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org.eclipse.jgit.errors.LockFailedException when using Hawtio

I am using HawtIo war in my code. When I run this code in local, it works fine, but on unix box I get the following exception: Failed to pull from remote repo io.hawt.git.RuntimeIOException: org.eclipse.jgit.api.errors.JGitInternalException: Stashing local changes did not successfully complete: io.hawt.git.RuntimeIOException: org.eclipse.jgit.api.errors.JGitInternalException: Stashing local changes did not successfully complete at io.hawt.git.GitFacade.gitOperation(GitFacade.java:737) at io.hawt.git.GitFacade$2.run(GitFacade.java:108) […]

Eclipse + Egit – adding a new Java project to a remote repository

I have a Java project in Eclipse that I maintain using a local git repository (The repository has only that one project). I’ve been asked to push this project to a remote git repository. This repository already has other projects in it (and apparently the plan is to maintain all my team’s projects in this […]

Is there a JGit plumbing API?

I need to use git plumbing commands (such as those used in chapter 9 of the git book) like git hash-object, git write-tree, git commit-tree and all the rest. Is there a nice API to do these in JGit (I can’t seem to find one) or how would you do something basic like write from […]

Commit with case-change is being ignored

As an example I have a resource folder named as; src/test/resources/logic/myLogic/ When I have a commit that renames this structure to src/test/resources/logic/mylogic/ This change is being ignored, and fails my Jenkins builds on *nix servers, due to the case sensitivity. Currently I do two extra commits to remedy this issue; first I delete the folder […]

Add Module from GIT to Android Studio throws “buildToolsVersion is not specified” error

I want to include this Color Picker into my Android Studio project. So I checked it out into a local folder, added it to my project with the “New->Import Module Dialog in Android Studio. Then I added those 2 lines to my app.gradle file apply plugin: ‘com.android.application’ … compile project(‘:colorpicker’) Here is the complete gradle […]

Git ignore is not ignoring folder **META-INF**

i’m using git with source tree app i want to ignore the contents of the folder file META-INF like the file persistence.xml workspace\Data\src\META-INF\persistence.xml i put the path in .gitignore file #Ignore META-INF */*/src/META-INF/* but the file not ignored by git , how to ignore all files in this folder META-INF

Git push not appearing in Github

I recently just made a few changes to my repository and committed and pushed everything as usual with no warnings or errors. However, Github doesn’t reflect these recent changes. When I look through the source files through Github’s file view, all the files that I had changed look the same as before. However, when I […]

how to tell egit to ignore some file types

In my project I have some file types (consider for ex *.xls) which I don’t want it to be committed .Every Time when I commit this *.xls files will come in the list I need a solution so that egit ignores it If I right click on the file and click ignore it works but […]

Working with Git and Eclipse

I’m new to bitbucket (free git instead of GitHub), working with it for few days (with SourceTree client). I’m working on a project with one more friend, and we share the whole eclipse project directory through the repository. At the beginning it went pretty well, but now problems started to pop up. For example, when […]

How am I supposed to work with multi-module Maven projects with EGit?

I tried my best to get a multi-module Maven project synced with GitHub using EGit, but I’ve failed. The structure of the project is like this: parent (pom) child-one (jar) child-two (jar) I tried this simple approach: Completely blank copy of Eclipse JDT and an empty workspace Create a new GitHub repository and initialize it […]

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