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How to get Jenkins to connect to git repository

I’m having trouble getting Jenkins to recognize my git repo. The screenshot is below. I was told using git clone https://blah/blah.git will clone the repo as read-only w/o needing credentials or keys. I want to just pull the code and build it. The funny thing is when I execute the same command from the command […]

Jenkin's Git Build Trigger: build every intermediate revision, not just HEAD?

Using Jenkins, git and the Jenkins Git Plugin: If I push multiple revisions at once, only the last revision will be built. How do I get Jenkins to build all revisions in between ? Or is there a “Choosing Strategy” other than “Default” that I select ? I know this is possible in combination with […]

SCM sync not working

I want to sync my Jenkins backup data with git repo. so i follow following steps: 1- I have set git global credential into jenkins GIT option under configuration. 2- Installed scm sync plugin and put configuration parameter in jenkins scm sync configuration tab repo url git@github.com:username/jenkins_config.git 3 – save But i am getting below […]

Connecting to bitbucket repository from jenkins server

At moment I’m trying connect from jenkins to my bitbucket repository, using the git plugin that I’ve installed in jenkins. When I enter the repository URL, I get the following output or message notification such as shown in the figure: “Failed to connect to repository : Command “ls-remote -h git@bitbucket.org:safe2school-ondemand/s2s-android-padres.git HEAD” returned status code 128: […]

Jenkins Pipeline job can't find script due to @tmp path being created

I am writing a pipeline job that will call another script to execute. The Jenkinsfile and script exist in the same directory and yet the job fails to find the script to run. This is the relevant bit of script; stage (‘Update’) { try { dir(‘jenkins/pipeline/update-jenkins-plugins-ppln’) { sh ‘ls -l’ sh ‘update-plugins.sh’ } } which […]

Jenkins build failed with Revision error

I was trying to run Jenkins on a simple Python test. It’s my first time, so I followed steps mentioned in this tutorial : Link My Jenkins console output after I triggered build shows that it failed because it couldn’t find any revision. Here is the console output : Started by user anonymous Building in […]

EC2/AWS, Jenkins, Git, SSH

[Update2] So is it OK that when I run git from the CLI it prompts me for the password? I am able to access the github servers with the passphrase for the ssh private key, but I am never prompted for this in Jenkins or asked to provide it. [/Update2] [Update] Yes. I am running […]

Is there any way to revert the current build in Jenkins?

My newly created deployment team is struggling to find a way to revert a currently deployed build. They have integrated Jenkins with Git and Bitbucket Is there any way possible to revert back the build and to see what were the files deployed in the current build?

git plugin in Jenkins on Windows does not use credentials with submodule

I have an issue with Jenkins on Windows with git, I can use ssh credentials to fetch git repository from BitBucket but when it tries to fetch the submodule repository, which is on the same account, I get permission exception. Fetching upstream changes from git@bitbucket.org:mycomp/at.git C:\CI\Git\bin\git.exe –version using GIT_SSH to set credentials Bitbucket key C:\CI\Git\bin\git.exe […]

Repository Migration to Gerrit, git push –mirror returns refs/meta/config (cannot delete project configuration)

I got some strange problems when migrating my old git repository which resides in a redmine, to my new Gerrit repository. Basically i made a git clone –mirror ssh:// …. old-repo.git cd old-repo.git/ git push –mirror ssh:// …. new-gerrit-repo Well, now I first got some warnings: remote: (W) a01300f: commit message lines >70 characters; manually […]

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