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Don't fail Jenkins on Git Publisher errors

When a build succeeds in Jenkins, I push to GitHub with the Git Publisher plugin. Every once in a while, github.com times out on the push and I have this in the build log: Pushing HEAD to branch develop at repo github using GIT_SSH to set credentials > git –version # timeout=10 > git -c […]

Jenkins Build fails with error

When i try to run a task in Jenkins to build my app from source codes (deployer from Git server) – build fails with the following output Started by user anonymous Building in workspace /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/Amway/workspace > /usr/bin/git rev-parse –is-inside-work-tree # timeout=10 Fetching changes from the remote Git repository > /usr/bin/git config remote.origin.url http://git.ias.su:8082/stekotin/tamway.git # timeout=10 […]

Pass branch to job using Jenkins Build Per Branch

I was able to setup the http://entagen.github.io/jenkins–build-per-branch/ plugin. So I have a template job right now and I would like to pull all changes for a feature-branch when the job runs for that feature branch. Does anyone have an idea to pass the feature-branch on the git clone/pull of Jenkins in the template job? As […]

Ci : GIT + Jenkins + MSBUILD Build Error

I want to set up a continuous integration platform. ( VS2010 (2.0,3.5), GIT, JENKINS, MSBUILD ) Then IIS if Build OK The technical environment is Microsoft ( ASP.NET => VB.Net & c# ) The Jenkins installation is OK Sources management is ensured by Git ( Commits and push are OK ) When the push is […]

In Jenkins, View Job Filters plugin, how do you use a Regular Expression Job Filter on SCM Configuration to filter on a branch name?

I’m trying to create a view in Jenkins filtered on the same branch name existing in multiple jobs. I have looked through the View Job Filters documentation and I can see where it says it can be done… but no examples on how to accomplish it. I have downloaded the View Job Filters plugin and […]

Jenkins jobs and GIT/maven

I want to execute a new task in jenkins. I want to clone a git repository in jenkins workspace. This repository has two folders, one for each maven project. But, I only have to execute mvn command in one of these folders. How do I do to navegate to correct folder and ejecute a mvn […]

how to setup rspec run on jenkins build

I was trying to setup jenkins for my rails app. So basically I wanted the build to run rspec and pass/fail when Click on build manually Trigger the build and run rspec as soon as a commit is made to master. I have my jenkins running on port 8080. In Jenkins I have the following […]

Jenkins Git branch variable is not replaced with value correctly

I’m currently having troubles with a build on Jenkins, more specifically with the Git plugin in combination with a parameter, but only on a specific job. I’m having a Jenkins job that builds a release version of our software. The software is inside Git on a branch named ‘release/’ (for example release/06.03). Because multiple versions […]

Frequent ssh connection failure to github

I am noticing my jenkins jobs failing frequently but not consistently. It might be an internal firewall issue but i wanted to check if anyone can point me to something that i haven’t checked so far. The jenkins jobs, involves: 1. a git fetch & 2. a git tag The jobs either fails at #1, […]

Build Rails+SPA as a distribution prior to deployment

I have a small but growing Angular application that runs with a Rails backend. Deployment right now takes a very long time to run because all of the devDependencies have to be installed and then everything has to compiled. What I’d like to do is have a distribution created for my application, and then that […]

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