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Jenkins gerrit trigger not fetching my change when building

I have configured jenkins with gerrit trigger plugin to validate every commit we review to gerrit. I am expecting this trigger to include my latest change with original repo and make a build. But, it is cloning only repo project and compiling without my change. Below is my configuration settings for gerrit trigger in jenkins. […]

How to Specify subfolder for Maven in Jenkins?

I have the following folder structure: Finance/Code Finance/Docs Finance/SQL The GIT repository is created on Finance folder. I configured Jenkins to look at GIT repository in /Finance. The maven pom file is located in Finance/Code. When I run the Jenkins build, I got this error: [ERROR] The goal you specified requires a project to execute […]

Git on Hudson fatal exception when updating submodule

Okay, firstly, I am very new to git. I have set up a build, however it has just started failing, with the following error. FATAL: Command “git submodule update” returned status code 1: stdout: stderr: fatal: reference is not a tree: 72294b9c60128b4495dfe0bf3aa014b3bf1853e9 Unable to checkout ‘72294b9c60128b4495dfe0bf3aa014b3bf1853e9’ in submodule path ‘sub/Android-ViewPagerIndicator’ hudson.plugins.git.GitException: Command “git submodule update” […]

Why does “git clone” not take a refspec?

It appears that a lot of folks have gone to replacing git clone with the combo git init && git fetch. This seems rather silly, and unfortunately tools like Jenkins won’t do that for you. So why does git clone not take a refspec, the same way git fetch does? Specifically, if you wish to […]

Jenkins pull request plugin triggers builds from all branches in a repo and not a specific branch

Currently I’m working on setting up Jenkins so that when a pull request is made in GitHub, a build will be triggered and the results sent back to GitHub. All of this is working correctly between Jenkins and GitGub. (I’m using the GitHub pull request builder plugin in Jenkins to do this). The problem that […]

Integrating Git Slave With Jenkins

What would be the best way to integrate git-slave with jenkins? Would it be possible to do this without writing a full plugin? Any shortcuts I could take? I am most interested in replicating: (1) Polling and starting a build based on a change to a git-slave git repository or its children. (2) Printing out […]

Continuous integration workflow – emergency use cases

Let me first describe a simple CI workflow (we use git, Jenkins, maven, nexus): For a project, someone creates a branch from the master branch, makes the changes, verification and code review is done. Now someone puts a request for change. The following is all automated. The changes are merged to master and queued for […]

Maven release git-push “Host key verification failed.”

When I am trying to have jenkins run a mvn -B release:prepare it gets to the point where it is to push changes to git, but fails with Host key verification failed. This is a local git repository. At this time, jenkins is run as root. SSH keys have been created for root and they […]

How to debug Jenkins error message “could not find a suitable ssh-agent provider”?

I’m using Jenkins on Win7 and i’ve installed tomcat for ssh-agent plugin. And I could clone my GitLab project via git bash via ssh. But if I build the project by Jenkins, it always says : [ssh-agent] Using credentials IliptonChen(APRTest) [ssh-agent] Looking for ssh-agent implementation… [ssh-agent] FATAL: Could not find a suitable ssh-agent provider FATAL:[ssh-agent] […]

Putting a multi-module Maven project into Jenkins

I need to set up a multi-module Maven project to build in Jenkins (version 1.534). Each module is in its own Git repository, completely separate from each other: /home/git/ProjectDomain.git /home/git/ProjectWAR.git Locally I’ve built my own parent POM.XML and have each project in a subfolder: <modules> <module>ProjectSupport</module> <module>ProjectWAR</module> </modules> This works locally but I can’t get […]

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