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Jenkins linking to my local git repository

I’m new to Jenkins and git too. I created a remote repository at github.com and made a local copy of it. Then I want to link it through Jenkins. I installed needed plugins for git integration, but I don’t know what my local Repository URL is to set it when configuring the new project. Could […]

How to push changes to github after jenkins build completes?

I have a jenkins job that clones the repository from github, then runs the powershell script that increments the version number in the file. I’m now trying to publish that update file back to the original repository on github, so when developer pulls the changes he gets the latest version number. I tried using Git […]

Jenkins Github Plugin can't choose my credentials

Very strange behavior that has never happened before, when I try to configure Github server in Jenkins general configs to set up webhooks auto, the drop down menu don’t displays my registered credentials, I was always be able to do that but suddenly I don’t know what’s happens, I tried to uninstall the plugin, restarting […]

how to find out list of all changed files in git for full jenkins build and not for a particular commit?

How to find all changed files since last commited build in GIT ? I want to build not only the changed files at head revision but also, all the changed files which got changed before that as well since last successful build. git show –pretty=”format:” –name-only will do the build only for top commit changed […]

Unable to get Jenkins and Git to play nice

Jenkins version: 1.429 Git plugin version: 1.1.12 I am unable to get the Git plugin to clone a Git repository. It fails with the error Command “git clone –progress -o vipor V:\VIPOR c:\Program Files\jenkins\workspace” returned status code 128: Cloning into c:\Program Files\jenkins\workspace… fatal: ‘V:\VIPOR’ does not appear to be a git repository fatal: The remote […]

Jenkins can not clone Git repository over Git/SSH on Windows

I have successfully cloned Git repository in Jenkins over Git/SSH on Windows 2008 32-bit. When I tried to do the same on Windows 2008 64-bit, Console Output page gets stuck here: Démarré par l’utilisateur anonymous Checkout:book / C:\Jenkins\workspace\book – hudson.remoting.LocalChannel@1da691a Using strategy: Default Last Built Revision: Revision 5d7ce4ae23c91fb201ee005e6db17bcd795ca965 (origin/HEAD, origin/master) Checkout:book / C:\Jenkins\workspace\book – hudson.remoting.LocalChannel@1da691a […]

How to trigger a build only if changes happen on particular set of files

I would like to know how to tell jenkins/hudson to trigger a build only for changes on a particular project on my git tree?

Jenkins and Git sparse checkouts

I have a large repository in Git. How do I create a job in Jenkins that checks out just one sub-folder from the project?

Gated check-ins / pre-tested commits for Git?

I’m looking at migrating from TFS (Team Foundation Server) to Git, but can’t find anything matching TFS’ support for gated check-ins (also called pre-tested or delayed commits). Atlassian Bamboo has no support for gated check-ins. TeamCity does support it (“delayed commits” using their terminology), but not for Git. Using Jenkins by itself or Jenkins+Gerrit has […]

Jenkins Git plugin detached HEAD

I am new to Git and also to Jenkins. My problem is to get the Jenkins Maven release plugin to work. When I build a common Maven build with Jenkins, it works well, but when I try to perform a release with the Maven release plugin, I get the following stacktrace: org.apache.maven.lifecycle.LifecycleExecutionException: Failed to execute […]

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