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Jenkins build only for develop branch

I have a Jenkins pipeline job which uses a Jenkinsfile stored in the repo. I have enabled the github webhook in the Github enterprise hosted repo. At the moment the job is triggered every time a git push is sent to any branch in the repo. We are only looking for it to be triggered […]

How to Manage Databases in Continuous Integration with Jenkins

I am rather new to DevOps. Trying to organize my project for continuous integration (CI), I am facing a problem for which I haven’t been able to find a solution yet. I would like to know what is the best way to manage my database file(s) in the setup that I have so that the […]

Jenkins fails building

I have Jenkins installed on a VM running Windows 10. I don’t know how, but things were working fine, but yesterday things stopped working and this is why: Started by user MyUser Building in workspace C:\Program Files (x86)\Jenkins\jobs\MyProj\workspace > C:\Program Files\Git\bin\git.exe rev-parse –is-inside-work-tree # timeout=10 Fetching changes from the remote Git repository > C:\Program Files\Git\bin\git.exe […]

Great way to perform continious integration with Angular CLI and Jenkins

I trying to configure a correct way to perform a continious integration with Angular CLI. Just for fun, I manage my Jenkins in Windows and I have created a test project with Angular CLI. This project is bound to Bitbucket remote and I using Sourcetree as version control system. But I have multiple questions about […]

Credentials issue on Windows slave node fetching from Git repo

I have a RedHat master node and a Windows slave node. Jenkins (v2.46) is installed on the same RedHat box. I get the exception below running jobs on the windows slave node. Jobs executing on the master node executes with no problems. It’s worth saying that this has only started after upgrading (among others) these […]

Jenkins Multibranch (Pipeline) / Branch tracking

For a new project I want to use the new Pipeline feature of Jenkins CI. We have several branches in our Git repository which should be tested in a same way. It should also track and process new branches automatically. Therefore I created a Multibranch Pipeline Job. But I have 2 problems with its configuration: […]

Jenkins only builds git project with two branch specifiers

I’m having trouble creating a Jenkins Job to build a specific branch. For some reason, it only works if I specify more than 1 branch specifier. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug I should report? Build Examples Successful Build <?xml version=’1.0′ encoding=’UTF-8′?> <project> <actions/> <description></description> <keepDependencies>false</keepDependencies> <properties/> <scm class=”hudson.plugins.git.GitSCM” plugin=”git@3.0.0″> <configVersion>2</configVersion> […]

Automate Release Notes – Jenkins and Github

I was just looking for some pointers on how to go about the following. I have a Jenkins build that will create a pre-release with a tag and then upload an artifact. To add to this i would also like to create some basic release notes, so for now all the feature branches that have […]

Exclude user from triggering Jenkins build webhooks

I’m currently working on my Jenkins setup in combination with fastlane. In my fastlane file I’m updating the version as well as the CHANGELOG.md and pushing this to git. However by doing this another build will be triggered causing an infinite loop. What I’ve tried to do is adding the option to exclude users. However […]

How to keep the 2 latest tags in gitlab and remove the oldest?

I have the list of tags from gitlab with this commande line git tag -l. Input : echo listTags = $(git tag -l) listTags= v0.0.1 v0.0.2 v0.1.0 v0.1.0-1 v0.1.0-2 v0.1.0-3 v0.1.0-4 v0.1.0-5 for tag in ‘git tag -l’ do git tag -d $tag git push -v origin :refs/tags/$tag done I want to remove all the […]

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