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Can Jenkins build Eclipse projects?

I thought I had read somewhere that Jenkins supports integration with Eclipse to build Eclipse projects, but now I cannot find any documentation supporting this. Is this possible to do or am I barking up the wrong tree?

Copying artifacts from multiple upstream jobs at join in Jenkins

Is it possible to have a Jenkins Job with has been triggered by the Join plugin copy artifacts from multiple upstream jobs? I’m trying to set-up a Jenkins configuration with a “diamond” of jobs: my-trigger runs and spawns two jobs, my-fork1 and my-fork2, that can run concurrently and take varying amounts of time, and the […]

Enforcing one build for one commit in Jenkins/Hudson

We use Jenkins for doing incremental builds of our project on each commit to the SCM. We would like to get separate builds for every single commit. However, the naive approach (setup SCM and use post-commit hooks to trigger a build) exhibits problem in the following scenario: Build is triggered. While build takes place (it […]

Start a job multiple times concurrently with workflow plugin

I am trying to run one job 5 times concurrently using the workflow plugin. here is the snippet: def concurrent=[:] for (int i = 0; i < 5; i++) { concurrent[“concurrent${i}”] = { build job: ‘test_job’, parameters: [[$class: ‘StringParameterValue’, name:’queue’, value: ‘automation_prod.q’],[$class: ‘StringParameterValue’, name:’dummy’, value: “${i}”]] } } parallel concurrent this snippet causes the the […]

Jenkins plug-in developing – Maven issue: Unknown packaging: hpi

I am trying to start developing plug-ins for Jenkins with Mac OSX. First, when I run ‘mvn hpi:create’, it takes a reeaally long time to download all the files, up to several minutes per file. And it’s a lot of files. Total time is 4-5 hours! Why is it so slow? Then, when I run […]

Jenkins – How can i pass parameters from the Upstream to Downstream

I have 3 builds: A – is the Master build which control the flow B- Anoter build C- will be executed after B I want to add a String parameter to A so the user will enter some String manually, and i’m not sure how can i path this parameter to B. lets say that […]

How to pass ${CHANGES} to downstream job?

I have upstream job that polls SVN for changes. If changes are detected, the build is started. After the build, the upstream project calls downstream project to run test. I’m using “Trigger Parameterized Build”. I want that downstream project will be able to send an email with test results and SVN changes that cause to […]

How to build a multi-module maven project in jenkins

I have a projects structure as follows: ProjectParent – pom.xml ProjectApp -pom.xml ProjectAPI -pom.xml ProjectModels -pom.xml ProjectServices -pom.xml Etc.. ProjectModels/ProjectsServices are dependencies within ProjectAPI/ProjectApp. Should I create separate jobs within Jenkins to build each module separately? I created a job for ProjectAPP but get the following error below (Have set goals and actions to “clean […]

jenkins android can't find sdkmanager.jar

I’m running jenkins on mac OS. I have ant build file which tries to execute in one of targets. I have correct path as I’ve included android sdk tools and platform-tools folders to it but still I’m getting “android can’t find sdkmanager,jar” error. If I move described jar from lib folder to tools folder I’m […]

Jenkins Parallel Trigger and Wait

I have 4 jobs which needs to be executed in the following sequence JOB A |——> JOB B |——> JOB C |——> JOB D In the above A should trigger B & C parallely and C inturn triggers D. A should hold the job as running till all 3 of them completed. I tried the […]

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