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Android source code and repo – What exactly is happening when getting code

I have come across plenty of short questions on minimal aspects of using repo to get Android source or very broad definitions of what repo does and as a result don’t really understand what is happening when I use repo. I am following the instructions on the Android Source site. I do this all while […]

Java aware merge command

Every time I see a conflict on something like imports or method signature changes (e.g. renames of variables) in my SCM I wonder if there is something like a language aware diff/merge method that can handle the more annoying small changes that can happen on a shared project. Is there anything out there that handles […]

Ignore .classpath and .project from Git

I keep myself telling me and others not to commit .classpath and .project files and use Maven. Somehow, Junior developers always ignore certain rules and commits those files and it’s much better to have such files for newbies who can jump and start using the code. Now from myside, I would like to try/do something. […]

Access to a file or folder on heroku server

When I deploy my application on Heroku server, the server generate an app automatically and I found on my resource a git url. Example: git@heroku.com:myapp-ss-1338.git. How can I access this url to view source code or folder via a web browser?

Maven build fails on Jenkins

I have a Maven project I want to deploy on a Payara server using Jenkins. There are two projects: a domain project and a Spring Web MVC project. The Spring project is configured to build after the domain project, as it is dependant on the domain project. Each time I commit my project, the build […]

Maven concurrent builds on CI server

I have an interesting case, in my opinion. We are using maven, and being that we have to support multiple versions of our product we sometimes have a 1.x and 2.x build structure going on. When both 1.x and 2.x are built in parallel, sometimes we see Error installing artifact’s metadata: Error installing metadata: Error […]

Why can't my tests see my system property when I release on Jenkins?

I wrote some unit test code that prints out the value of a System.property named “JENKINS_BUILD”. This property has a value when I run these command locally: mvn –batch-mode test -DJENKINS_BUILD=true mvn test -DargLine=”-DJENKINS_BUILD=true” etc. But no matter what I do, I cannot get this property into my tests when they are run on Jenkins. […]

SonarQube error while analyzing code with binary literals

I want to use SonarQube to analyse my project which is built on Jenkins. In my project I have some literals written in binary system (e.g. 0b00001111). When I’m trying to do an analysis, I am obtaining fallowing error: [ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.codehaus.mojo:sonar-maven-plugin:2.5:sonar (default-cli) on project org: SonarQube is unable to analyze file […]

Send email to commiters from Jenkins email-ext on every build

I am using Jenkins v1.533, Email-Ext v2.34 and Jenkins Mercurial plugin v1.47, and I want to send emails to the all the mercurial commiters since the last build, for every build. In post-build actions, I added editable email notification and added triggers for success, failure, unstable, still unstable, fixed, still failing to recipients, developers, culprits. […]

Class cast exceptions with ant/jenkins generated EAR on WebSphere 6.1

I’m having runtime class cast exceptions after deploying an ear generated as part of an ant build script running on Jenkins to Websphere 6.1. The cast class exceptions are in some DAO methods which cast Objects returned from SQL queries to specific classes. If i generate the EAR from within Eclipse (RAD) then the class […]

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