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Have GitHub Pages render gh-pages branch rather than Jekyll content on master branch

I’m doing something like this here — https://github.com/cpsievert/knitr-jekyll However, it seems as though GitHub Pages is rendering the master branch instead of the gh-pages branch. Is there anyway to ensure GitHub Pages will prefer gh-pages over master?

Unable to Access Github 403 Error: Permission Denied

I’m very much a newcomer to Git / Github, so please excuse my confusion! Here’s the rub: I just made changes to a local repository, and would like to push to origin (specifically gh-pages) on Github. Previously, I’d been working with another Github account, so I changed my ‘user.name’ & ‘user.email’ to match the account […]

pushing contents to gh-pages with gulpfile

I am trying to push my blog onto gh-pages with gulp, but when it is in the repository there is no style. Here is the page, and here is my repository. I have tried searching for the answer, but I don’t really know what I can try further now. From what I understand, the page […]

Download files from GitHub pages _site directory

I am looking for a way to have my website generated by GitHub pages (jekyll) and download the generated website files in /_site to my web server. I hope to find a way to sync my web server with the GitHub repository as the master. For example, I want to download all of the files […]

Dealing with Jekyll and Git

I use Jekyll with a custom Coderay, so I have to maintain 2 branches on GitHub master; The generated HTML site source; Markdown files, etc On the source branch I have a _includes folder that I ignore because it just contains some hard links. I have a script to manage the 2 branches but it […]

Jekyll on github pages showing error: 404 Index.html not found (window)?

I set up a static website using Jekyll in window 7 when i push my code to github and add gh-pages branch it says 404 not found error index.html not found. while i already added index.html in my root. github repo: github Repo link https://github.com/jazib-bashir/Runjekyll Github Page Link Github page Runjekyll http://jazib-bashir.github.io/Runjekyll I more thing: […]

How to use Jekyll and Github Pages to build personal website

I followed all of the steps displayed on this tutorial offered by Github in this site:enter link description herebut when I came to the ‘Running Jekyll’ column,I happened to a error message shows “fatal:you are on a branch yet to be born” when I ran the command:git checkout. Is there any solutions?

Download Buttons for Github Pages

When selecting the theme for the github page of an existing repository, you can see this set of buttons (in the Minimal theme, for example): But when I visit my github pages site, the buttons are not there; all I can see is my readme.md for the repository, and the View the Project on GitHub […]

GitHub Pages: Changing User site to a Project site

Last year, I set up my blog as a GitHub Pages “user site” per GitHub Pages’ instructions in a repo following their naming convention username.github.io. However, now I’m working on a different site that I would like to be in the username.github.io repo and then move the old blog into a new repo that will […]

Can you run jekyll on your own server?

Can you run jekyll on your own server or does it have to work with github pages?

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