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How can I get git to work with a remote server?

I am the CM person for a small company that just started using Git. We have two Git repositories currently hosted on a Windows box that is our all-purpose Windows server. But, we just set up a dedicated server for our CM software on an Ubuntu Linux server named “Callisto”. So I created a test […]

git commands hang when using credential helper + ssh

I use git on a remote ubuntu 14.04 system, accessed by ssh. I set up git-credential-gnome-keyring and was finding that it raised this error whenever accessing the remote: ** (process:12984): CRITICAL **: Error communicating with gnome-keyring-daemon I found a partial fix to this error here. The author suggests adding the following to .bashrc if [[ […]

Mercurial/Git shared repository via Samba used by both Linux and Windows

The repository is on a linux box and accessed via samba for windows. In general things appear to work. Git has some trouble with performance on windows, but works otherwise. Because of this, I’m currently only running mercurial. The problem is that “hg status” sometimes returns different results on windows vs linux. They are both […]

strange behaviour of git

i have strange behaviour of git – push is working, but clone is not 🙁 alec$ git clone git://host/repo.git Initialized empty Git repository in /Users/alec/Temp/repo/.git/ host[0: x.x.x.x]: errno=Connection refused fatal: unable to connect a socket (Connection refused) whats wrong?

git branches and running programs

I am running a program in a git repository on a linux server. This program periodically calls another program in that repository. If I do a git checkout ‘otherbranch’ in the middle of execution will it suddenly start calling the version of that program in the other branch? I’m new to git and don’t understand […]

Git tools and advices with C++

i’ve been programming with C++ for some time now… Im experimenting with Git/GitHub on my Mint box. I heard about Git GUI’s and I would like to ask you, programmers, if you use any specific tools, or just the Terminal? Any other advice or experience would be appreciated 🙂

git server and client set up in linux

i am new to git and now i am trying to set up a git server and want to access the server from client. referred many links but those are not helping me. i tried with the link http://davedevelopment.co.uk/2010/12/05/how-to-install-gitolite-on-ubuntu-10-10-maverick-meerkat.html. after the final step in the document i didn’t know how to proceed. can anyone give […]

Piping the Results of git status to Subsequent Commands

I have a large list of active files in my Git repository. One change I made was deleting a large number of images across a number of directories. I want to commit that change immediately but I don’t want to include all active files and I don’t want to manually type out git rm myfile.png […]

Git. Can't push from windows

I have a server (Debian) with running git-daemon –enable=receive-pack –verbose –reuseaddr –detach –base-path=/mnt/source and git installed on Windows XP. When I try to use the command push -v origin master on Windows it says pushing to git:// and stays there. Although, cloned successfully. In server logs I see: Mar 16 10:46:36 Server-Debian git-daemon[1424]: Ready to […]

Using GIT to push changes in an environment that didn't get the source from a checkout

I have been using git on my windows box to track a project I am working on alone. I had to copy the files to a linux box. I made substantial edits to the source on the linux box to get it working w/some components also on the linux box. How can I “properly” push […]

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