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Pushing tags with Jenkins Git Publisher – multiple Git repositories (forks)

Our team is transitioning from CVS to Git. We intend to use the similar workflow as most open source projects on GitHub – each developer takes a fork of the main repo and then submits a pull request which will allow the project master to do a code review before merging the changes into the […]

Jenkins – GitHub Enterprise API, HTTP Code -1

I’m trying to use Jenkins with GitHub Enterprise. However, I keep getting HTTP Response Code -1, and message ‘null’. For repository owner/name, I’ve tried my own account name, account name/repo name, and then repo name, however, it had the same message. I added my token by pressing the add credentials button, and added my token […]

Jenkins – Unable to git clone from slave node. SSH keys

I have just set up my first Jenkins slave. I run the build, and I hit problems with the SSH keys. The master Jenkins server is running under the user ‘jenkins‘. I have set up the SSH keys such that I can SSH from the master to the slave without a password. e.g. From the […]

What does “Warning : There are multiple branch changesets here” mean?

We use Jenkins as our CI-engine, which knows how to monitor a git repository. For some reason I usually see Started by user anonymous Building in workspace /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/X/workspace Checkout:workspace / /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/X/workspace – hudson.remoting.LocalChannel@844d88 Using strategy: Default Last Built Revision: Revision 8422864a9745535d808435bd33ece764fd250358 (origin/HEAD, origin/master) Fetching changes from 1 remote Git repository Fetching upstream changes from gitosis@… […]

Continuous integration for student assignments

Ok, so this might sound a bit weird but here it goes. I am teaching a data structures and algorithms lab at my local university and want to give my students a every fluid and fun experience. Up until now, I used a simple git repository which every student forked, and whenever they completed an […]

Git flow: How to configure a one-click release process in Jenkins?

We are using the standard git flow branching model (develop, master, release-, hotfix-, etc). As part of our workflow, we would like to set up a “one-click” release via jenkins. I was looking at the jgitflow-maven-plugin. Can I set up this plugin to do a one-click release from jenkins? If so, what are the configuration […]

How to use jenkins git plugin to build from a branch include origin or not

When building from git on master jenkins fetches and uses origin/master. When building from git on a branch jenkins fetches and users mybranch not origin/mybranch and isn’t picking up changes. I switched the branch specifier to use origin/mybranch and it seems to work. Is the the standard way to handle things or am I missing […]

Jenkins unable to run Maven

I followed this tutorial to setting up Jenkins with GIT and Maven (with slight changes because i’m using Linux CenOS). I’m trying to test my setup on a Demo Maven project from GitHub Jenkins throws an exception when trying to execute Maven. So I tried to git-clone the project and run Maven manually and it […]

Jitterbit project + Git + Continuous integration

In our project we are using Jitterbit as a proxy between two systems – our Salesforce application and one third party service (we are using web services integration), and Jitterbit-part of our solution contains some business-logic (it’s runned on a schedule hourly). Our team are actively working on the project and we are often modifying […]

Jenkins Git Plugin not pulling latest changes before building job

I am working with Jenkins CI and am trying to properly configure my jobs to use git. I have the git plugin installed and configured for one of my jobs. When I build the job, I expect it to pull the latest changes for the branch I specify and then continue with the rest of […]

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