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how to deploy jenkins on the jetty correctly?

I’m trying to deploy jenkins on the jetty application server as follows: Unpack the distribution [~]$ unzip jetty-distribution-9.3.2.v20150730 [~]$ cd jetty-distribution-9.3.2.v20150730 Copy your war into place [jetty-distribution-9.3.2.v20150730]$ cp ~/Projects/mywebapp.war webapps/ Run Jetty [jetty-distribution-9.3.2.v20150730]$ java -jar start.jar My version of java is: $ java -version java version “1.7.0_80” Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.7.0_80-b15) Java HotSpot(TM) […]

How to run Selenium tests using TestNG framework and Jenkins

I want to run Selenium tests written in TestNG framework using Jenkins. The command configured in jenkins job (Freestyle project): java -cp J:\taf\testng\*;J:\taf\workspace\TestNGExamples\bin;J:\automation\* org.testng.TestNG J:\taf\workspace\TestNGExamples\testng1.xml Note: for -cp argument, given the directory paths to testng jar, test classes, and selenium jar When I run the job (Build Now option), it is getting struck on create […]

`class file has wrong version` after Jenkins upgrade

A couple of days ago, I upgraded Jenkins to version 1.643. Before, we were using Jenkins 1.593. Starting with Jenkins 1.612, Jenkins requires Java 7, see changelog, announcement and issue. Our Jenkins server has Java 8. I have a Maven project consisting of submodules. In the job configuration in Jenkins, I have configured the build […]

What's (by default) on the classpath when you run a Jenkins job?

When you kick off a maven test in Jenkins, what is Jenkins putting onto the Java classpath by default?

VM Could not reserve enough space for object heap

I have just upgraded to Jenkins 1.500 on a windows machine. I also have a windows slave with 8GB RAM. I have made a remote connection to this slave and started it from the Jenkins webinterface (using the JNLP launch button). It shows up just fine on Jenkins and I have assigned some jobs to […]

IllegalStateException with naming parameters in tomcat

I’ve been using tomcat and spring for a long time (more than a year). Everything worked out great. Today, all of a sudden I get a weird error when starting tomcat: Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Using named parameters for method public abstract java.util.List com.securegion.monitorcenter.dao.IncidentsViewRepository.getFixedIncidents(java.lang.String,java.util.List,java.lang.String,java.lang.String,int,int) but parameter ‘text’ not found in annotated query ‘select * from siemincidents […]

Java separate System.out for separate Classpath

I am developing an application which needs to call some Jenkins instances, to do this I am using the jenkins-cli .jar I could be calling the jar using the commandline to easily extract its output. Then however I need to parse exceptions myself. To properly handle exceptions I am now invoking the main method of […]

Maven Surefire can't instantiate my IReporter class on Jenkins

I have a Jenkins project that cannot run due to being unable to instantiate my TestNG IReporter class, CustomReportListener.java (CRL). If I remove all references to it, the project runs just fine, but I am required to return the results via CRL. Lastly, CRL is part of a framework that we include as a JAR, […]

Launch TestNG suite from bash script

I’m having trouble using my testNG suite in the Jenkins of my company. Here is the set up : -Jenkins is installed on a Linux machine so I have to create a .sh which launch my tests. -I code my tests under Windows, on Eclipse in Java. -I have to use relative path in my […]

Jenkins : actual and formal argument lists differ in length

i have created mavenized TestNG project. it is working fine in eclipse. but when i run TestSuite in Jenkins, i am seeing compiler error. i had to remove some overloaded methods. but now i am facing this error for non-overloaded method. [ERROR] COMPILATION ERROR : [INFO] ————————————————————- [ERROR] /apps/jenkins/workspace/qa-tax-svc-automation/src/test/java/addressVerificationService/OverriddenAddressVerificationServiceTest.java:[62,33] error: method ExecuteGetCall in class OMSD_Util […]

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