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Why is eclipse trying to copy my .svn folders from src to bin, and how can I make it stop?

I have checked out a bunch of java code using subversion 1.6 and then I imported those projects into eclipse. Subclipse 1.6 picked up the fact that the plugins are under version control, except for a few folders. I now get a bunch of errors like: The resource is a duplicate of src/.svn/all-wcprops and was […]

Add a new file in Intellij doesn't add to subversion

I’m not sure what I did to cause this, but adding a new file or package in IntelliJ now doesn’t add them to subversion, and I have to add them manually via right-click -> subverion -> add. Is there a setting that controls this behaviour?

Paired JAR and native library binaries for SVN Java bindings (JavaHL) on Windows?

I’m writing some code that uses the Subversion (SVN) Java bindings (JavaHL) directly (where JavaHL comprises native libraries and a thin Java wrapper). On Linux (Ubuntu 12.04) this is no problem: package libsvn-java installs the native libraries and \usr\share\java\svn-javahl.jar, so i just reference the latter and away I go. On Windows, I know of no […]

TFS for Java – bad idea?

We’re considering TFS for our .NET based projects and as a task management platform. Some teams develop exclusively in Java and they’re quite happy with SVN (Subclipse). Our managers came up with the following questions: Should we migrate the Java teams to TFS as well? Does TFS (source control only) handles well Java projects? Is […]

How do I check out an SVN project into Eclipse as a Java project?

I was trying to check out a project from SVN using Eclipse. I tried using “Checkout As” to make it into a “Java project from existing Ant script”, but the project wizard requires the file to have already been downloaded. Is there a way to checkout the project into Eclipse as a Java project, without […]

Recommended Source Control Directory Structure?

I am going to be using Subversion for source control on a new J2EE web application. What directory structure will you recommend for organizing code, tests and documentation?

svnkit, list all files of an SVN repository, without checking out the files

svnkit.com is an SVN library in Java. For instance, you can get the log of an SVN repository as follows: SVNClientManager.newInstance().getLogClient(); SVNLogClient.doLog(SVNURL url, String[] paths, SVNRevision pegRevision, SVNRevision startRevision, SVNRevision endRevision, boolean stopOnCopy, boolean discoverChangedPaths, boolean includeMergedRevisions, long limit, String[] revisionProperties, final ISVNLogEntryHandler handler); How do I list all files of an SVN repository (without […]

Why do I keep getting 'SVN: Working Copy XXXX locked; try performing 'cleanup'?

If you have worked with SVN tools in Eclipse (Subversion, subversive) before, then you are likely familiar with the ‘working copy ‘XXX’ locked…” error. I found a very useful post with a workaround for this problem at: Working copy XXX locked and cleanup failed in SVN As great as the workaround is, it is a […]

In Eclipse, how can I exclude some files (maybe based on the .svn extension or filename) from being copied to the output folder?

I’m developing a Java application using Eclipse. My project has two source directories that are both built and then some files are copied into the output folder. From the output directory I then run my application and all works well. However, I keep having these warnings: Snapshot from Problems tab in Eclipse http://www.freeimagehosting.net/uploads/128c1af93f.png Anyone know […]

open eclipse Markeplace

I want to use eclipse marketplace for adding svn plugin but when i try to do it i have this exception : Cannot open Eclipse Marketplace Cannot install remote marketplace locations: Unable to read repository at marketplace.eclipse.org/catalogs/api/p. Unable to read repository at marketplace.eclipse.org/catalogs/api/p. sun.security.validator.ValidatorException: PKIX path building failed: sun.security.provider.certpath.SunCertPathBuilderException: unable to find valid certification path […]

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