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Releasing using workflow plugin in Jenkins

I recently started toying with the workflow plugin to script a build release. When I try to run the script, the release fails because the release plugin complains of untracked files. I have the same set of plugins running and working fine in a traditional job set up. My set up: Jenkins Version:1.596 Workflow Plugins […]

How to set a limit on the number of lines for methods and functions?

I would like to check if a (git) commit respects a certain method length limit or not. Ideally it should check if any of the methods touched by the commit exceeds a certain threshold. I guess a tool that integrates line counts in C++ code and git diffs may not be readily avaialble, but I’ll […]

how jenkins in a docker access git-repo of gitlab in another docker

I installed both gitlab–docker and jenkins-docker on the same server(my laptop): docker run –name gitlab-postgresql -d \ –env ‘DB_NAME=gitlabhq_production’ \ –env ‘DB_USER=gitlab’ –env ‘DB_PASS=password’ \ –volume /srv/docker/gitlab/postgresql:/var/lib/postgresql \ quay.io/sameersbn/postgresql:9.4-5 docker run –name gitlab-redis -d \ –volume /srv/docker/gitlab/redis:/var/lib/redis \ quay.io/sameersbn/redis:latest docker run –name gitlab -d \ –link gitlab-postgresql:postgresql –link gitlab-redis:redisio \ –publish 10022:22 –publish 80:80 \ […]

Jenkins and Git integration on local git server

I am trying to set up a jenkins/git server. I have created an empty repo at /home/git/repositories/TestProject, with recursive RW permissions granted to the jenkins user. I am using file:///home/git/repositories/TestProject as my GIT URL, but getting this error: Failed to connect to repository : Command “/usr/local/bin/git -c core.askpass=true ls-remote -h file:///home/git/repositories/TestProject HEAD” returned status code […]

how to create pull request if jenkins job running on feature branch is successful

Is there a Jenkins plugin for creating pull requests? Suppose I am running a Jenkins job on some feature branch. If this job is successful, then I want Jenkins to automatically create a pull request from this feature branch. There is a command-line way to create pull requests: git request-pull [-p] <start> <url> [<end>] but […]

How to listen to submodule changes without cloning in Jenkinso

Jenkins is on a detached head. Whenever a submodule gets updated, I need to trigger a build. However, only the main project gets cloned. Two questions How do I tell Jenkins to trigger a build when a submodule gets updated, but not clone the submodule? I need the main project code cloned instead, but Jenkins […]

Building jenkins job only once, when tracking multiple branches?

In one jenkins job, we want to track multiple branches and trigger it only once when there are changes in any of them. Is that possible? The problem is, that we have to run a bunch of jobs for each branch serially and they should not interfer. What we want to achieve is for example: […]

Jenkins windows slave No tty allocated failure

I might have hit a roadblock in troubleshooting an issue with building a Jenkins job on a windows slave. I am not sure what needs to be done to fix the following issue? Here are the logs Building remotely on Windows Slave (windows) in workspace c:\Builds\workspace\windows-nuget-push > C:\Git\cmd\git.exe rev-parse –is-inside-work-tree # timeout=10 Fetching changes from […]

I need help setting up a github webhook with a localhost jenkins

I have: – a public github repository – a localhost:8080 jenkins – a java maven project connected to the github repository – a jenkins job connected to the github repo I am able to trigger manual builds anytime, but I want to have a build triggered at each commit pushed to the github repository.

Polling many Git branches in one Jenkins CI job

I have a jenkins job, which build the project from git branch. Branch is set by build parameters. In our repository we have more than 20 branches. Can I do something to set Jenkins to build a job after any commits? not for all branches, but for list of 5 selected branches. I found a […]

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