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Listing or Archiving non binary files from a git repo

I’m currently working on a Java project using JGit. I still didn’t use JGit, but I’m assuming that its functionality would be quiet the same as what comes with normal git. What I’m trying to do is to fetch all non binary files, and files below a certain size from a bare git repo branch, […]

How do I automatically embed version information into my Java application?

I’m developing a JavaFX 8 application using IntelliJ, Maven and Git. I have an “about” window which shows the version number and build date. At the moment, I have to manually change these each time I update the code. Is there any way I can have my build process automatically generate version and date information […]

How can i run git commands from java?

I was able to run the git commands via shell script. But is there any possible mean by which I can call each git statement i.e git show <SHA>:<file> directly from java ?

How do I get through 80,000 downloads in Java, concurrently?

I’m cloning a large sample of GitHub projects for an empirical study. I’m assuming it will be faster to download the 80,000 projects with some concurrency, but that’s a lot to download. How can I start ~1,000 processes and then start another after each one finishes? Or, is there some other way I should go […]

git pull – changes from Java

I have a web app that serves some markdown files. What i would like to do is when there is a push to github i would ping my application using a webhook and i want my application to run git pull to retrieve changes. I am sure that no application specific files will change only […]

When do I commit when moving files in a git? (Jgit)

I am implementing a bot that performs scheduled backups. from a front-end a user will be able to change the folder names the backups are stored in. according to: What's the purpose of git-mv? mv oldname newname git add newname git rm oldname is what I want to do when a folder or file name […]

Are Ignored Resources broken for EGit 2.1.0 and Eclipse 4.2.1?

I’ve been using Eclipse and EGit for months, and upon most recently running the Eclipse updater I’ve discovered EGit doesn’t appear to be respecting the Ignored Resources preferences. Does EGit store its configuration somewhere else? Is there a bug between these two versions?

How to push and pull java files into git

I am working on a java project. Currently how i am uploading changes to the server is i have run the project in my localhost and create the .class files and upload these .class files in to the server via ftp. But when i doing things so it is taking lot of tile to upload […]

GIT plugin installation in eclipse

I have GIT plugin folder which contains jar files. But don know how to install in in eclipse.Please help me.

Add jar to maven project & git integration

I have a maven–java project and I use git at the same time. Now I need to use some libraries which does not have any maven support. I have the .jar files of the libraries. How will I add them to my maven project? and.. Will the other people who pull my code from my […]

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