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In open source development, what is the difference between a patch and a git commit?

As far as I know, a patch is a file describing the differences between some files. It seem like a neat way to communicate changes in source code. But a git commit does that, and so much more. Why send patch files over the email when you could do pull requests (with all the associated […]

Getting around Git's directory limitations?

I used Subversion for many years. It allowed you to do something very cool: svn checkout http://bla.bla/some/relative/path With git, you can only: svn checkout http://bla.bla <– I.e. you can’t checkout sub directories How do people get around this? My problem is specifically with deployment scripts. I have this directory structure: /db /www etc etc etc […]

Can't do git pull due to 401

On a server I faced with an issue: $ git pull origin branch1:branch1 Password: error: The requested URL returned error: 401 while accessing https://123@bitbucket.org/123/456.git/info/refs fatal: HTTP request failed The web site isn’t mine but I’m working on it. I know the credentials: user login and password and login and password for ssh access. I provided […]

How to visit a private host behind a router?

I saw someone did this: he could ssh login to or git clone from his private host behind a router home, on a publicly accessible VPS. How did he achieve that, visiting a private host from outside?

Fsharp binding for monodevelop via add-in manager can't resolve dependencies

I need to run F# with monodeveloper on Arch Linux. (Please don’t advice me to NOT use it, i have to use it as it is required by a university course). I tried to add Language Binding for F# as it is described in this link(downloaded zip file, extract it and tried to add from […]

Clone repository as background process with &

Why can’t I run git clone in the background. Is this a downloading limitation or a git limitation or something else completely? git clone <repository> &

How to setup local git with local blessed repo – Integration Manager Workflow

I need explicit steps for properly setting up git according to Integration-Manager-Workflow style in a unix environment, from scratch. The catch: It all needs to be done in EGit (so it makes sense to my E-brain), and all the repos are local. Assuming I have a fresh install of Eclipse w/EGit plugin, what is the […]

Git with double SSH

I have: local, server1, server2. I have Git repository on server2. But I can’t connect with it. I can connect to server1 with SSH and then connect to server2 with SSH. How can I push commits to server2 with double SSH? Is it possible?

How to fix:code indent should never use tabs in Vi

I have created a patch using git format-patch command and passing it to checkpatch.pl script which results in lots of code indent should never use tabs error. But I’m not sure it should be fixed it ? I’m using vi as an editor in unix environment . Please advise me on how should I fix […]

Git fatal: cannot simplify commit

I have a repo that I have been committing for 2 months. I do not seem to get any error when I commit daily. However I was looking at git logs and I see that first ever git log (or maybe git can’t see beyond that log point) has an error message like this :100755 […]

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