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Removing libcurl3 on Linux Mint

Recently my git started not to work and when I checked the reason, it appears that it’s related with libcurl3-gnutls and it’s suggested to downgrade it. When I try to install a previous version, the installer naturally complains about having already a later version in the system. Therefore, I decided to remove the previous version […]

Git Private Server what http url to use to clone repository in Visual Studio 2015

With launch of Visual Studio 2015, we started looking for Git as source control. Being naive to linux, we tried and were able to install and configure the latest Git on our CentOS linux server using the tutorial below (option 2). https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-git-on-centos-7 we used the below article to create repository (testrepo) and do an initial […]

gitk installation not working in linux

I have successfully git installed and running. git –version git version 2.6.1 I want to add gitk now. I entered following command to install gitk package but it says no package available. sudo yum install git-gui gitk Returns Loaded plugins: security Setting up Install Process No package git-gui available. No package gitk available. Nothing to […]

Read only Linux root file system in Git

I am creating an embedded Linux application. I am managing all of my source files in Git, including the Linux Kernel source, root file system (rootfs) source, the roofs itself, my application source and all its dependent libraries. My rootfs is owned by root and forces me to use sudo whenever i am updating it. […]

Using git to transfer data via usb stick between Windows and Linux

I am trying to use git for the first time in order to transport my bachelor thesis that I am currently writing between a Windows computer at work and a Linux computer at home. Because I don’t have a server I would like to use a USB stick to store the shared repository. From this […]

Git HTTPS Authentication fails interactively, but works in the URL

When attempting to perform a git clone https://gitlab.com/user/repo.git, or git clone https://USER@gitlab.com/user/repo.git I get the error “fatal: Authentication failed” When I do the same thing, but place the password in the URL (git clone https://USER:PASS@gitlab.com/username/repo.git the command works fine. I’m looking for help on how to investigate what the difference is between these two operations. […]

Can SonarQube be configured to use windows line endings on a linux machine?

I have a large java-based project, hosted on GitLab, that is built through Jenkins using ant. The jenkins machine is a windows box, and has a SonarQube scanner installed. As part of the build process the jenkins machine scans the code, and communicates with a separate SonarQube server, which is a linux box. Currently our […]

Git error: fatal: protocol error: bad line length character: git@

I’m having an issue setting up git in my Windows computer. I’ve spun up a VM of CentOS 7 to use as a host-your-own GIT server. Whenever I try and connect to it from by Windows box I have issues, I’m running msysgit as the client on Windows. If I SSH into the CentOS server, […]

Git line endings for Windows development and linux deployment

At this point I feel like I’ve read every article online about core.autocrfl and the various ways to specify line endings in .gitattributes, but I still can’t really figure out what I need. Our entire team develops on Windows, and our application is deployed to Linux. I want to control the whole policy using .gitattributes […]

Git Smart HTTP push permisisons failure

I am new to Git and I’m trying to get Git on the server. I installed Git and httpd on Centos 7. I created a base shared project on the server using git init –bare –shared product/tools/DCU.git [core] repositoryformatversion = 0 filemode = true bare = true sharedrepository = 1 [receive] denyNonFastforwards = true When […]

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