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Running a compiled Jar file in Jenkins

I am trying to run an executable jar file through jenkins. What I am trying to achieve here is I have an executable jar file created and is residing locally in my machine. I want to put it in Git and then run it in jenkins. Is there some how I can do this? I […]

Jenkins SCM Sync Configuration Plugin In Docker Won't Talk to Github

I’m creating an image from the Jenkins Docker image and trying to install the SCM Sync Configuration Plugin. I have a key created that I’m copying to the image that is also copied to the ssh keys for the Github repo. I’ve tried creating .ssh/ folders in /root as well as /var/jenkins_home. I followed this […]

Jenkins, fetch git submodule over ssh with multiple users?

don’t know if the title describes anything about what I’m trying to say but here it is: I would like to know what would be the “best practice” when setting up Jenkins with git submodules. Both the main and submodule repo are accessed over ssh, and since we have several users all of these have […]

Storing Jenkins configuration for multiple environments

My company uses Jenkins as an integration test executor. We have multiple instances for our production and staging environments. The different environment need Jenkins configurations that are very similar, but have slight variations in things like periodic execution, notification, job enablement and so on. Currently, we store the Jenkins configuration XML in Git, and make […]

How do I get all git commits using Jenkins multiple scm plugin with git

Has anyone successfully setup jenkins multiple scm plugin with git where commits from all configured git repos display in both the git build data and jenkins build job build page? I’ve configured all of the git repos with their own name and custom scm name which displays correctly in the middle of the build page […]

Jenkins Git Branch Selection with Fallback

In my project i have a GitFlow style Repository. How can I make Jenkins do the following: (XXXX=Release No) Build the Release-XXXX branch If a release branch does not exist build the Master branch. I understand I can put branches in priority order using the git-chooser-alternative plugin but I don’t know how to select branches […]

Gerrit Trigger on multiple SCM in jenkins not working

I am trying to setup Jenkins for a project. I use git as the SCM and gerrit as code review tool. My project consist of many repository, so I am using MultipleSCM plugin in Jenkins to check-out different repos. I have configured Gerrit Trigger for initiating a build when code checkin happens. The Problem is […]

Use e-mail address from Git commit to send Jenkins notifications

I have set up a Jenkins job with the Git plugin and now want to use the email-ext plugin to send failure notifications to the e-mail address specified in the breaking commit. But then I always get “An attempt to send an e-mail to empty list of recipients, ignored” so it seems the e-mail addresses […]

Creating proper build or deployment chain with Microservices, Docker, Jenkins and GIT

We are currently starting migrating from monolith application to Microservices. Currently working on creating proper build or deployment chain with Microservices, Docker, Jenkins and GIT Below is the simple process we are considering for the initial phase. I am hoping that there should be much better tools and processes to stream line these phases transparently. […]

Jenkins continually builds on Windows slave even with no repository changes

I have a two Jenkins jobs tied to a particular Windows slave that build continually. They are set to poll the Git SCM with a cron expression of * * * * * but will build every minute even if there have been no changes in the Git repo. In the Git polling log for […]

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