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GitVersion in a Jenkins Multibranch Pipeline job

We use Jenkins CI and have recently been experimenting with GitVersion for automatically generating SemVer version numbers. However, when combining GitVersion with Multibranch Pipeline jobs (which automatically build branches and PRs for a given Git repository), we’ve run into GitVersion’s limitation of only one remote (as enforced by its NormalizeGitDirectory function). The specific error we […]

Jenkins on OS X Local Git Repository URL

I have seen similar questions to this here and here but the URL structure doesn’t seem to work for me and I’m getting a slightly different error. I feel like I am missing something easy here so what Repository URL would I use for a local OSX path, that does contain an active git repo, […]

Jenkins Pipeline Submodule Authentication

I have a repository that contains submodules. These are developed in a publicly accessible GitHub repository. My final deployment however is in a disconnected environment with mirrored GitHub repos in GitLab, which all require authentication. My .gitmodules file contains URLs for the publicly available repos. I did some sed replacement in the job and can […]

git stash, jenkins pipeline, No git jobs using repository

I’m trying to setup triggering a jenkins multibranch pipeline from Atlassian Stash using the stash webhook to jenkins plugin. My project config has Build Periodically set to @daily, Periodically if not otherwise set to 1 day and I have indexed my branches however when I click on the ‘Trigger Jenkins’ button on the stash webhook […]

Jenkins and only build feature branches?

In Jenkins 1.605 I have configured the following Branch Specifier for Git SCM features/** And a SCM poll interval at 1 minute. But when i push changes on my feature branch: git push origin features/sample Nothing happens. If I trigger the build manually master is build: Seen branch in repository origin/features/sample Seen branch in repository […]

Jenkins: running build does not provision docker slave

I’m running Jenkins 1.609.1 with docker-plugin 0.10.0 to provision jenkins docker slave. Docker is 1.0.1 running on Ubuntu 14.04. I’ve created a customized docker images based on evarga/jenkins-slave per instruction on https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Docker+Plugin (“Shortcut : Pulling a Docker image”). In my Jenkins configuration I’ve: added “Docker” to the “Cloud” area pointed to the local docker URL […]

How to setup Jenkins build with two separate repositories (poms)?

My project structure looks as follows: Core pom.xml Project A pom.xml Project B pom.xml Core, Project A, Project B are separate git repositories. I need this structure because all of my Projects should use the same core settings (and when I have to change something in the core, all Projects are updated without having troubles). […]

Is it possible to clone a git repo when given “<IP Address>:/<Path to App> with Jenkins

What i have is: a.b.c.d:/x/www/app Now if i issue the command: git clone a.b.c.d:/x/www/app /home/user i am prompted for my LDAP Password and then clone the app successfully. But when i use the same with Jenkins, Jenkins gives error: Failed to connect to repository : Command “/usr/bin/git ls-remote -h a.b.c.d:/x/www/app HEAD” returned status code 128: […]

Jenkins create build from git tags

I’m trying to configure Jenkins to create the builds form git‘s tags. So what I want is the developers to create a tag (in any branch) and Jenkins will take care of the new build. I followed this tutorial, but I didn’t manage it, can anybody help me? http://erics-notes.blogspot.nl/2013/05/jenkins-build-latest-git-tag.html

Publish build artifacts to github page

I have project on GitHub which gets build by a Jenkins over at cloudbees. When ever the build succeeds on the master branch I’d like to update the gh-pages branch and push it to github. I’m using Gradle as the build tool. Are there any Gradle and/or Jenkins plugins I can use for that?

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