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What is “workspace polling” in the context of Jenkins?

In Jenkins, under Source Code Management, There is an area to add Additional Behaviors. One of those options is: “Force polling using workspace“ What does that mean? When would I decide to use it? How does it correlate to git? I assume it has something to do with pulling down changes on branches, but if […]

Jenkins git tag as parameter sorted by date

In Jenkins, I need to have the Git Parameter functionality but with tag creation time sort option (which is not supported there). I have implemented a solution which I’ll post as an answer to help others that seek such functionality, but I’d like to hear comments and opinions on it. Feel free to suggest more […]

bundle install from a new server errors due to git ssh key

I am installing a new server via chef and coping ssh private and public keys into it. After creating it , I am deploying the application onto it via jenkins and running bundle install. it fails due to Host key verification failed. fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly If i ssh into the server […]

Jenkins monitoring plugin for Eclipse

Here is my eclipse configuration: Eclipse Neon, EGit – Git Team Provider 4.3.1, M2E Plugin for Maven Integration, a remote repository on github.com What I am able to do: Import the remote repository into workspace. Commit and Push changes to the github.com remote repository Build using M2E Plugin My Question I have installed Jenkins on […]

Trigger a Jenkins Build based on Commit Author?

The team I work on has 4 developers. The desired workflow is for each developer to have their own jenkins project and for any branch they push to, to trigger a build. It doesn’t look like it’s possible from the Git plugin, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to select a branch based […]

Public key denied when fetching from Bitbucket in Ansbile with Jenkins

What I am trying to do: I have an Ansible script which does a git clone from Bitbucket, and I’m running that script from jenkins via the Ansible plugin. The route: Jenkins server —(ansible)—> App server —-(git)—> bitbucket.org I’m trying to connect to the repo on Bitbucket from the App server, using the ssh private […]

How can I get Jenkins Gerrit Trigger to ignore my CI user's commits?

I want my code review job to ignore changes that came from other Jenkins job, like my release job for example. Those commits can be identified either by the committing user (preferable) or the commit comment string (also acceptable). Basically I have the same problem as the user who asked Ignore Jenkins job if commit […]

qmake with Jenkins

I am trying to make Jenkins do the compile and build for me whenever I push commit to Git. I have a helloworld app created in Qt Creator. It does compile and build in Qt Creator, it does show on my phone, but it doesn’t want to compile and build with Jenkins. I am using […]

JENKINS – Git Plugin not working as expected

I have Jenkins 1.609, Git Plugin 2.4.4, Bitbucket v4.2.0, and pull-request-notifier-for-bitbucket v.2.26. My workflow is the following: I’ve configured the pull-request-notifier-for-bitbucket to trigget any PRs that are being opened to master branch. On my jenkins job, i’ve configured the git repository (using ssh credentials), in the branch specifier, i have the following content “/pr/“ The […]

Why does Jenkins fail to git init and return status code 1?

Scenario We have two build slaves (xcode7 and xcode2) running the exact same instance of Mac OS X El Capitan and both with the same build tools (Xcode 7.3). There is a user account set up in the Jenkins SSH Slave Plugin credential named ‘superbuilder’ and it provides credentials when SSH is started via a […]

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