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SVN to Git migration

I am trying to migrate from SVN to git on windows by downloading the svn2git.sh script file and using the following command. sh svn2git.sh [ProjectName] [SVN Repo link] [SVN Rev (Probably 0)] [Stash Repo Link] I am new to this and very confused between git-svn and svn2git usage. Can anyone suggest me the steps for […]

What's the jgit equivalent for “git merge-base –fork-point branchA branchB”

What’s the jgit equivalent codeo for “git merge-base –fork-point branchA branchB”? I tried the code below but I’m not getting the correct answer. I’m using this to hunt for branch origin. foreach.branch (git merge-base –fork-point mybranch theirbranch) will yield null a commit id only for point of origin. So, all I need to do is […]

How can I implement AdMob Ads in a LibGDX Android project?

I found this Flappy Bird GIT project: https://github.com/barodapride/flappy-tutorial-barodapride How can I implement the BannerAd in this? There is no layout file. And how can I implement the InterstitialAd? If I try to write public InterstitialAd mInterstitialAd; Then it says “cannot resolve symbol InterstitialAd” I know how to do this in a normal Android Studio project, […]

How do I implement sparse checkout in JGit?

I need to pull the contents of a specific sub directory in a Github Repository and put it under my own directory. After much research, it seems sparse checkouts is the way to go. However, I am a little unsure, as to how to implement this using JGit.

Building Eclipse IDE from scratch – how to choose CDT over JDT?

Lately I decided to build the Eclipse IDE from scratch – so I have the freedom to tweak it to my needs. The very first action I’m taking is enlarging the icons. Even the newest Eclipse Neon edition has still somewhat small icons on a 4k display. I found the following tutorial to guide me […]

Convert Doc to PDf with documents4j

I wanted to try to use documents4j in order to convert a doc to PDF. I follow these instructions here http://documents4j.com/#/develop. When I type mvn package and then press enter, everything seems to work well, but I got this C:\Users\Fabio\Downloads\docs-to-pdf-converter-master\docs-to-pdf-converter-master\docs-to-pdf-converter\documents4j [ma ster +0 ~0 -237 | +24 ~0 -0 !]> mvn package [INFO] Scanning for […]

Create a gradle dependency to import from git

This is how import dependencies in Android Studio. In this case okhttp: dependencies { compile ‘com.squareup.okhttp:okhttp:2.5.0’ } I would like to import a dependency created by myself. For example: dependencies { compile ‘my_library:1.0.0’ } At this point if I learn how to create a dependency and import in Android Studio project would be enough. But […]

How to pass file to downstream job which blocks upstream job?

What I want to accomplish is to checkout code from develop branch, merge it to master branch, build app.war, run tests and if tests succeed push to master branch. Tests should be run in separate job which needs app.war. My current setup is as follows: Job Main checks out from develop, merges it to masterand […]

Get the latest commit in a repository with JGit

I want to get the last commit metadata (the youngest one by date) in a repository using JGit. I know that I can get the commit metadata using try (RevWalk walk = new RevWalk(repository)) { RevCommit commit = walk.parseCommit(repository.resolve(commitHash)); } But how to get the latest commit hash? Is there any other way to get […]

Compilation error – package com.google.gson not found in Redhat “Openshift” application

I am devleoping application in openshift using Eclipse Luna which make use of gson jars. I added gson jar files in the Web-inf/lib folder and it is not showing any error in eclipse. But when I Push and Commit the application to the GIT repository, it is showing error: I also tried adding jars in […]

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