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Gerrit event on Jenkins doesn't trigger automatically on git push

I’m new to Jenkins/Gerrit. I’m trying to integrate gerrit with jenkins. I’ve a jenkins project setup to be triggered when there is a changeset created (push) in my git repository, which is hosted with a gerrit project. The master branch doesn’t accept direct push. I use following command to push to the repository. git push […]

git clone not working in jenkins shell script

I am setting up jenkins build pipeline and in one of the build steps, I am trying to git clone a repository. Build steps(execute shell): git clone git@github.com:orgname/reponame.git It fails at this step with 10:14:01 Permission denied (publickey). 10:14:01 fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly 10:14:01 Build step ‘Execute shell’ marked build as failure […]

Jenkins Post Build Step only if there is a change in GIT/SVN

I have job which builds a maven project and runs sonar as a post build step and then with another build step, deploys the WAR file. Since the code base is huge, I dont want to run sonar every time I do a deployment. Requirement is, when the user triggers the job, the sonar build […]

git hook to trigger a Jenkins Job is not working

If I execute curl http://localhost:8081/Jenkins/job/test/build?delay=0sec My Jenkins job get triggered but I have created a post-commit file(.git/hook/post-commit) and added curl command as below curl http://localhost:8081/Jenkins/job/test/build?delay=0sec But when I push a commit my Jenkins job isn’t get triggered. What I’m missing here?

What is the difference between Jenkins SCM Sync configuration plugin and Jenkins Job Builder?

I am looking for possible solutions for maintaining Jenkins jobs and plugins configuration in Git. My motivation is easy (perhaps automated) backup of changes made on the Jenkins instance as well as a fast recovery in case I need to set-up a new Jenkins instance / revert to a previous version of the configuration. I […]

Jenkins Execute Bash Based on Git Branch

I have a Jenkins project that successfully builds only when master and dev branches are pushed, and not any of our feature branches. However, what I would like to do is have Jenkins run a different set of bash commands depending on what branch was pushed / received by Jenkins. For example, if dev branch […]

CI with Maven, Git and Artifactory

I want to create a CI pipeline using Maven, GitLab and Artifactory. I already set up all these systems, and right now Jenkins makes a build, if a user pushes to GitLab and deploys the artifact to Artifactory. But what I want is the following: The developer develops a Java application and can push his […]

Error when trying to set build status

Jenkins v1.629, GitHub Plugin v1.13.3. An SSH key was set up and SSH’ing git@github.com is successfully authenticated. Pre/Post build events: Set build status [to “Pending”] on GitHub commit fail to execute. Here’s the main part of the exception the is thrown: org.jenkinsci.plugins.github.config.GitHubServerConfig$1 applyNullSafe WARNING: Failed to login with creds java.io.IOException: Server returned HTTP response code: […]

jenkins git plugin using –local when authenticating with HTTPS

We are just installing Jenkins on our servers and trying to get automatic deployment working for feature branches. We are working with a local Gitlab installation on one of our own servers. Git and Git Client plugin is installed on Jenkins. When a job is created using the HTTPS authentication, somehow the git plugin wants […]

How to create multi-branch project with Jenkins DSL plugin?

Is it possible to create multi-branch project with https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Job+DSL+Plugin? I want to define Groovy DSL configuration in Jenkins file under Git branch. I’d like to have similar UI as with https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Workflow+Plugin, e.g.: job-name(multi-branch DSL project – not sure it exists) master (folder) job 1 from master DSL job 2 from master DSL feature/branch1 (folder) job […]

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