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git operations throwing 'broken pipe' error

I am using git 2.10 on SLES11 OS. When I issue ‘git diff’ or ‘git log’ on shell, I see ‘Broken Pipe’ error. I don’t see this when I do other git operations like ‘git status/push/pull/commit’ or anything for that matter. I am actually surprised not to find solution to this problem on stackoverflow and […]

git – CRLF issue in windows + linux dual boot

I’m going to answer my question with the fix what solved my problem. Note for downvoters: I understand that the root cause is discussed in various other threads (that is how I solved my problem). This post is more about how having a dual boot system can lead you to this issue. So no, this […]

Permission denied when running compiled C program in Linux

I am attempting to write a simple program that calls git checkout — . on a Github repo that would be a command line argument. I would like to call it like > clearRepo repoName. I keep all my repos in the same Github directory. The code is as follows: #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include […]

How can I revert a git commit but preserve the very original git commit history (in git blame)

I am going to revert a problematic commit but after the revert if I run the git blame on the file I am seeing my revert as the most recent commit that touched those lines. That makes sense but not very useful since I want to see the git history of the original file. (i.e. […]

Synchronizing two git clones without push access

There’s a server which hosts a git repo. I have two computers which I code from and have created a git clone on both. I frequently pull to get updates and new files. However, I cannot push to this repo (I can only pull). I would like the files to be in sync across thee […]

Git “ERROR:gitosis.serve.main:Repository read access denied” when using public keys

I have setup a git server using gitosis and everything was going fine. I decided to switch to using public keys for security reasons. I generated my key on my computer using this command. ssh-keygen -t rsa -C “email@address.com” I then added the public key to the keydir and included the key in my gitosis.conf […]

How to get the removed branches in git

I merge my all of the branches to a wrong branch and deleted all of the branches. Is it possible to recover all of these branch and unmerge them. I also resolved conflict at the time of merging

Find differences between local repo and remote repo in git

I’m currently working from two different computers on a project – a laptop running Linux, and a desktop running Win7. I’m using an ubuntu server with gitolite on it to host my repos. I’m trying to write a quick script that will do two things : Check if anything has changed on the local repo, […]

How to see proxy configuration on mac (not UI) to use corporate git

How can I see in mac the proxy configuration on my machine ( Not the ui) My friend have problem to use our corporate git when He do git clone he get proxy error but in my mac I was able to clone this repo. in the UI both configuration are the same https://kb.netgear.com/25191/Configuring-TCP-IP-and-Proxy-Settings-on-Mac-OSX And […]

Trouble with Gitolite installation on CentOS 5.6

I followed the official documentation guide on how to install Gitolite to create my own repository on a brand new CentOS server. When I get to the part where I must put the following command: gl-setup myPublicKey.pub I get a command not found warning on terminal. Somehow I need to put an alias or symbolic […]

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