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How do I add existing eclipse java project to git

How do I add an existing java project in eclipse to git? I noticed when creating the project there was an option to add to source control but I can’t find this option for an existing project. Is this possible from the git plugin in eclipse or must it be done from the command line? […]

Where are Jgit javadocs?

I can’t find javadocs for jgit. I tried to build jgit with maven, but the build fails so I ask for your help. Where I can find javadocs for jgit.

Best way to upload/deploy jar files in Github

I’ve used in the past google code and had the ability to upload runnable jar files for download, now i am using Github and understand it had a Download Tab where developers were able to upload files (i.e. a runnable jar file), unfortunately it is deprecated now. is there another/better way to deploy/upload a runnable […]

How to easily Git commit in Eclipse Neon

I just upgraded to Eclipse Neon from Mars. Earlier I could just select “Commit” from the “Team” menu, and the dialog would provide checkboxes for the files I wanted to stage. I could easily hit “select all” and all files would be staged. In fact, the files already in the repository would already be checked, […]

Git flow: How to configure a one-click release process in Jenkins?

We are using the standard git flow branching model (develop, master, release-, hotfix-, etc). As part of our workflow, we would like to set up a “one-click” release via jenkins. I was looking at the jgitflow-maven-plugin. Can I set up this plugin to do a one-click release from jenkins? If so, what are the configuration […]

IntelliJ Idea with Git: when automatic merge crashed, how can I continue to merge manually

I use IntelliJ Idea with Git. When I pull from repository, I get following error: ” …CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in server…” Then pull fails. Questions are: Does IntelliJ Idea displays any log of what happend exactly? How do I see it? How can I continue merge manually from the same point (where it failed)?

What can FishEye do that we cannot get from other tools for a git repository?

We have decided on Jira and Confluence and are now looking at other Atlassian tools that may make our lives easier. I understand that FishEye allows all kinds of visualization of a source code repository that the native tooling for CVS does not. We have, however, migrated to git, which has a large ecosystem of […]

JGit sets git: URI instead of https: for remote on CircleCI

I have the following code (see the comments for what’s happening): // Clone repository from GitHub into a local directory. Git git = Git.cloneRepository() .setBranch(“gh-pages”) .setURI(“https://github.com/RAnders00/KayonDoc.git”) .setDirectory(new File(“/home/ubuntu/KayonDoc”)) .call(); // Print out remotes in config from JGit Config config = git.getRepository().getConfig(); config.getSubsections(“remote”).forEach(it -> { System.out.println(config.getString(“remote”, it, “url”)); }); // Prints https://github.com/RAnders00/KayonDoc.git // Everything seems OK […]

Add remote via JGit

I playing around JGit, I could successfully remove a remote from some repository (git remote rm origin), how can I do a git remote add origin http://github.com/user/repo ? To remove I do the following: StoredConfig config = git.getRepository().getConfig(); config.unsetSection(“remote”, “origin”); config.save(); But there’s no a option like #setSection(String, String). Thanks in advance.

Git workflow – changing branch and slow recompiles

I work on a large Scala project where we use Git for version control. My workflow is to work on new features in my own branch and switch when needed. Various releases of the code are in their own branches. All very standard. If I have to fix a bug in a certain version of […]

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