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How to build on multi server build using Jenkins from one local git repository

In our spring-boot project we are using local Git setup so all developer pull and push code in our in house git server. That means the Git structure of our project is like that under one_project (project name) repository we have sub folders named api, ui, common, notification, authentication, etc…, which have there separate pom.xml […]

ERROR: Couldn't find any revision to build. Verify the repository and branch configuration for this job

I am completely new to Jenkins (and Stackoverflow) and I am setting up a simple Jenkins job to poll a git repository. 1) I created a git repositoy on my local machine. 2) I created a Jenkins Freestyle job and on the configure screen entered the following parameters: Repository URL: media@ Credentials: none The following […]

Hudson(Jenkins) and remote git repository get permission denied

I have setup hudson to check out from my remote git repository but i get **Permission denied (publickey,gssapi-keyex,gssapi-with-mic,keyboard-interactive).** my git repository uses gitosis and works when i clone via the command line. Hudson is running as the same user here is a larger part of the log with hostnames and directories edited Checkout:workspace / /Users/me/.hudson/jobs/HudsonJob/workspace […]

Jenkins Git connection

Getting this error while setting the git config in the Source Code Management section, the repository url is private like this exampleip:/home/project/git-repo/single_login.git not from github Failed to connect to repository : Command “git ls-remote -h exampleip:/home/project/git-repo/single_login.git HEAD” returned status code 128: stdout: stderr: Permission denied, please try again. Permission denied, please try again. Permission denied […]

setting up a local CICD setup

I have two local server that is connected in local network in my office, This is integrated in VM vSphere. I Would like to integrate CICD in my office. I Created two servers one is Git server and another one is jenkins server. Two servers are working fine also. But am not getting how to […]

how to configure Gerrit trigger to trigger only when master or branches changes excluding (refs/for/*)?

I am having troubles how to properly configure Gerrit trigger to only triggers when changes are made to master or other branches (excluding refs/for/rev). For now I have type:Path, pattern: **/* but it catches any changes (on master/branches and on refs/for/*) How to construct correct pattern to trigger when refspecs changes only on master and […]

Jenkins Git change submodule path

Is there a way to change the submodule path to pull from a different repository during build time?

Hudson hangs on “Started by user anonymous”

My hudson job just started hanging at the start of the build, output looks like: Started by user anonymous [spinner] It can be in this state for several hours, I don’t know what can be wrong. Any ideas? How I can debug this stuff?

Using git for deploy

I have a question. Now in project we use git for automatically update testing server (deployment). There is fresh HEAD revision on hook when push to repository using Jenkins. Now there is an Idea about using moving tags to point on deploy revision. Example git tag for-deploy, and move this tag to needed revision. By […]

Jenkins build fails because can't clone git repo

I’m setting up Jenkins for a Rails 3.2 app. I added the Github plugin and setup the keys for the local “jenkins” user on the server. I can git clone from the command line on the server just fine so I know the keys work. When I build, it can’t clone the repo.. Started by […]

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