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Jenkins loses workspaces periodically, triggers unwanted build

I have builds set up in Jenkins that use custom workspaces (for the purpose of having no spaces in the path names), that use SCM (git) polling to check for changes. However, in what seems like exactly every 24 hours, I see a triggered build that has this polling log: Started on Jun 13, 2011 […]

git jenkins advanced feature

Our team uses jenkins and git. We are looking to implement the advanced feature of the git plugin that allows for pre-builds before pushing commits to the blessed repository. See https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Git+Plugin#GitPlugin-AdvancedFeatures However, I am having trouble understanding the whole process. Here’s an excerpt: Set up your Jenkins project, and leave the ‘branch’ field in the […]

Jenkins – abort running build if new one is started

I use Jenkins and Multibranch Pipeline. I have a job for each active git branch. New build is triggered by push in git repository. What I want is to abort running builds in current branch if new one appears in same branch. For example: I commit and push to branch feature1. Then BUILD_1 started in […]

Jenkins Git plugin included regions not working

I cannot get the “included regions” feature to work in Jenkins with the Git plugin. I want a job only to be built when there a changes in “his” directory. Example: the project mytool should only be build when there are changes under GIT_ROOT/tools/mytool/. I tried several forms for the regex in the included regions […]

How to force Jenkins to rebuild a branch?

How do you force Jenkins and Git to rebuild a branch it thinks it has already built? We have Jenkins and the Git plugin set up to build our repository branches and merge them back to our repo on any SCM change. But this means, naturally, that Jenkins will ONLY build on an SCM change. […]

Jenkins Git Plugin Repository Url Variable

Is it possible to use a variable in the repository url for the jenkins git plugin? https://${GIT_USER}@github.com/e82eric/Prompts.git When I try it looks like ${GIT_USER} is passed instead of the substitution.

Jenkins + Git plugin CheckoutConflictException

I’m trying to setup my CI and I created a free style job but it fails on git clone step with this log below. I correctly configured the computer with the ssh keys and I can’t find any problem. Using strategy: Default Fetching changes from 1 remote Git repository Commencing build of Revision 9560773cf0e8545f98c6700c44fd2f9ae31af904 (origin/master) […]

Jenkins git plugin with ssh access to bitbucket: Permission denied (publickey). fatal: Could not read from remote repository

I cannot get Jenkins git plugin to authenticate with a private git repo on bitbucket.org. I have generated a private / public key pair using ssh-keygen and set the public key in my bitbucket account under ssh keys account page. In the job configure page I have set the Source Code Management section as follows: […]

Why won’t Jenkins running on my Mac connect to a local git repo?

I am trying to implement automated builds using Jenkins for my iOS projects. I added the Git plugin, but as soon as I try to put the URL for git in the git configuration for the project, it is showing the error in the screen shot below. Here Jenkins cannot clone from the repo to […]

Pushing tags with Jenkins Git Publisher – multiple Git repositories (forks)

Our team is transitioning from CVS to Git. We intend to use the similar workflow as most open source projects on GitHub – each developer takes a fork of the main repo and then submits a pull request which will allow the project master to do a code review before merging the changes into the […]

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