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Jenkins and Git?

My firm right now is using subversion and we have jenkins pulling SCM for changes and if anything changes it will do the maven build. We are moving to git but I dont see anyway to pull a git repo for changes…Am I missing something

On building jenkins project timeout after 10 minute error happens

I am using jenkins to build my git remote project. The problem is log says ‘timeout after 10 min’. Receiving object starts and at 56% something happens.

Git shortcut to pull with clone if no local there yet?

Is there a one-command way to get an up-to-date mirror of a remote repo? That is if local repo not there yet: clone if it’s there: pull I know I could script this around (e.g if [ -d repo ]; then (cd repo && git pull); else git clone $repourl;fi ) , but I need […]

Jenkins (Windows) very slow Git fetch

We are experiencing slow git fetch commands on a Jenkins installation on Windows Server 2012. I have tried all the solutions mentioned in these threads: Hudson git commands are *incredibly* slow (Using plink.exe from PuTTY and setting GIT_SSH to use that) Jenkins hanging at "Fetching upstream changes from origin" (Changed Jenkins to use cmd\git.exe instead […]

Remove Credentials from GIT in Jenkins

Anybody knows how to remove the users from the Credentials drop down in Jenkins for a project under Source Code Management -> Git Repositories Referring to the section highlighted in yellow in attached screen shot: I seem to have added a few users in error and want to remove them from the drop down. I […]

In Jenkins, how to checkout a project into a specific directory (using GIT)

Sorry for the ‘svn’ style – we are in a process of migration from SVN to GIT (including our CI Jenkins environment). What do we need is to be able to make Jenkins to checkout (or should I say clone?) the GIT project (repository?) into a specific directory. We’ve tried some refspecs magic but it […]

hudson+git FATAL: Could not apply tag

I’m trying to set up hudson with git according to this article, but I still get git errors during build: FATAL: Could not apply tag-PROJECTNAME-ID … Caused by: hudson.plugins.git.GitException: Command returned status code 128: *** Please tell me who you are. running: git config –global user.name shows valid data, .gitconfig is accessible. How to correct […]

Gitlab CI vs Jenkins

Can anyone please let me know what is the difference between Jenkins and other CI like Gitlab-CI, drone.io coming with GIT distribution. On some research I could only come up that Gitlab community edition doesn’t allow Jenkins to be added but Gitlab enterprise edition does. Is there any other significant differences.

Jenkins – how to build a specific branch

This isn’t as simple as just doing a parametrized build. I’ve already got a specific build process that will build and deploy whenever any of these branches are pushed to GitHub: So if I’ve just pushed develop and it built successfully, how do I trigger a manual build and have it pull feature/my-new-feature (without doing […]

AEM CQ5 project giving NoClassDefFoundError for org/codehaus/mojo/animal_sniffer/logging/Logger when run mvn install disconnected from internet

I’m new to AEM CQ5, trying to setup maven on one linux machine which can not be connected to internet (company infosec reasons). So, i’ve tried uploading all the dependencies manually on our internal nexus, so that project builds fine when we run “mvn clean install“. Our main idea is to make CQ projects build […]

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