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Escape $num in Git aliases

I’m trying to alias a simpler stash so I can do git load <stashname>, something along this line: load = !git stash list | grep ‘ $1$’ | awk ‘{ print $1 }’ | sed ‘$ s/:$//’; echo Unfortunately, awk’s $1 is being replaced by the stash name too. How can I escape that $ […]

Unable to install git

I ran the following commands on linux mint 12 lisa: 1). sudo rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/* -vf 2). sudo apt-get update 3). sudo apt-get install git I am getting the following error on running 3. That is, installing git: Reading package lists… Done Building dependency tree Reading state information… Done E: Unable to locate package git […]

Standalone git binary on server with repository viewer

I have a server from my company. On this server is git not installed (and it will not be in the near future). (On many free server hosting sites, git is also not installed) Is there a way to use a git binary without having git installed (therefore without the needed dependencies in another folder, […]

Can't push to git repository as normal user

There are a couple good posts on this subject, but I am not sure if they apply to my circumstances. Error pushing to GitHub – insufficient permission for adding an object to repository database Git Push Error: insufficient permission for adding an object to repository database When performing a push as a normal user, I […]

How to add an Existing Java Project to Git repository

I am trying to add an existing Java project from a workspace to my git repository. I’m using git version on Linux. I use this command: git init/committed/remote origin/pushed However, the src directory is only appearing as a greyed out empty folder. How do I add a folder with subfolders to my github repository? […]

Concatenate multiple launchpad repositories

I want to download many addresses at once with bzr branch, i tried several things, but nothing seems to be working. Tried a file.sh with this kind of structure: sudo bzr branch lp:~jmarquez/openerp-tecvemar/tcv_bank_deposit lp:~jmarquez/openerp- tecvemar/initial_stock lp:~jmarquez/openerp-tecvemar/tcv_sale lp:~jmarquez/openerp- tecvemar/tcv_mrp lp:~jmarquez/openerp-tecvemar/tcv_label_request lp:~jmarquez/openerp- tecvemar/tcv_check_voucher lp:~jmarquez/openerp-tecvemar/tcv_stock But when I execute file.sh it just doesn’t works, can’t read the other […]

lesskey config does not get used by less pager when used with git on OSX

This works fine in Linux so I’m wondering if this is a problem with the version of less that the Mac is running. I have the same ~/.lesskey file set up, lesskey runs successfully in both places, the resulting ~/.less are identical: ec2-user@domU-12-31-39-0F-D6-5D:~/util 1:13:37 % md5sum ~/.less 0d9f50f079b66b8ef8518940b6674a7e /home/ec2-user/.less % less –v less 436 Copyright […]

Best way to sync work environments between multiple computers (Macs)

I’m in the unfortunate position of having to keep three separate macs in sync for development purposes. I’ve already tried everything I could to reduce it down to one computer, but it’s just not possible for legal reasons. So I’d like to keep the three macs in sync. I have git repos for all the […]

How to handle this patch issue with git?

I am currently working on a project using git. Basically, my git tree consists of three branches : Branch A : The origin branch, from which derives my work. Branch B : A branch based on A. B contains development work (a new feature for A). Branch C : For time management reasons, I also […]

Newer version of git installed on OSX but not being used. How can I find it and use it?

I’m trying to update git from the default mac version to a newer version. I already have a newer version installed (as seen below) but I don’t know where it is. Aarons-iMac:~ AaronWilliamson$ cd Aarons-iMac:~ AaronWilliamson$ git –version -bash: git: command not found Aarons-iMac:~ AaronWilliamson$ brew upgrade git Error: git 2.2.2 already installed How can […]

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