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jenkins Nexus Artifact Uploader 400

I’m trying to upload my maven project to nexus after a success build on jenkins. Here are my both configurations: Nexus And the jenkins configuration: Here the error Failed to deploy artifacts: Could not transfer artifact de.xxx:NettyCore:pom:1.0-20170508.212447-1 from/to cloud-repo (http://xxx:xxx/nexus/content/repositories/cloud-repo): Failed to transfer file: http://xxx:xxx/nexus/content/repositories/cloud-repo/de/xxx/NettyCore/1.0-SNAPSHOT/NettyCore-1.0-20170508.212447-1.pom. Return code is: 400, ReasonPhrase:Bad Request. ERROR: Uploading file pom.xml […]

Unable to release Jenkins plugin to jenkins-ci.org

I want to publish my display-console-output-plugin. But I got an error message saying ssh: Could not resolve hostname lyenliang: Name or service not known when executing mvn release:prepare release:perform -Dusername=lyenliang -Dpassword=myPassword, where lyenliang is my github account. You can find more information about the above command here. This error message comes from cmd.exe /X /C […]

Git shortlog does not show output in Jenkins shell

Facing some wired issue while working with Jenkins, #!/bin/sh set -x #initialize environment export PATH=”$HOME/.gem/ruby/2.0.0/bin:$PATH” export PATH=”$HOME/.fastlane/bin:$PATH” export LC_CTYPE=en_US.UTF-8 cd ~/autobuild/projects/MyAPP git checkout dev git reset head –hard git pull git shortlog git log When i run this above script from Jenkins job, it shows git log output fine, but nothing for git shortlog. Whats […]

Docker Jenkins & Sonar setup

I am trying to setup Jenkins:latest & Sonarqube:latest in Docker. I have configured both system in docker. I have downloaded all needed Jenkins plugins. it is up and running. Also done GIT repo code configuration. I am able to take to build. I am getting below error message while taking build. which plugin do I […]

Mirror repositories on web development server

As I read on git documentation bare repositories are good for sharing and non-bare repositories are good for developing. I’m setting up a development server which should provide SCM, Jenkins, and serve webpages to do some manual testing. To provide SCM I use GOGS which creates bare repos to share between developers, I need that […]

Storing Configuration File

I have a concern about putting configuration that consist of db password, server name, and other services settings of my app or service. Right now, I put the config file on the same place with my codes (Git). This is risky because if someone get it, he / she can connect to my db or […]

Run Jenkins job after success of another Jenkins job

I have 2 Jenkins jobs(on Jenkins 2.0) – job A to merge on git repo myCode and job B to run integration test from Git repo MyTestRun. myCode has a webhook configured for Push Event. Both the jobs have Build Trigger – GitHub hook trigger for GITScm polling. I want to configure my jobs such […]

Using variables in Groovy and Jenkins pipeline build

I have a Jenkins pipeline build that needs to obtain the commit id (sha), so from what i can see the only way to get this is by doing the following sh “git rev-parse –long HEAD > .git/commit-id” GIT_COMMIT = readFile(‘.git/commit-id’) I need to use the GIT_COMMIT var within a curl command but am having […]

Is it impossible to checkout a different branch in Jenkinsfile?

I have two branches on BitBucket: master and develop. I’ve also got a BitBucket Team Folder job configured on my Jenkins server to build that repository. On the develop branch there’s the following Jenkinsfile: node { stage(‘Checkout’) { checkout scm } stage(‘Try different branch’) { sh “git branch -r” sh “git checkout master” } } […]

Jenkins: failure after git “Checking out Revision”

I have an issue similar to this one: Jenkins stopped work on checking out revision (I think…) My problem is however not that it hangs up but instead that it just crashes. I can’t seem to figure out what is wrong. I have no idea, and the console output aren’t really helping me out. Any […]

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