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How do I do a text-only compare between git branches in Eclipse (with EGit)

Every comparison operation that I use seems to also compare the commits to each other, so that some of the differences highlighted are textually (including whitespace) identical but different because they come from commits that aren’t cherry-pick related to each other. Is there a setting that I can change so that commit-only differences are ignored […]

Deploy JSF App on Openshift DIY Tomcat not working

I created a DIY cartridge on Openshift using this git repo: https://github.com/openshift-quickstart/openshift-tomcat-quickstart After that I did the following additional things: configured the Tomcat to run with a JDK 7u72 by setting up an setenv.sh to the bin directory removed the ROOT app from Tomcat Since I’ve done this I try to deploy my JSF2 app […]

Eclipse java build slower after moving project to GIT

I’m new to GIT and recently moved over one of my eclipse java projects. I noticed a significant delay in the auto build of my project after moving it to GIT. Seems to be some GIT update that happens on every save. “Updating GIT status for repository GIT” I’d appreciate any insights. Eclipse version: Luna […]

Maven only compile changed sources

I have a multi-maven project with a couple of bundles inside. pom.xml | bundles \- bundle1–pom.xml \- bundle2–pom.xml testproject \- bundle1–pom.xml When building mvn package is there a way to just recompile bundles that contain changes? E.g. I only change something in bundle1, so maven actually only needs to recompile this and dependent bundles. What […]

Importing an AWS project from git to local machine

I think this might be a silly question, but I am confused about how to import some any project from git to Eclipse. git source is https://github.com/awslabs/amazon-kinesis-data-visualization-sample I can’t import the project as general java project I need to import this as an aws java project.

Code keeps resetting every time I make a commit in intellij

Intellij is acting funny. https://github.com/TeamTrillium/Trillium/blob/master/src/main/java/net/gettrillium/trillium/api/Configuration.java#L64 If you look at that class (specifically lines 67-68) you will notice that private static String PREFIX = “broadcast.”; and public static String PRE_NORMAL = PREFIX + “regular-broadcasts.”; should actually be on lines 64-65. See, the problem is that whenever I place those lines on lines 64-65 (as they should […]

Missing WEB-INF file in Eclipse Dynamic Web Project

I’m collaborating via Git to create a Dynamic Web Project that uses JSPs. Since some arbitrary point a couple of days ago, I found that the project would refuse to run on the server, because Tomcat wasn’t recognising the imports at the top of the JSP files – which was bizarre, because the compiler wasn’t […]

Difficulty creating a brand new Eclipse project under version control of existing Git repositories?

I am new to Git and having difficulty understanding how (best) to create an Eclipse (Luna) project under Git version control when the repository already exists. My intuitive thought is that I should: 1.1) Create an empty remote (origin) repository, for example on GitHub. 1.2) Clone the remote repository to my local drive. 1.3) Make […]

Unable to add Axis2 facets to eclipse project with git-like structure

I have a git repository with a bunch of projects, I am checking them out inside my eclipse workspace so I end up with a directory structure similar to this: workspace gitRepoClone project1 project2 I am trying to activate the axis2 facet for project1, but it fails with a NullPointerException which I’ve tracked down to […]

Google Place Api not return Anything with volley

I am trying to get back some values from Google place api but for unknown reason it doesn’t return anything, not even an error message. I am currently using volley library to consume the api. I have tested the api call with git hub api and it works.I plan to use the return value to […]

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