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How do I make Jenkins's pipeline, Maven's scm:tag, and Git LFS play nicely together?

I’ve got a Jenkinsfile build of a Java/Maven project that’s failing with the following error: [INFO] — maven-scm-plugin:1.9.4:tag (default-cli) @ bluebutton-data-pipeline — [INFO] Final Tag Name: ‘bluebutton-data-pipeline-0.1.0-23’ [INFO] Executing: /bin/sh -c cd /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/HHSIDEAlab/bluebutton-data-pipeline/master && git tag -F /tmp/maven-scm-1982238691.commit bluebutton-data-pipeline-0.1.0-23 [INFO] Working directory: /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/HHSIDEAlab/bluebutton-data-pipeline/master [INFO] Executing: /bin/sh -c cd /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/HHSIDEAlab/bluebutton-data-pipeline/master && git push git@github.com:HHSIDEAlab/bluebutton-data-pipeline.git refs/tags/bluebutton-data-pipeline-0.1.0-23 [INFO] […]

Access private stash repo during npm install on Jenkins

I’ve created a node package that I’d like to use in my company’s primary application. Both my package and the application are stored in private git repositories. Here is an the relevant portion of my package.json file: “dependencies”: { “qc-event-logger”: “git+ssh://git@git-ssh.XXXXXXXXX.com/qc-event-logger.git#v1.0.0” }, I’m able to run and build it locally, and everything works fine. The […]

Jenkins: Transfer latest BitBucket commit over FTP

I have BitBucket integrated with Jenkins and FTP. But it takes everything. Is it possible to grab latest BitBucket commit only then transfer it over FTP?

Jenkins build all Git Tags

I want my jenkins builds to build ALL tags. Even when I push multiple tags at once, I want jenkins to build it. I followed these 2 links http://erics-notes.blogspot.ca/2013/05/jenkins-build-latest-git-tag.html and Is it possible for Jenkins to automatically detect and build newly created tags in a git repo? However my build always just builds my latest […]

Jenkins git plugin not connecting to repository

I want to use CI for my Android project. So i installed Jenkins on my system and tried to configure GIT plugin in that but I get below exception Failed to connect to repository : Command “git.exe -c core.askpass=true ls-remote -h https://username@company.com/some/path/android.git HEAD” returned status code 128: stdout: stderr: fatal: unable to access ‘https://username@company.com/some/path/android.git/’: Unknown […]

How to trigger forked pull request in jenkins build?

I just started to use forked branches instead of branches inside my primary repo, and when I try to pull request to main repo it triggers jenkins but it always fail. When I look at the log it fails to grab branch from my forked repo. Is there anything i’m doing wrong?

How to get Jenkins to just perform 'git fetch' on a Bitbucket Git repo whenever ANY change is pushed to it

I’d like to setup a Jenkins job that just performs a ‘git fetch‘ on a Bitbucket/Git repository every time a change is pushed to the repository. Is there any way to do it without Jenkins going into a “seen branch xxx” and it forking a new job to checkout that particular branch. Right now, I […]

Can I build one particular js file in jenkins for c# project in linux os?

I am trying to build c# project in Jenkins. Developers developing their code under windows OS. I am using linux OS. I have created windows slave setup and it shows successfully connected and online under log in slave node. I am using mono plugin and used xbuild.exe path instead of msbuild.exe under msbuild path. Mono […]

How to store Jenkins embeded scripts in a version control system such as Git?

My Jenkins server has lot of embedded scripts (not script files) such as Groovy, Shell , Batch etc.. Is there anyway to keep track of the changes doing for these script by submitting the changes to a ‘Version control system’ I found this Job Config History Plugin. But it only keep a copy of config […]

Jenkins: how to setup Multiple SCM and Pass-through Git commit together?

Let say I have an upstream job U and a downstream job D. Job U as one of the build steps triggers job D with Pass-through Git commit that was built ticked. Job D has Mutiple SCM configured with two Git repos R1 and R2. R1 is actual project to be built while R2 is […]

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