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Duplicate builds triggered on Jenkins multibranch pipeline

We are seeing duplicate builds triggered on Jenkins multibranch pipeline projects. Builds are normally triggered using push notifications from Bitbucket using this plugin: https://marketplace.atlassian.com/plugins/com.nerdwin15.stash-stash-webhook-jenkins/server/overview However, we are now seeing ‘double’ builds for some reason. If you look at the 2 builds that are triggered, one is triggered by a ‘commit notification’, and the other is […]

Send build artifacts over SSH – could not create directory

I am trying to workout an automation process of pushing changes from jenkins to aws. The problem seems to be that within the GIT repo, i have 2 folders, one is docroot and the other is database. I need the docroot to go into the /var/www/html and database should be ignored for now. As a […]

From Jenkins, how to access to a secured repository in GitBlit (over http(s))?

I use GitBlit (1.3.2), Jenkins (1.534) on RedHat 6 I created a Git repository on a local GitBlit. Access is restricted to authenticated users. This works fine. When I try to configure a new job in Jenkins to enable continuous Integration, I enter the Git repository URL as follow: http://jenkins@myhost.local/gitblit/git/testing/secured_repo.git I received the error message […]

Only trigger builds on new branches in Jenkins?

I have a git repository that is a few years old with 100s of branch. I only really want to get Jenkins to start running builds on newly pushed branches and not the previous ones. Currently I’m trying to trigger it via a URL within the post-receive hook: http://jenkins/git/notifyCommit?url=git@git:myrepository.git&branches=${BRANCH} It does activate the build, but […]

git install on jenkins slaves

I have both Linux and Windows slaves. I would like to install Git automatically on a slave first time the master needs to run git on it. how do you tell Jenkins to install it properly on Win or Linux, if possible at all ?

Jenkins pipeline build github pull request

given that I use the pipeline plugin + all the github plugin are installed in jenkins, I’m struggled to checkout the current pull request that triggered the job in the pipeline script like this : #!groovy node(‘master’) { stage ‘Checkout’ checkout changelog: true, poll: true, scm: [$class: ‘GitSCM’, branches: [[name: “origin/????”]], doGenerateSubmoduleConfigurations: false, submoduleCfg: [], […]

Maven Release Plugin use in Jenkins Pipeline

I’m using Jenkins Pipeline to automatically build and deploy my Java apps. I also use maven-release-plugin to perform Maven deploy to Artifactory. The problem is my Jenkinsfile (or Jenkins Pipeline Configuration) : We commit a version 0.1.00-SNAPSHOT on release branch Jenkins Pipeline get the code, and perform maven release Maven Release changes the version to […]

How do you configure Jenkins to use git archive instead of git clone with Gerrit?

We have an automated build system configured using Jenkins, integrate with Gerrit. One of the bottlenecks today is that it takes ~3.5 minutes for Jenkins to complete a “git clone” for each build, due to repository size. The same check-out using “git archive” takes approx 12 seconds. Can the gerrit plugin for Jenkins be configured […]

How to debug Cannot run program “C:\Program Files\Git” in a Jenkins job?

I’m using jenkins to build my git project, this is the error I am getting when see the log. I am using git plugin in jenkins. How would you troubleshoot that error message? Started by user anonymous Building in workspace E:\sw\jenkins\workspace\se12 ERROR: Workspace has a .git repository, but it appears to be corrupt. hudson.plugins.git.GitException: Error […]

How to log into git bitbucket repository from jenkins

I have a GIT repository on bitbucket, which I want my Jenkins Server to access automatically. This is only possible using public/private key authentication. So I created a key pair and uploaded the public key to bitbucket. The public and the private key are on my server in the .ssh folder of the tomcat user […]

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