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Jenkins Running on Websphere 8.5 causes plugin class load errors

I am running Jenkins (1.552) on WebSphere 8.5 with Java 7 on RedHat Linux. I loaded the Artifactory plugin into Jenkins, but when I hit test connection, I receive the following error: org.apache.commons.logging.LogConfigurationException: org.apache.commons.logging.LogConfigurationException: Class org.apache.commons.logging.impl.Jdk14Logger does not implement Log After looking around, it appears that the Artifactory plugin was not compiled with the pluginFirstClassLoader […]

Maven – Separating Deployment & Project

What is the ‘best practice’ way of separating Maven deployment configuration from the build config? I have a war project, that is built by Jenkins. I’d like Jenkins to deploy this to Elastic Beanstalk, but alas the best solution available at the moment is to use the beanstalk-maven-plugin. I’m not sure it makes sense for […]

How to update JDK on Jenkins Server cartridge (OpenShift)?

The Jenkins Server cartridge (OpenShift) uses OpenJDK 7u55. How to update to OpenJDK 7u60 or 8u05 or Oracle JDK (7u60 or 8u05), please?

<sonar.exclusions> in pom.xml (Maven multi-module project) works locally but not on company server

I’m using <sonar.exclusions> in pom.xml to exclude certain packages for unit test code coverage. I have set up Sonar locally and the exclusions reflect on the report. But then, the same exclusions are not honored on the company server. I am using <sonar.skippedModules> which works as intended and skips the required modules perfectly fine on […]

Jenkens Plugin (build with Maven) and external jars

I’m trying to write a simple Jenkins plugin, which requires a proprietary external library myAwesomePackage.jar. Including external jars into a maven project was often discussed here on stackoverflow and the solution here https://stackoverflow.com/a/7623805 seems to be the tidy way solve this. So I added my jar with mvn install:install-file \ -Dfile=./lib/path_to_jar/lib/myAwesomePackage.jar \ -DlocalRepositoryPath=my_repo \ -DcreateChecksum=true […]

Start Tomcat on Console from Jenkins

I have a batch file which start Tomcat as follows (when running it on Windows it works fine) … start C:\Users\root\tomcat\tomcat2\bin\startup.bat The batch file is called from Jenkins as follows I have this error in the Jenkins Consol at the end of the build D:\jenkins\workspace\Start 3T2>start C:\Users\root\tomcat\tomcat2\bin\startup.bat Process leaked file descriptors. See http://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Spawning+processes+from+build for more […]

Issue with Jenkins pipeline and java.nio.file.* methods

I am trying to use methods from java.nio.file.* to perform some basic file operations in a Jenkins pipeline. Regardless of the node block in which the code exists, the code executes on the master node. In the pipeline, I have verified that the various node blocks are correct–they uniquely identify specific nodes. However, pathExists (and […]

Variable substitution in Jenkins plugin

I am developing a new Jenkins plugin that will be executed during the build phase of a Jenkins job and have a requirement to allow the user to specify a variable name (as opposed to a literal value) in the job configuration for the plugin. The intention is that when the job executes the variable […]

Jenkins Sonar Job aborted by anonymous. Weird job build behaviour

I keep facing very weird issue integrating Jenkins and Sonar. I have a maven project that I build and run SonarQube analysis via maven command line (with import of the Sonar server predefined variables). When I run the Jenkins job first time, it may be green. The next job is “aborted by anonymous” without any […]

Random build failures on Jenkins

So this question is going to be somewhat vague, and I apologize, but I don’t really even know where to start. We use Jenkins to automate some builds during the night. We execute our builds with maven. For a while, everything was working out nice. We had findbugs, and code coverage results and a steady […]

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