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Private Key authentication failed error in Eclipse for openshift

In Eclipse, when I am trying to import the existing application from openshift, it gives me following error – Could not clone the repository. Authentication failed. Please make sure that you added your private key to the ssh preferences. I have followed the below steps- 1. In Eclipse go to Window -> Preferences -> General […]

issue with git blame command using java program

I am trying to run below git command using java program on windows. git –git-dir D:\code_coverage\.git blame ‘src/RunCodeCoverage.java’ | grep e4ecfbe | awk ‘{print $7}’ it gives me error : fatal: cannot stat path ‘$7}”: No such file or directory While running this command from command prompt, it gives me results as desired. Please help!

.pack file from git repo can't be deleted using File delete() method

For this method I am writing, I am cloning a git repo using the jgit library, then doing some stuff with those files, then finally I want to delete the repo. The problem I’m having is that when I call the delete() method on a .pack file (located in .git\objects\pack), it can’t be deleted. All […]

How to Check if A Git Clone Has Been Done Already with JGit

I learning git and using JGit to access Git repos from java code. Git by default does not allow to clone to a non-empty directory. How do we figure out that a git clone has already been done for a particular git repo in the local machine so that we can only do a Git […]

How to add eclipse project to existing git repo?

I already have an existing project in Eclipse that I want to add to my team’s github repo. The github repo is empty right now. What’s the best way to add this project to our github repo? I was thinking of git cloneing our repo into the workspace folder (parent to the project in question) […]

Configuring Jenkins with Bitbucket

I seem to have got stuck trying to link Jenkins (an EC2 AWS instance of Ubuntu) with Bitbucket. Whenever I try to build my project (I’ve installed the git plugin on Jenkins) I get… Building in workspace /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/Google adwords/workspace Checkout:workspace / /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/Google adwords/workspace – hudson.remoting.LocalChannel@2c473996 Using strategy: Default Cloning the remote Git repository Cloning repository […]

using git with apache sshd

I’m trying to use msysgit over an SSH server I wrote in Java using sshd and I have made great progress in that i got past some git errors, I am able to connect using putty and get a shell, I have git in my windows path, but I still can’t actually use git to […]

File diff against the last commit with JGit

I am trying to use JGit to get the differences of a file from the last commit to the most recent uncommitted changes. How can I do this with JGit? (using the command line would be the output of git diff HEAD) Following several discussions (link1, link2) I come with a piece of code that […]

Sonarqube: Missing blame information for the following files

I am getting the warning Missing blame information for the following files during analysis by SonarQube. [INFO] [22:19:57.714] Sensor SCM Sensor [INFO] [22:19:57.715] SCM provider for this project is: git [INFO] [22:19:57.715] 48 files to be analyzed [INFO] [22:19:58.448] 0/48 files analyzed [WARN] [22:19:58.448] Missing blame information for the following files: (snip 48 lines) [WARN] […]

Eclipse with EGit, git-blame info is hard to see

using Eclipse Indigo Service Release 2, with EGit plugin and JDK 1.7. I’ve seen that it should support blame annotations, but I can’t get it to show like I see here on Eclipse Wiki. Here’s how it looks for me, you can’t see the pointer but I’m hovering over the vertical brown line: Anyone know […]

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