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jenkins/hudson can't connect to github repo

I am on Ec2 with the base amazon ami linux- I have installed jenkins but when I go to pull the repo from github I am given the following error: Building in workspace /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/build social Checkout:build social / /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/build social – hudson.remoting.LocalChannel@5c7b21b Using strategy: Default Cloning the remote Git repository Cloning repository origin ERROR: Error […]

Jenkins Git plugin with https

I am trying to configure a Git project in Jenkins using the Git plugin. In the project configuration page I enter the repository URL in the Git configuration, which is an https URL (https://git.mycompany.com/git/MyProject.git). When I’m building the project however I get the following error: Started by user Hudson Administrator [EnvInject] – Loading node environment […]

Git Variables in Jenkins Workflow plugin

I’d like to access git variables such as GIT_COMMIT and GIT_BRANCH when I have checked out a repository from git further down in the build stream. Currently I find no available variable to access these two parameters. node { git git+ssh://git.com/myproject.git echo “$GIT_COMMIT – $BRANCH_NAME” } Is such variables available and in case, where would […]

Jenkins giving error while cloning from gitHub

I am new to Jenkins, I am getting following error while cloning repository from GitHub. I tried to search all relevant issues here but could find exact stacktstrace with answers. I am trying to clone repository which requires username and password, I am providing SSH:// repository-path in job configuration settings for my job. I have […]

Getting 404 though my app is deployed

Jenkins shows that the build was successful (see log below) and I can see the war in /app-root/runtime/repo/target/0.1-MVP The tomcat webapps (jwboss/webapps) contains only ROOT.war. How I can navigate to my deployed app? I am using the tomcat gear. Is there a server manager UI? (something like tomcat manager) Don’t know if it matters but […]

How do I clone a job in jenkins?

Jenkins has the Gerrit Plugin in place so that when we do checkins to gerrit, Jenkins performs a build and if it succeeds, then the modification in gerrit is verified. If the build fails then it is not. My understanding is that this is accomplished through jobs set up in Jenkins. We have now created […]

How do I get Jenkins to build on push to a BitBucket git repository?

I have a git repository hosted on BitBucket, and have set up SSH authentication between the repository and my Jenkins server. I can build on Jenkins manually, but cannot get the Jenkins service on BitBucket to trigger builds. Jenkins configuration: – Project Name: [my_jenkins_job] – Build Triggers: –Trigger Builds Remotely: —Token: [token] BitBucket configuration: – […]

Jenkins hanging at “Fetching upstream changes from origin”

I’m trying to set up Jenkins on a Windows Server 2012 machine, and I’m having a lot of difficulty. Things I’ve done: Created a password-less id_rsa, and id_rsa.pub Created a known_hosts file for bitbucket.org using ssh.exe -T bitbucket.org and accepting to add the host. Added E: to System-wide HOME Variable I’ve added those files to […]

Jenkins linking to my local git repository

I’m new to Jenkins and git too. I created a remote repository at github.com and made a local copy of it. Then I want to link it through Jenkins. I installed needed plugins for git integration, but I don’t know what my local Repository URL is to set it when configuring the new project. Could […]

How to push changes to github after jenkins build completes?

I have a jenkins job that clones the repository from github, then runs the powershell script that increments the version number in the file. I’m now trying to publish that update file back to the original repository on github, so when developer pulls the changes he gets the latest version number. I tried using Git […]

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