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Jenkins: Cannot define variable in pipeline stage

I’m trying to create a declarative Jenkins pipeline script but having issues with simple variable declaration. Here is my script: pipeline { agent none stages { stage(“first”) { def foo = “foo” // fails with “WorkflowScript: 5: Expected a step @ line 5, column 13.” sh “echo ${foo}” } } } However, I get this […]

Jenkis downstream job fails to find upstream artifacts

The setup is used to build and deploy to Adobe AEM. Master Build job pulls from git repository, builds and packages, run the tests and then fires downstream jobs that should use the built packages from upstream job. The issue is that downstream job fail with the message: Unable to access upstream artifacts area /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/PROJECTNAME-Master-Branch/builds/2014-10-22_11-33-46/archive. […]

How to stop CI builds in Jenkins from accidentally publishing to release repository?

Sometimes, the developers accidentally check in a version in POM without “SNAPSHOT” in it. This builds the Maven project and publishes the artifacts to release repository. How can I avoid this situation? I only want to publish build artifacts to release repository and not a CI build. I thought about the following- but none of […]

Jenkins – java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space –

Environment: Linux/Windows7, Java or 1.7 I downloaded jenkins.war and after the initial setup using the following script/command, I downloaded some plugins(10-15) and tried to restart Jenkins, it worked. Then, I got some more plugins (30-40 in total) and either I chose Install or download+then+install, Jenkins didn’t come up. i.e. using startJenkins.sh (Linux only). Note: […]

Getting exception while configuring the maven project in jenkins

Not able to trigger a successful build using Jenkin. Jenkin Version : 2.46.1 Maven Version :3.5.0 Java version : jdk1.7.0_67 I created one simple project in java on Maven . Now when i integrate this with Jenkin and click on the build now. Build is failed and getting some exception. java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException I have attached the […]

Skip tests in Jenkins

I’ve set up a build on Jenkins for a Maven project, and I would like to build it without running any of the tests. I’ve tried entering “clean install -DskipTests” in the goals field, like this: But it doesn’t work. What am I doing incorrectly? Note: I want to skip the tests without touching the […]

Using gtest in jenkins

I successfully run my unit test with google test in Jenkins, but I don’t know how to show the .xml file generated by gtest. It is said that gtest satisfies the JUnit format, so what I set is as follows: But it ends up with errors after a building. “No test report files were found. […]

Jenkins 0 files published after build

I have a Jenkins server setup with two jobs first job polls the develop branch and builds the project on the jenkins server. i then have another job that polls the production branch this builds this branch on another jenkins slave which is the staging server. This job is configured so that on a successful […]

jenkins service fail to start on windows 2008

I’m trying to get Jenkins installed as a service on a Windows Server 2008 Datacenter (SP2). I can’t seem to get it to run as a service and am looking for any ideas to help get it going. When I try install Jenkins with native Windows package I get “Error 1920. Service Jenkins failed to […]

Jenkins server is not accessible by host name (ip address)

I setup jenkins on my Mac OS X with homebrew and it works just fine via http://localhost:8080 or I couldn’t access jenkins instance via hostname/ipaddress: 1. http://myjenkinshost.local:8080 2. Both links are not accessible even from local computer (jenkins host itself). Same time commands ping and ping myjenkinshost.local work just fine.

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