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Git whatchanged shows file which are not changed

Recently I migrated from svn to git repo, Jenkins Build email after the git migration is too long somehow, and it seems including irrelevant items (not really changed, but somehow a lot of files are in the change list). On investigating further I observe my git local repo show the files which are unchanged by […]

OpenShift Jenkins git clone fails: Host key verification failed

I try to build my Node JS (latest version) application in Jenkins in the Red Hat OpenShift environment but it continues to fail with this message in the Jenkins log: Host key verification failed. fatal: Could not read from remote repository. Upon further investigation it turns out the Jenkins server cannot clone the repo from […]

Google App Engine Jenkins Integration

There used to be a link to a set of documentation on how to set up Jenkins on Google App Engine and configure it for push-to-deploy functionality, the original link no longer works however, it is still on the wayback machine (click here to view). Other cloud-based solutions either integrate with Bitbucket, or integrate with […]

How to handle monolithic project in one root in jenkins with gradle?

I am maintaining a monolithic repository which have multiple projects and those projects may depend or not each other. Those projects should not have a common build script file. Root_Project ├─ ProjectA │ └─├─ libs │ ├─ src │ └─ build.gradle ├─ ProjectB │ ├─ libs │ ├─ src │ └─ build.gradle I want to […]

Configure jenkins job to release multiple git repos

I’m trying to setup a jenkins project to promote and release artifacts to artifactory from multiple git repos that use maven (and java) and which are in a dependency hierarchy. Currently, we have two build projects for each repo, one handles snapshot and merge request builds, and the other is configured with the artifactory release […]

To make Jenkins job download code from GIT faster

I am working on Building .NET Application with Jenkins using MSBuild. As part of build process, first step we are downloading the code from GIT which is Appx. 2GB of data(sourcecode files along with dependencies/libraries). Jenkins job is taking 30mins to complete, only to delete the previous work space and download the code from GIT. […]

Jenkins Git plugin: git describe cannot describe anything

I am using the Git Plugin of Jenkins ans use Douglas Creager’s get_git_version script. This uses git describe to get some sensible version for python modules. Usually this creates something like 0.1-11-g80fe130, but on jenkins I get: + git describe fatal: No names found, cannot describe anything. I have configured the plugin not to come […]

Increase Code Coverage gate for protected `master` branch in Github Enterprise

I already setup Jenkins system to automatically run tests for each and every pull requests before merging to master (Gitflow). The master branch is protected (https://github.com/blog/2051-protected-branches-and-required-status-checks) meaning that a pull request to master will be blocked if test run for it fails. Everything is working fine now until the CTO decides to unilaterally increase the […]

Jenkins doesn't build the up-to-date source code from Gitlab

I created a GitLab project and pushed codes to the repository, and managed to link it to my Jenkins server. After clicking build in Jenkins, it gave me the blue light. But, after pushing changes to the repo and clicking the build button again in Jenkins, I still see the blue light but the build […]

Git not in path during build step in jenkins

Git and Github plugins are installed. Git is used to clone the repository (so it works). I don’t have any nodes other than the master which handles the builds. Git PATH is specified at /jenkins/configureTools/. However, I get this error message? + bower install bower semantic-ui-range#* ENOGIT git is not installed or not in the […]

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