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Using Jenkins with a private BitBucket Git repository

When setting up a project in Jenkins that’s hosted on bitbucket what would I put in the URL field? The repository is private.

How to receive local Git branch name with Jenkins Git plugin?

I am using Branch Specifier option of Jenkins Git plugin (v2.0) to run build on specific branch, e.g. 1.4. ${GIT_BRANCH} in this case contains origin/1.4 value. How can I receive a name of the local Git branch used for cloning (i.e. just 1.4 without origin/ prefix? I’ve tried Check out to specific local branch Additional […]

Why I couldn't add the Git Url to my Jenkins?

I’m very new to git and also Jenkins. I added the ssh keys to the bitbucket and in my local machine, when I do : git clone git@bitbucket.org:username/repo.git I can be able to clone. But when I add the same url (git@bitbucket.org:username/repo.git) to the Jenkins repository url I get an following error: Failed to connect […]

How can I get JIRA issue number from a commit message in Jenkins

I am using Gitlab for our source code management, jenkins for CI jobs and JIRA for issue tracking. Once I commit in gitlab with an issue number for example “Project-123 edited demo file.”, I have a jenkins hook that triggers a build. I have the JENKINS’s Jira Plugin and use Progress JIRA issues by workflow […]

Jenkins path to git Windows master / Linux slave

I have a Jenkins master on Windows which runs some Windows builds. The git client plugin in configured with a fixed path to git as “C:\Program Files (x86)\git\bin\git.exe” I’ve now created a Linux slave, but when I run a job on there, it’s trying to run the command “C:\Program Files (x86)\git\bin\git.exe init”, and obviously fails. […]

SVN get the last commit message offline

Is there a way to get the last commit message without access to the repo? svn log –limit 1 tries to connect to the repo. EDIT: I have credentials setup and using them to check out the source. What I’m trying to achieve, is to get Jenkins triggering another job depending on the commit message, […]

How to pass file to downstream job which blocks upstream job?

What I want to accomplish is to checkout code from develop branch, merge it to master branch, build app.war, run tests and if tests succeed push to master branch. Tests should be run in separate job which needs app.war. My current setup is as follows: Job Main checks out from develop, merges it to masterand […]

No such file: ‘pom.xml’ error in jenkins

I have a repository in Bitbucket. In that repository i have project called Demo Which is a maven project. I am trying to deploy Demo with Jenkins. Steps I am following. Created a job(Item) in Jenkins. Configure(This is the configuration for the individual jobs). Project name:Demo. Description:bla bla bla.. Source Code Management -> Git -> […]

How to get change logs from two repositories configured in Jenkins

My project uses two repositories. I’ve configured Jenkins to use two repo However, Jenkins is only log changes from one repo. Any idea how can I setup to take changes from both the repo’s. I tried Multiple SCM as well however observed the same behaviour.

Git error 401 while accessing it via hudson's git plugin

I have hudson configured on my server and i am using code fetched from my git repository. Actually , i had set up the environment correctly and all the builds via Hudson were successful but recently i changed my git password from github.com and now all the builds fail giving a 401 error , I […]

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