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Understanding Jekyll and the gh-pages branch when using GitHub Pages

I’m using Jekyll with GitHub Pages (specifically, a project page). I’ve created 2 branches: master gh-pages The documentation explains that the website content is stored in the gh-pages branch and that content will be rendered by Jekyll. The output will be available at a URL such as username.github.io/project-name. If I run jekyll new mysite in […]

Using Liquid tags in a Jekyll page not working

I am attempting to setup a small blog using Jekyll. My work so far is as follows. Setup a Github pages repository Cloned the repo locally Installed Ruby vs 2 and the sdk (windows) Installed jekyll ‘serve’ the local website. Validated that I could view my website localhost:4000 Everything worked fine however the liquid syntax […]

jekyll GitHub Metadata error

I am using this to create a blog. when i am running in local I am facing this error. GitHub Metadata: GET https://api.github.com/orgs/mones-cse: 404 – Not Found. the very first time there is no error but if I change anything for example change text in any post i got this error 2nd time. bellow there […]

Octopress deployment to gh-pages

I made a username.github.io repo and I pushed my current Octopress blog files into the master branch so that I can track the changes I made to the whole blog. Next, I want it to appear in the gh-pages branch so I used rake setup_github_pages, then rake generate and rake deploy[gh-pages] but git rejected it […]

git still shows files as untracked despite .gitignore and rm -r –cached. What did I do wrong?

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong in this case with my .gitignore file, but these files keep showing up. Background I’m using Jekyll to build a blog. Jekyll generates _site and .sass-cache directories when it begins serving. I previously committed these directories before realizing I wanted to ignore them. To be overly cautious, I […]

publish jekyll generated to gh-pages and not overwrite the .git in _site

I am using jekyll to publish a static site directly on gh-pages branch in Github. The issue I have is that every time I run $ jekyll –no-auto /Users/khinester/Sites/tzm/ this overwrites the .git directory and I have to recreate this: $ git init-db $ git add remote .. $ git add . $ git commit […]

octopress the first commit

I am newbie about octopress, so i can face some problems. At the beginning, I cloned the octopress repository, and I created a repository is called OctoBlog, and after that I rake setup_github_pages and rake generate rake deploy At this point, everything seems great. I did every step the tutorial which is on octopress offical […]

Broken links and layout after referring custom domain to jekyll-generated github project page

After changing the CNAME to my custom domain (http://alphagirls.cc) the index and links to posts and static pages won’t render with the look+feel specified in my CSS. The site is supposed to refer to a project page repo on my github account: usrrname.github.io/alphagirls/ Things I tried: I checked that I put the CNAME file in […]

How can I make GitHub pages use the master branch?

I have a static website using Jekyll hosted on GitHub. The problem is, I don’t really need the master branch, as the only thing the repository contains is the website. This way I have to git checkout gh-pages, then git merge master, and then do git push origin gh-pages. Is there any simple way, where […]

Git WebHook (PHP) cannot access ruby environment, running jekyll as apache user

I have a post-merge hook in my git repository that just runs the jekyll command. When I run git pull, the post-merge runs with no problems. However, I have setup a PHP file which will act as a WebHook for the remote: $pull = `cd .. && git pull`; echo $pull; When I access this […]

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