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How to get scm url in build script for jenkins multibranch workflow project

I am trying to get a prebuild merge to work inside a multibranch pipeline and I would like to avoid having to hardcode the git url in my pipeline script. It seems like scm step must store the url somehow, but I cannot figure out how to access it.

Is it possible to Git merge / push using Jenkins pipeline

I am trying to create a Jenkins workflow using a Jenkinsfile. All I want it to do is monitor the ‘develop’ branch for changes. When a change occurs, I want it to git tag and merge to master. I am using the GitSCM Step but the only thing that it appears to support is git […]

creating jenkins jobs with ansible

I’m working on a project to deploy a jenkins CI server on centos7 using ansible And I’m having problems creating jenkins jobs from an xml template using ansible. Everything works fine so far, but now i want to be able to create jobs, and give them some basic configuration from an xml file using ansible. […]

How do I get Jenkins to skip failed branches till they change?

I’m using Jenkins with the Multiple SCMs + Git plugin. Jenkins is correctly doing a new build for each branch, but for some reason when it fails a build it just keeps trying to redo the build, even if the branch has not changed. How can I fix it so that Jenkins will move on […]

Jenkins on Openshift cannot clone repo

I’m new to both Jenkins and Openshift so getting tied up a bit. I have set up Jenkins and pointed it to my github repo, but it can’t clone it because I can’t find anywhere to store my git credentials, and when I ssh into the jenkins box i can’t access ~/.ssh to create new […]

hudson/jenkins keeps building the bad branch in git instead of the good one

I have jenkins set up to build any branch and merge it into master. I also have pre-receive scripts to prevent any developer from checking into master unless you are user “hudson“. It is working great on one of our repositories but on the other one, any time someone pushes a new remote branch, hudson […]

Jenkins/Git: Build latest from branches + manual build from any commit

I am trying to set up Jenkins with a Git project so that: It will build from branches matching a pattern (origin/master, origin/feature/*, origin/hotfix/*, etc.) whenever changes are pushed to the central repository Developers and testers can trigger a build for any revision they want, specified as a build parameter that is a tag name, […]

Trying to trigger a build for a branch only when there is a checkin to that branch

We have 10-15 git branches but we only want to trigger Jenkins jobs on 2 of these (“master” and “beta1”). I am using the Git Plugin for Jenkins and specifying both “master” and “beta1” in the “branches to build” section. I am also specifying ${GIT_BRANCH} in the “Local subdirectory for repo (optional)” field. I want […]

How to avoid checkout of sources on master node with jenkins pipeline

I want to define my builds using the Jenkins 2 pipeline feature and I want this configuration to be loaded from sources in a Jenkinsfile. However I don’t want to clutter my master node with workspace. Ideally, I could specify that a pipeline job is meant to be run a given node type but that […]

How to trigger Jenkins Multi-Branch Pipeline with Gitlab Webhook

I currently set up a Jenkins Multi-Branch Pipeline job that is based on a Git repository hosted on our Gitlab server. Jenkins can read the branches in the repository and creates a job for every branch in the repository. But I can’t figure out how to trigger the jobs with webhooks in Gitlab. My questions […]

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