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git plugin not showing up in list of installed plugins

I kept the extracted plugin under /var/lib/jenkins/plugins And also restarted the server. Anything else I need to do ?

Clone git repo outside jenkins workspace

I’m Using Git plugin 2.0.3. I want to clone my git repository somewhere outside jenkins workspace. Ex: Assume my jenkins workspace is C:\UserData\jenkins and I want to clone My git repo in C:\sumit directory. Form Jenkins build outside of workspace: It says to use Local subdirectory for repo (optional) option but as you can see […]

Jenkins-git cloning failing with Couldn't resolve host 'gitserver.us.manh.com' while accessing http://

I am trying to clone a git repo from Jenkins, which is failing with below exception (if I try manually it works fine), I am using http (not https). stderr: error: Couldn’t resolve host ‘atlgit-01.us.manh.com’ while accessing http://svadlamudi:Manh6999@atlgit-01.us.manh.com:7990/scm/rndwmar/te.git/info/refs?service=git-upload-pack fatal: HTTP request failed repo url:http://Svadlamudi@atlgit-01.us.manh.com:7990/scm/rndwmar/test.git I am using GIT plug-in 2.0, Git client plug-in 1.4.6 and […]

Speed up Jenkins cloning git repositories with Multiple SCM plugin and multi-configuration

We have a Jenkins job which uses Multiple SCM to clone 5 repositories and then builds it using a gradle script. There are two things that are slowing us down: A build is triggered on every repository on every change. That is fine, but it currently means that every time one of the repositories changes, […]

Git publish on Jenkins build

I have an aggregator project built in jenkins and I want to publish a file that contains the version control of my project: app.version=1.1 Every build, the value is incremented so the file is modificated, I need commit and push the file to git repository. I add a “Post-build Actions” with “Branches” config: http://postimg.org/image/mtz6czv0l/ The […]

Jenkins exclude regions (Git) not working

I’m trying to set up my Jenkins project so that whenever I push README.md, it won’t trigger a build. This is what I have set up: But it doesn’t work. Whenever I do a push, it builds anyway. Am I doing something wrong here? EDIT: I should clarify that it actually works fine if I […]

Merged commits from gerrit to jenkins

I am generating an automated mails in Jenkins which gives info about the builds triggered and now I want to put the merged commits(Commit id, Message, Owner) info also from the Gerrit in those mails in the form of a table. Is there any way to get all the merged commits from gerrit and put […]

STDERR: java.io.IOException: Failed to copy git to /var/lib/jenkins/plugins/git.jpi

This is related to anyone who is using chef to install jenkins and jenkins plugins. I am getting this error when I am trying to install the ‘git‘ plugin using the opscode-cookbooks/jenkins cookbook. Mixlib::ShellOut::ShellCommandFailed ———————————— Expected process to exit with [0], but received ‘255’ —- Begin output of java -jar /var/chef/cache/jenkins-cli.jar -s http://localhost:8080 install-plugin git […]

Deleting Builds from Build Queue when Superseded By Newer Patchsets

I have been using Jenkins v1.617 to automatically run validation tests on three hardware platforms. So far, Jenkins has been very well received and I like it a lot. I have a series of ‘builder’ jobs which are triggered with the Gerrit trigger plugin (v 2.13.0). I use the Git client plugin (v 1.17.0) to […]

Connection to Git through Jenkins with https is throwing an error

I am trying to connect git with Jenkins but facing an issue The error I am getting Error Failed to connect to repository : Command “/usr/bin/git config –local credential.username abcdef” returned status code 129: stdout: stderr: error: unknown option `local’ usage: git config [options] Config file location –global use global config file –system use system […]

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