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How to get latest tag from SVN using git svn through shell script

how to retrieve latest svn tag using git svn client from origin through shell script. Basically would like to automate getting latest tag from remote SVN and sync with local git repo. So I use “git svn” and would like to introduce hudson/jenkins job to perform this step. thanks in advance

Git + Jenkins – build on main master branch throws “fatal: reference is not a tree”

I’ve got the Git and Git Pull Request Builder plugins installed on my Jenkins server, and I’ve got web hooks created on GitHub to auto trigger my builds whenever: (1) a pull request is opened, or (2) a merge happens to the main repository from someone’s fork. I’m seeing an intermittent issue when MERGE builds […]

Jenkins – Mistyping Git Branch Name

When I mistype the branch name in my Jenkins build, naturally git fetch fails, thus the build itself fails. But what the weird thing is, it fails with the branch name of the previously successfully fetched branch name. This behavior causes totally innocent branches showing as failed, something we do not want. I couldn’t find […]

How to use Jenkins CI-Game Plugin with Git-Plugin?

We are using Jenkins with php-template, CI-Game Plugin and Git-Plugin. Now we have the Problem, that the scores on each build depends on the last build. And the branches in the builds can also be different branches. So when anyone build the project, and get -5 points the next build will be for example +10 […]

Jenkins push-to-deploy app engine failure

I am trying to configure push to deploy using google’s official documentation. I am receiving field violations below, however, my app.yaml files appears to be formatted correctly. ERROR: (gcloud.preview.app.deploy) Error Response: [400] Request contains an invalid argument. Details: [ [ { “@type”: “type.googleapis.com/google.rpc.BadRequest”, “fieldViolations”: [ { “description”: “Expression must start with \”.\”, \”/\”, or \”(\” […]

How to create pipeline compatible Jenkins job which only looks at pull requests to master

I am creating a Jenkins job that must be compatible with the Pipeline-as-code feature (Pipeline job, Github Organization Job, or Multibranch Pipeline job). None of the actual branches themselves need be built. The job should only trigger when a pull request is initiated to protected branches matching a specific naming pattern (these would be the […]

minor version dependency management (GIT, artifactory, dockers)

assume I have projectA (1.0.0-SNAPSHOT) and projectB (1.0.0-SNAPSHOT) that needs projectA as dependency. now I’ve released everything on-prem, and converted all proj to 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT (with this nice plugin). Now there was a bug in projectA (got the branch in GIT and fixed). what’s the best practice – should I promote both projects to 1.0.1-SNAPSHOT? though […]

Jenkins not starting a new build on branch creation/deletion

The idea: On every push to a git repo, new Jenkins task build should be started. If the change is: new branch created – Jenkins will get the source, do some setup and run a Docker container, where this branch can be tested, etc. new push – Jenkins should rebuild the source branch deleted – […]

Jenkins lists old branches when sending e-mail

Our company uses Jenkins to deploy our test system which includes the latest patches, so they can be tested. Everything is automated and broken into several steps. One step checks for branches (using GIT) in refs/remotes/origin which include a specific keyword (todeploy in this case). All branches that include this keyword are written into the […]

Git or anyother tools, creating a release from multiple tags in different repos

I’m looking for a new way to cut releases for my project. I currently handle multiple products in each of their own repos. For an example: //parent repo //child repo1(tag1.1) //child repo2(tag2.4) //child repo3(tag6.4) When it’s time to cut a release, I go through each child repo and make sure that it’s specific tag has […]

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