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Find all git commits matching a certain 'count of commits'

I use the following command to generate an ID (count of commits) similar to the svn (Subversion) ‘Revision number’. git rev-list HEAD | wc -l # With newer git versions you can also use: git rev-list HEAD –count I’m aware that this is not exactly the same as in svn and particularly that my Git-IDs […]

Git push access denied from inside /etc

I am trying make my puppet directory (/etc/puppet) a Git repo and push to GitHub from there. Everything works from from my home directory but from inside /etc/puppet, I get a Permission denied (publickey) error, even if I use sudo. It seems like maybe there is a problem reading my public key but my Linux […]

git for multiple linux users

I have a specific question about the git file, “COMMIT_EDITMSG”. I have a setup where three linux users have access to the same repository. The repository was initialized with the following commands: git init –shared=group chgrp -R GROUP-NAME .git Where GROUP-NAME is the group including all the users who are to work with the repo. […]

How do I set up an SSH key for some user, if I'm root?

If a root user is running a bash script that configure some stuff on machine for a user. The script would configure a git repository and an ssh key for password-less github communication, then it would clone the repository. This will only happens once. I’m new to bash, how would I do this? My solution […]

Kieran Healy's emacs starter kit in linux (fedora19): “/bin/bash: osascript: command not found” message

I am user of Kieran Healy’s Emacs Starter Kit. I have run it on the Fedora distro of Linux for around a year or so. Things have always run smoothly, but now that I have upgraded from Fedora17 to Fedora19, when I try to commit in Magit, I get the following message: /bin/bash: osascript: command […]

Are git versions compatible between windows and linux

does somebody know, if windows and linux versions are compatible? I need to know because I need to share the disk where my local reposities are between linux and win, which runs in virtualBox on the linux pc. I develop on linux, but I need to use git on windows when I work remote (because […]

How can we backup or clone GitoLite server on every commit

My firm is setting up Gitolite on Linux and we would like to setup a backup for the server just in case of a crash on every commit to a 2nd Linux server. How can we backup a Gitolite server on every commit to it? Is anyone doing this?

unable to use git commands – operation not permitted

when using git commands, I am getting below error git fetch error: cannot open .git/FETCH_HEAD: Permission denied and on doing chmod I get, sudo chmod 777 .git/FETCH_HEAD sudo: unable to change to sudoers gid: Operation not permitted sudo: setresuid() [0, 0, 0] -> [117, -1, -1]: Operation not permitted please suggest what could be the […]

Get the first commit date of a Linux stable branch

I want to get the commit date of the first patch in a Linux stable branch. According to Wikipedia, the Linux 3.2 has been created on Jan 5, 2012. And I choose the git rev-list command: git rev-list –merges –boundary –format=”%cd” |tail -1 (Wed **Jan 4** 15:03:06 2012 -0800) git rev-list –merges –format=”%cd” | tail […]

Set slash directory in git bash

I have msysgit installed in my PC. I want to change the path of / using environment variables. Currently it is pointing to c:\program files\git. How can I change this? Note: I am able to change path of ~ directory using HOME environment variable. I am looking for similar solution for this.

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