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Jenkins/Hudson the best way to delete remote git branch after build

I’m trying to find the best way to delete git remote branch after Jenkins build. At our environment we have separate job for sanity-check branch before merging this branch to master repository. So branch became not useful after successful Jenkins job’s build. I may be wrong but it seems that there are no such built-in […]

Is there a way to make Jekyll render pull request diffs?

tl;dr: We’re using the combination of GitHub and Jekyll with Textile-backed pages to render an internal documentation set. Works great, except for one thing: It’s really hard to read the diffs in the proposed changes. Longer version: We have a GitHub repo which contains a Jekyll installation and the Textile code that contains our documentation […]

Build multiple branches in parallel on Jenkins slave/master configuration from a single job

I have a git repo setup that has many people pushing to it. I have a job in Jenkins that polls this repo for updates to all branches. I have the Jenkins job setup with a remote machine, and is distributing builds to it from the job, however it is always building the same branch […]

Execute command as passwordless user

To access a git repository from Jenkins, I need to login as this user and execute some commands (according to e.g. http://www.uvd.co.uk/blog/labs/configuring-jenkins-continuous-integration-server-to-work-with-git/, Jenkins Host key verification failed or Managing SSH keys within Jenkins for Git, I need to accept the host to known hosts and generate an ssh-key. I created the key with the root […]

Jenkins git-plugin auto-install and configure git on Windows slaves

I have production Jenkins installed on RedHat server, with many Linux Slaves. Git plugin works flawlessly on Linux slaves but I didn’t find any way to make it autoinstall git on Windows slaves (like it does in Java,Maven and Ant). If I can only make the Run Command work on Windows – this could be […]

Stop the post-receive script to be executed in special cases

I’m using post-receive hook in Git server to call a jenkins job. I have a special case where I don’t want the jenkins job to be called if the push operation comes from a build machine (which is a git user). Or I don’t want the post-receive to be executed if the push has commits […]

Credentials on using Jenkins git plugin

We have installed a Git server and Jenkins (git plugin). The install succeed. But, when we configured a job for a build on Jenkins, we had a problem : Started by user admin [EnvInject] – Loading node environment variables. Building in workspace C:\Program Files (x86)\Jenkins\jobs\HSH\workspace > C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\bin\git.exe rev-parse –is-inside-work-tree Fetching changes from the […]

Setup unit testing with Jenkins CI

For some reason I’m having a hard time understanding unit testing using Jenkins CI. My goal is to pull my Maven project from git, build it, unit test it, and if all goes right, deploy it. I managed to achieve every step except the unit test step. I have no idea where to start or […]

How to Configure Jenkins Gerrit Trigger Plugin to do a premerge

I am stuck for some hours now, trying out how to configure my Jenkins verification-job to do the following: Be triggered by a Gerrit event of “Patchset Created” (works) Then fetch the specific change from Gerrit (works) Merge/rebase the current change to the most recent origin/master (does not work) Perform the build (works) As you […]

Jenkins Continuous Integration and Google Glass Project

Recently, I have begun the process of developing an application for use on Google Glass. Since I am working with a development team, we are using a Git repository in order to control the versions of our code. Lately, I came across the concept of using continuous integration to test our builds so that potential […]

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