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Xcode 7: changing product bundle identifier

I’m setting up Jenkins to automate the build process. In particular, for my needs, I’d like to be able to set different bundle identifiers. I’m using the Xcode Jenkins plugin to set the bundle identifier: The problem is that this will change the bundle identifier in the Info.plist file and in MyTarget > General > […]

Jenkins Multibranch Pipelines – Configuring properties in branches?

We have successfully set up a build pipeline using the Jenkins Multibranch Pipeline Plugin, which works great most of the time, but we have this problem which nags us: The Jenkinsfile contains a set of properties, and these also show up in the UI, but how can I set up default values for individual branches? […]

Jenkins vs. Xcode plugin – codesign troubles

I have updated to OS X Yosemite and also Xcode 6.1 (downloaded from the developer site), from this time I have had the problem with the building as in the log file I see the note “Warning: –resource-rules has been deprecated in Mac OS X >= 10.10!”. Does someone know how to use Xcode plugin […]

How to configure a Jenkins 2 Pipeline so that Jenkinsfile uses a predefined variable

I have several projects that use a Jenkinsfile which is practically the same. The only difference is the git project that it has to checkout. This forces me to have one Jenkinsfile per project although they could share the same one: node{ def mvnHome = tool ‘M3’ def artifactId def pomVersion stage(‘Commit Stage’){ echo ‘Downloading […]

SonarQube not picking up Unit Test Coverage

I am having issues with sonar picking up the jacoco analysis report. Jenkins however is able to pick up the report and display the results. My project is a maven build, built by Jenkins. The jacoco report is generated by maven (configured in the pom). Sonar is executed by using the Jenkins plugin. This is […]

Is there any way to change the working directory of a Jenkins Maven build?

Is there any way to change the working directory of a Jenkins Maven build? Use Case There is a Maven build that will only work if the current working directory is the directory with pom.xml in it, so I want the Maven build to execute in that directory. The directory with the pom.xml is in […]

How to install a plugin in Jenkins manually?

Installing a plugin from the Update center results in: Checking internet connectivity Failed to connect to http://www.google.com/. Perhaps you need to configure HTTP proxy? Deploy Plugin Failure – Details hudson.util.IOException2: Failed to download from http://updates.jenkins-ci.org/download/plugins/deploy/1.9/deploy.hpi Is it possible to download the plugin and install it manually into Jenkins?

How to set Jenkins environment variable from script

I’m trying to setup a script to increment the build number of my Xcode project. I make an API call to get the current build number, then I wanted to increment it and apply that new number as an environment variable so that the Xcode Plugin can use it. I have the EnvInject plugin installed […]

don't fail jenkins build if execute shell fails

as part of my build process, I am running a git commit as an execute shell step. However, if there are no changes in the workspace, Jenkins is failing the build, since git is returning an error code because there are no changes to commit. I’d like to either abort the build, or just mark […]

Reconfigure and reboot a Hudson/Jenkins slave as part of a build

I have a Jenkins (Hudson) server setup that runs tests on a variety of slave machines. What I want to do is reconfigure the slave (using remote APIs), reboot the slave so that he changes take effect, then continue with the rest of the test. There are two hurdles that I’ve encountered so far: Once […]

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