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what happened when type “cd” command to a linux git directory?

I have a VPS with centOS system. The system have a high loadavg in normal time. I have a git directory which is very large ( nearly 800M), when I type command cd to the directory, It takes so long time of the shell to response. So My question is, what happened when I type […]

How checkpatch.pl work and what exactly we can get by running it on a patch?

I am very new to Linux and Git. I want to know what exactly checkpatch.pl script does. I know there is a source code available on the Internet but it’s a Perl script and I don’t know Perl. So, can anyone here explain me here what exactly does it do?

Git Configuration with eclipse–not able to push code from eclipse to remote git server

1)I have just configured GIT on my local centos 6.4 server and created a repository 2)Generated key also and kept at server 2)I am able to checkout code from this remote server to my dev machine in eclipse no problem till here But when I tried to push code from Eclipse the it always says […]

set umask on remote server through fabric script

Me along with a team of developers use fabric to deploy code to remote server, Whenever a new file is created and added to the git repo the default permission will be -rw–r–r which makes it impossible for other developers to update this file (all users belong to same primary group). I want the permissions […]

Moving a Git install on Linux

It would seem I’ve installed git in the following directory: /root/bin/git (Not quite sure how, to be honest.) And therefore rendered git unaccessible to anybody other than the root user. Can I simply move the files to /usr/bin (or similar) or do I have to uninstall and reinstall. If uninstall is required, how should I […]

How to find which release a changeset is in

What’s a way to find a release that a given changeset is in? For example given this changeset: http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux.git;a=commit;h=50d3e6399a61fca53c5c440a79f71299db66b803 How do I use git to tell me the earliest release this changeset made it into?

Setting Commit and Checkout Privileges for a Git Repository

We are having a local repository which is accessible to a large number of people. We have to set up a Git repository there such that only certain users have checkout as well as commit privileges. How can we do that. P.S. : This is a part of our homework assignment in which we have […]

How to make dependencies between merged patch and before merged patch in gerrit?

I have two patches on gerrit and I would like to make the unmerged depened on the merged patch. Both are uploaded to gerrit yet. How can I do it? Is it possible at all? can I do it through gerrit? not through git and cherry pick. Let’s say https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/#/c/34106/ is the unmerged file The […]

Using xxdiff to merge in linux?

I want to use xxdiff for my merging needs. I have just started using git, and I integrated xxdiff to work with it on (git mergetool). My problem is that I can’t find any resource that teaches the basic of merging branches with xxdiff, so I get into this three file window with LOCAL BASE […]

Local Git as autosave

I would like a local GIT is my home directory to implement autosave to the repository that happens every five minutes. I have two Questions: Is this s sane thing to do? How does one go about writing a script that implements this functionality for a specified set of directories in the home directory on […]

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