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Using variables in Groovy and Jenkins pipeline build

I have a Jenkins pipeline build that needs to obtain the commit id (sha), so from what i can see the only way to get this is by doing the following sh “git rev-parse –long HEAD > .git/commit-id” GIT_COMMIT = readFile(‘.git/commit-id’) I need to use the GIT_COMMIT var within a curl command but am having […]

Is it impossible to checkout a different branch in Jenkinsfile?

I have two branches on BitBucket: master and develop. I’ve also got a BitBucket Team Folder job configured on my Jenkins server to build that repository. On the develop branch there’s the following Jenkinsfile: node { stage(‘Checkout’) { checkout scm } stage(‘Try different branch’) { sh “git branch -r” sh “git checkout master” } } […]

Jenkins: failure after git “Checking out Revision”

I have an issue similar to this one: Jenkins stopped work on checking out revision (I think…) My problem is however not that it hangs up but instead that it just crashes. I can’t seem to figure out what is wrong. I have no idea, and the console output aren’t really helping me out. Any […]

Jenkins git location

I’m trying to find the directory where jenkins stores the git repository, I need to be able to setup the AWS dev tools so I can run the shell command to aws.push up to beanstalk. For some reason the directory with the working files appears to have incorrect branch info associated with it. jenkins@$ git […]

Jenkins and Stash setup ssh key

I’m setting up jenkins and stash on the same server. Stash is working well through http. To let Jenkins connect to Stash I created a ssh (with the Jenkins user and the key is stored into /var/lib/jenkins/.ssh/id_rsa.pub). As the guide says I added this key to my profile and enabled ssh in Administartion>server settings. In […]

How to trigger a individual job in jenkins with github repository

Our project is hosted on github and we’ve setup a Jenkins server, the question is we have lots of modules in the project and every module has it’s own job, previously we were using perforce that it can update source code in specified modules thus only the jobs belong to those modules which have been […]

Git Post Hook to Kick Off Jenkins Job

I would like to setup a post hook in git to kick off a jenkins job everytime someone does a push to the git server. The issue is that some of the projects are on Linux, some are on windows and others on mac. Everytime someone does a push into my git repo I would […]

Xcode, Git, Jenkins, PhoneGap 1.5.0 Build Error

I have developed an application with phonegap 1.5.0 previously and now we just pushed into git repository. The app was build successfully in xCode and I was able to install the app and run it on the iPad but when we tried to build it from Jenkins, we got this error /Users/…../Classes/AppDelegate.m:28: /Users/……./Classes/AppDelegate.h:31:13: fatal error: […]

How do I push changes from one branch to another branch after a successful Jenkins build?

How do I push changes from one branch to another branch after a successful Jenkins build? Suppose I have a branch named “beta” that I commit to and another named “master” that I want to contain all commits to beta that are successful.

Where should keys be placed on a Jenkins server?

I cant get Jenkins to connect to my git repository. I suspect my problem is in the location of my keys. Where should I place the keys ? What I have read is that it should be placed in Jenkins home directory. Is that the directory that Jenkins is running as? /home/tomcat or what jenkins […]

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