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GitHub w/ BlueJ, I can Checkout a Project but cannot Commit Updates(or any project)

I am new to GitHub & repositories but have done a lot of reading and trying to get a grasp on how it all works. I am working on a group project via BlueJ. I created an account and a repository on GitHub. Through BlueJ using Team Settings, I have entered all of the required […]

JGit: Count objects

How can I retrieve the total number of git objects in a repository? (I search something like the git count-objects in JGit.) I made a Java program that calculates statistic values and has to read every object (blob, tree, commit, tag) of a git repository. Something like a progress bar should show the user how […]

Preparing a library .jar for release with Maven and Git

Suppose I have a project (myproject – a library that builds into a .jar file) that builds happily using Maven and that I am version controlling using Git. It has a relatively simple pom.xml with a couple of external dependencies, all of which are available at the Maven Central repo. Everything is working fine in […]

Git flow for multiple different variants of the same project

Say there’s a legacy Java project A. That project for whatever reason has some things in it that are confidential (e.g. passwords, encryption keys, emails) and / or environment-specific (e.g. hard-coded paths, server names, emails). Due to the complexities involved, it doesn’t seem possible to change the project to not contain the information in the […]

When importing/creating branch from git project, I get multiple source folders

I have a Maven project that I imported from Git, and when I either checkout into a local branch or import the project I get a layout that looks like this: In the project setup on file/github it looks correct. The hierarchy is src —>main —>resources —>java —>test It seems likes it creating multiple src […]

git archive remote with JGit

Can I perform a git archive from a remote repository without cloning through JGit? The idea is to improve my current clone and make it lighter by just bringing the files I need.

How to structure source control repository for a platform with iOS, Android, Web apps and Java backend?

There is a back-end service written in Java and there is a web app, Android app and iOS app that serve the service. Any typical SaaS product will fit this bill. I am looking for best practices and guidelines so that I don’t have to move code around and maximize the code to be modular. […]

Automated deployment of Grails/Java web application to Tomcat7 from Git

I saw automated deployment of heroku as in this link. And it was amazing as it allowed me to deploy the grails web application directly from git repository to tomcat. Now I was wondering that can I use a similar thing to deploy my grails web application directly from my VCS(Git) to tomcat 7 if […]

git detects renames/moves in our Java project poorly – what to do?

I’ve read a lot about how git cleverly will detect when a file is renamed or moved, and you shouldn’t have to (or can’t) do anything to help it with that kind of task. Unfortunately we have a lot of issues in our project where the git history will consist of a single line after […]

check in local workspace into new git repo

I have a local workspace which I want to save in git, this wasnt a local git repo until now.Just workspace The steps I did in git bash cd myworkspace git init git add . git commit -m “First commit” git remote add origin https://github.com/username/eclipse.git git push origin master By doing this I got an […]

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