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qmake with Jenkins

I am trying to make Jenkins do the compile and build for me whenever I push commit to Git. I have a helloworld app created in Qt Creator. It does compile and build in Qt Creator, it does show on my phone, but it doesn’t want to compile and build with Jenkins. I am using […]

JENKINS – Git Plugin not working as expected

I have Jenkins 1.609, Git Plugin 2.4.4, Bitbucket v4.2.0, and pull-request-notifier-for-bitbucket v.2.26. My workflow is the following: I’ve configured the pull-request-notifier-for-bitbucket to trigget any PRs that are being opened to master branch. On my jenkins job, i’ve configured the git repository (using ssh credentials), in the branch specifier, i have the following content “/pr/“ The […]

Why does Jenkins fail to git init and return status code 1?

Scenario We have two build slaves (xcode7 and xcode2) running the exact same instance of Mac OS X El Capitan and both with the same build tools (Xcode 7.3). There is a user account set up in the Jenkins SSH Slave Plugin credential named ‘superbuilder’ and it provides credentials when SSH is started via a […]

Jenkins using wrong mail address to mail build results

I’m using Jenkins’ ext-mail and git plugins to run the build jobs. When a commit is made to the repository build is triggered as expected, but a wrong mail address is being used to mail the build results. My .gitconfig: [core] symlinks = false autocrlf = true [user] name = Some One email = someone@domain.com […]

Issues with Jenkins configuration with GitHub

Trying to configure Jenkins with GitHub Project. The github project is private so it needs credentials. So based on the article here i am following the steps to configure GitHub Web hooks. I am using latest Jenkins version (1.646) and I have installed GitHub plugin too. I am using windows 2012 R2 server on 64 […]

Bitbucket server webhook to jenkins not posting after upgrade from stash

We recently upgraded from Atlassian Stash 2.x to Atlassian Bitbucket Server 4.6.1. A lot of the post-commit hooks simply didn’t work anymore because their plugins hadn’t been updated, but one, the Bitbucket Server Webhook for Jenkins isn’t firing after a commit. The hook works when I hit the “Trigger Jenkins” button in its configuration window, […]

integrating Jenkins with git

while trying to integrate Jenkins to work with git, I configure the repository in the job configuration, and I don’t seem to be able to authenticate the connection. I’m not sure what credentials I should put. I have an ssh key in ~/.ssh and the owner is the user jenkins, and the public key is […]

Can I use git command in delivery pipeline if git is installed in different path on jenkins agent than on master

I have the following scenario. I tried a simple pipeline job that clones my remote repo. It works fine when i set it to execute on master. node { //stage ‘Checkout’ git([url: ‘ssh://someusername@gerrit.mycompany.domain:29418/bla/bla.git’, branch: ‘mybranch’]) } It uses the default git installation to run the command. I have configured git on a different pat for […]

Jenkins build number to be replaced with Tag or Commit ID

Is there a plugin which replaces Jenkins build number with the Tag the commit points to or in the absence of a tag the commit ID. I know this can be scripted and then using Build Name Setter Plugin i can modify the name (it does not work if my build fails) but is there […]

Jenkins – One job for all branches or One job per branch?

What is the best practice to automate build with Jenkins? I could have one Jenkins job and use the $GIT_BRANCH variable to make some decision on workflow. Or I could have one Jenkins job per branch (eg. one Jenkins job for master branch and another for develop branch). What is the best practice?

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