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How to manage eclipse git authority?

I am working on a java web application project with Eclipse. My team uses Git(which is basically included in Eclipse Luna) as a code merging tool. What I want to do is separate authority by users. like github.com. (As you know, people commit their soucecode in local repository and request ‘pull request’ to Super user. […]

How can I clean merge my new version of code with old one without using `-f` flag?

I have working on local brach in my computer; moreover, I have one public Github account. The only author of the code, as you guess, is me. Whenever I want to git push origin master, I get you should merge before pushing error, so I always does pull origin master and then git add .. […]

Cloning a repository to a local directory with JGit

I am working on a project which involves cloning a git repository to a local directory. I read through the tutorial and my code looks like this: /* * Clones a github project to the designated directory and checks it out. (Both prefix and postfix) * <p> * @param buildPath – String, the path where […]

Unable to instantiate activity ComponentInfo java.lang.ClassNotFoundException

I try to start program sample from this GIT hub’s link : https://github.com/yandex-money/yandex-money-sdk-android. I use Eclipse. But when it is begin running, an error appears : one of them – Unable to instantiate activity ComponentInfo java.lang.ClassNotFoundException. The logcat below: W/dalvikvm(4201): threadid=1: thread exiting with uncaught exception (group=0x40af49f0) E/AndroidRuntime(4201): FATAL EXCEPTION: main E/AndroidRuntime(4201): java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to […]

Is it possible to clone a git repository using ssh/git protocol from KIE Drools Workbench

I have a maven module on my git repo which contains rules files (.drl). I would like to clone this repository from KIE Drools Workbench. When I go to Authoring -> Administration -> Repositories -> Clone Repository and gave the git url using https protocol it is able to clone successfully. But if I try […]

How to import github maven project as jar file in Eclipse?

I want to use the following github project as a compiled one to be referenced by my own eclipse project (java): https://github.com/HaraldWalker/user-agent-utils I don’t use Maven. How do I reference this github project so I can use its libraries in my own project? Does it have to be turned into a JAR or is there […]

Sync existing project with remote server via SFTP , Eclipse

i have imported a bitbucket project via GIT , so currenlty i have a working code . Now i have put my imported code to my development server . So now i want to sync my local code and code in development server via SFTP . So the local project should be sync with bitbucket […]

Using git wagon plugin to store jars at github/gitlab

I’m using git-wagon wagon-git plugin to store jars at github repository (this is just for test, my company have own gitlab repository). I’ve created project “wagon_test”, and deployed it (https://github.com/Bresiu/wagon_test/tree/releases/com/bresiu). Than I’ve created second project: “wagon_test_dependience” and deployed it too to the same repository, under same “release” branch. I added to “wagon_test” dependency: <dependency> <groupId>com.bresiu</groupId> […]

Heroku Application Error after pushing to app repository on git

After pushing to app repository on git and enter to app url Heroku send me Application Error I don’t know where is problem! The pushing to git was normal and deploying and building app was without error Here is log from server but i don’t see erro —–> Java app detected —–> Installing OpenJDK 1.7… […]

Developing an application with multiple Eclipse projects using Git?

I have an Eclipse RCP application with many plugins (hence, many Eclipse projects) that are version-controlled in one Git repository. I cloned the repository to one directory and set up the Eclipse workspace in another directory, according to the recommendations for using EGit. The projects have been imported using File > Import > Git > […]

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