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Git publish on Jenkins build

I have an aggregator project built in jenkins and I want to publish a file that contains the version control of my project: app.version=1.1 Every build, the value is incremented so the file is modificated, I need commit and push the file to git repository. I add a “Post-build Actions” with “Branches” config: http://postimg.org/image/mtz6czv0l/ The […]

How to trigger jenkins maven job with multiple branches when a SNAPSHOT dependency is built?

I have a maven project: myApplication stored on a git repository. It depends on another project myLibrary stored on another git repository. myApplication and myLibrary have a develop and release-candidate versions pushed on distinct branches. I configured a jenkins job to poll the develop and release-candidate branches of myApplication. Another jenkins job polls develop and […]

Git –> Committed, revert -m 1 commitID, remerged, and merged code does not build in Jenkins

Note: Utilizing sourcetree for Git interaction I committed 17 ticket branches to the QA branch. QA then came back and said the Jenkins build was blocked. I assumed it was due to conflicts in two of the branches, that I had resolved with my branch (theirs), rather than the QA branch (mine). Based on a […]

Triggering Jenkins Builds after GIT commit

I have two build jobs. One of them is what I term the template job, which builds the code and pushes it to Nexus. This build is parameterized, and it accepts parameters such as the artifact etc. This build pulls the code from GIT, and it has the GIT repository defined. The other build job […]

Maven Jenkins autoupdate version within POM

is there a goal i can call on for maven to update the POM file version in regular increments every time i trigger a build? <version></version> updated to: <version></version> I know i can call the command -DdevelopmentVersion= to update to that version manually but i want maven to know that it should automatically adjust the […]

Unable to trigger build using 'Poll SCM' and Git notifyCommit option

We use Jenkins (1.614) and have Git as version control tool. The Git plugin version is 2.3.5. I am trying to trigger build only after every check-in since continuously polling is too expensive. I tried the following method described in various links but it’s not working: Enabled ‘Poll SCM’ and assigned a dummy value. I […]

Building continuous integration environment with git, Jenkins, and Gerrit

I am building a continuous integration with git, Jenkins and Gerrit. My Jenkins version is 1.620, my Gerrit is 2.11.2 and Gerrit trigger is 2.14. In Gerrit trigger of Jenkins, I set: hostname: localhost frontend URL :http://localhost ssh port :29418 and ssh keyfile my path to the private ssh key of Jenkins user on my […]

Sharing same rules for Stylecop and Fxcop across Build server and Developer Machine

We are trying to setup continuous integration process. As part of this we have setup Jenkins on build server . Plugins are added to Jenkins in order to check and validate StyleCop and Fxcop rules. We are multiple teams working from different locations. As we are implementing Stylecop and Fxcop in Development process , We […]

Jenkis changes log trims commit comments

I’m using Jenkins to build my software projects. It has a “Changes” log where it shows all the commit comments for each commit per build. For example, build #316 and #315 had only 1 commit but build #314 had 3 commits. The problem is, Jenkins trims the commit comments to only one line. So any […]

Install java on linux server programmatically

I am trying to set up the environment with Java, git, Jenkins and maven by mentioning the IP address of linux VM. I have written a code to connect to VM, create folders, and move files to folders. Now I want to install all Java and others software programmatically. Ib tried to install Java using […]

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