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How to make Jenkins filter files changed in last commit and send them by FTP/SFTP

I have Bitbucket private repository and I have Jenkins installed on a server. I configured project that creates builds when Bitbucket repository gets updated using push. I also configured ‘post built actions’ to send updated files over FTP/SFTP. Everything works fine except the Jenkins sends entire site to the target FTP account, regardless i pushed […]

use git repo name as ENV variable in jenkins job

I am trying to figure out a way to get the remote git project name in a jenkins job as a env variable. I would like to use the project name as the “local subdirectory name” when jenkins clones the repo. is there a way to do this? maybe something like ${GIT_REPO_NAME} I know that […]

Jenkins pipeline – file not found

I have a simple pipeline job to: 1) checkout a git branch 2) cd to a run directory 3) execute an existing script to run tests The pipeline script itself is very simple at this point: stage ‘build’ node { git url: ‘git@hd1:nip_5g_fpga’, branch: “Phase_UL_1a” sh “pwd” sh “echo $PATH” sh “ls” dir (‘nip_fpga/verification/src/UE/env/top_level/run’) { […]

.xccheckout files in command line

Since XCode – I’d say XCode 5 but I’m not sure – XCode maintains inside xcworkspace a xccheckout file that hold information about all the git repositories inside a project. And that is great. I believe that OS X Server continuous integration bots use it to pull repositories before building. Which is also great. The […]

Jenkins + git – ensure that the build has been run

Recently I’ve discussed with our devops the following scenario and I’m not sure what is the best technical way to implement this: We have a “master” branch and an assigned job Jenkins. Once someone pushes to master the job gets triggered out of git‘s server hook. Now we have a lot of feature branches. When […]

How to get Jenkins to perform deletes on remote server

I am trying to get started with an automated build process using Jenkins. So far i have managed to get Jenkins to build a project from BitBucket, run tests and upload the files to a production server using the Publish Over SSH plugin. When i delete files from my git repo, i would like those […]

Is it possible to publish tags with Jenkins Git Publisher via an environment variable?

I’m using Jenkins to build some code and, as part of the build job’s “Execute Shell”, I create a tag via an environment variable $BUILD_VERSION. I then try to use the Git Publisher plugin. I populate the “Tag to push” field with $BUILD_VERSION (I’ve also tried ${BUILD_VERSION} and had no success there). I create it […]

Jenkins: How to publish artifacts to a git repository?

I’d like to set up a Jenkins project that takes its input from one GIT repository, compiles stuff, and then stores / publishes the generated files to a [ideally different] GIT repository. The “Git Publisher” post-build action doesn’t seem to be able to do that, it only seems to be able to create tags/branches from […]

GitVersion in a Jenkins Multibranch Pipeline job

We use Jenkins CI and have recently been experimenting with GitVersion for automatically generating SemVer version numbers. However, when combining GitVersion with Multibranch Pipeline jobs (which automatically build branches and PRs for a given Git repository), we’ve run into GitVersion’s limitation of only one remote (as enforced by its NormalizeGitDirectory function). The specific error we […]

Jenkins on OS X Local Git Repository URL

I have seen similar questions to this here and here but the URL structure doesn’t seem to work for me and I’m getting a slightly different error. I feel like I am missing something easy here so what Repository URL would I use for a local OSX path, that does contain an active git repo, […]

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