed until I try sudo prefix like: sudo […]

Make bash commands to fall back to git commands if git command exists

Basically I want to type show and it checks if there is a show command or alias is defined and fire it and it is not defined fires git show. For example rm should do rm but checkout should do git checkout. Is it possible to program this in bashrc?

How can i configure font size in gitk?

Using Linux, how can i configure font and font size in gitk? Looking through the menus can be quite frustrating as they offer very little configuration possibilities.

How to make a script to perform git pull?

It is a common practice to perform git pull on dev/staging/production server(s). I frequently do so myself; I perform git pull almost 100 times a day on my production server running linux. I figure, it’s time to make a script to improve that. pull.sh will do these 3 commands git pull enter my-password (when prompt) […]

How to clone git repo from Windows to Linux?

I previously kept a bare git repository on a Linux server and a working copy in my local Windows laptop for development (syncing to the server using TortoiseGit over ssh). The server version was deleted/lost so I want to recreate the repo on the server using the latest commit from the local working copy on […]

Possible to have multiple git users logged in as root?

Is it possible to have multiple git users logged as the same Linux user? What I would like is that multiple admins can login as root, make a git pull to a directory assigned to them, and then git push, but so we still can see who made which changes in the git log?

Installing GitLab and get it running on a subdomain

I am struggling to find a proper solution to this. So, well, I have a dedicated server with Hostgator running Cent OS. I have followed the instructions here and done the following things: curl -O https://downloads-packages.s3.amazonaws.com/centos-6.6/gitlab-7.6.2_omnibus.5.3.0.ci.1-1.el6.x86_64.rpm sudo yum install openssh-server sudo yum install postfix sudo yum install cronie sudo service postfix start sudo chkconfig postfix […]

git always forces file change

I try to work on the openFrameworks repository but am seriously troubled by the behavior of git. No matter what I do, the file (and only this one) libs/FreeImage/include/FreeImage.h is always detected by git as changed. When I delete the file and execute git reset libs/FreeImage/include/FreeImage.h it still is marked as changed (probably line endings!?). […]

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