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Getting branch name from Gitlab payload – Jenkins

I am using parameterized job in Jenkins where the I send the GIT-REPO as a parameter, and I define this parameter in Gitlab repository webhook. For example, if I created the Jenkins job with name ‘test’, then i add the following hook in the Gitlab repository: http://jenkins-server/job/test/buildWithParameters?GITREPO=git@gitlab.com/test-repo.git&SOMEOTHERPARAMETER=somevalue Now, I want to build the branch which […]

How to configure post-receive hook on local server

I’m working on local server with Jenkins and my task now is to trigger testing script after each git push. I tried to do this with post-commit hook, which worked as expected but it ran tests before actual changes were made (pushed to repo). Well, its post-commit, so that’s expected. So I decided to use […]

Jenkins exclude regions (Git) not working

I’m trying to set up my Jenkins project so that whenever I push README.md, it won’t trigger a build. This is what I have set up: But it doesn’t work. Whenever I do a push, it builds anyway. Am I doing something wrong here? EDIT: I should clarify that it actually works fine if I […]

Jenkins changelog is showing all the changes done to the repository instead of last successful build

My Jenkins job is configured with gerrit and I’m using git as the version control tool. Whenever the job triggers the changelog is showing all the changes done to the repository instead of pulling only from last successful build. How can I fix this?

Jenkins, build server and nuget restore

Sorry in advance for the low level question but i’m very confused and this is new to me. I’m trying to configure a continuous integration environment in what I believe is a very classic way. I’ve got my source on gitlab, jenkins is the build agent and a fresh windows server 2012 as the actual […]

Jenkins – trigger by email only when certain files change

I use Email-ext plugin on Jenkins to receive by email the changed files every build. I’m using the $CHANGES variable in this way: ${CHANGES_SINCE_LAST_SUCCESS, reverse=true, showPaths=true} Before any build. I would like to create a special trigger to send me an email only when *.config file changes. I understand it’s suppose to be somehow as […]

How to detect changes in “repo” for continuous integration in Jenkins?

repo is a tool from Google that pulls in multiple git repos into one directory. If I have ten git repos using repo, how do I detect changes so that I can kick off CI builds from Jenkins? For instance, a given manifest (i.e. default.xml) may contain five git repos that point to origin/master three […]

Jenkins, build errors when retrieving code for Git repo

I have Jenkins installed on a Redhat Linux box. I have installed all the git plugins in Jenkins. I have installed Git on the server via yum install git. It looks like the executable is located in /usr/bin/git (Jenkins won’t recognize git.exe). We have an internal Git repo via TeamForge. (I connected to the a […]

Jenkins & Github, build maven project when change is pushed doesn't work

I try to follow several links and youtube video, example : jenkins module I tried several different ways to configure the settings but when I push change to github, jenkins don’t build the maven project automatically. However, from jenkins, I can build manually the project (so, there isn’t problem between jenkins and my github) Specifically, […]

GIT Publisher Plugin

I have been trying to use the GIT Publisher plugin. I am making a change to one of my branches in Bitbucket. What i want is to see the committed changes made in that branch reflect in one of the tags via Jenkins. To achieve this, i created a job in Jenkins with parameterized build […]

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