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Trouble running Eclipse project in IntelliJ

I have created a project in Eclipse, where the main entry point is a JFrame. I have then exported this project to GitHub and cloned the repository for use in IntelliJ. However, when trying to run the project in IntelliJ, it cannot detect the JFrame extension as a main entry point.

Can not find or load the main class , why?

I have Git repository on Github. I clone it using EGit plugin inside Eclipse Mars. In the package explorer, I imported the existing git local repository into a general eclipse project. I then converted the default project to Java type using this answer : https://stackoverflow.com/a/13750958/813853 I set the /src/ folder as Source folder. When I […]

Can not recognize java command when using git bash

Now I want to use git bash to run <a href=”https://github.com/tinkerpop/gremlin/wiki/Getting-Started”>gremlin</a>. However, when I ran gremlin.sh, it returned java command cannot be found. I can work quite well with java using eclipse on my windows laptop. So I think the building path may be the problem. I followed this answer. But it did not work. […]

Upload android project to GitHub

So, I have been working on an android project, and I want to publish it on github for my teachers to be able to read it. (They don’t have android studio.) Now I have tried to use the settings in android studio, but it is not working. (Maybe the tutorials are out of date?) So […]

Creating classes for using Document Conversion and Concept Insights in Java

So I want to make classes for using Concept Insights on HTML documents converted from PDF thanks to Document Conversion. I am using an Eclipse IDE with a view of my Git directory. When I run it, I get no response. I want to keep it neat but make sure that each method gets the […]

ProcessBuilder don't accept git repo path

Hello i have problem with path to repo in ProcessBuilder. I had same problem once, but that solution didn’t work this time. And my error looks fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git Any ideas why the path is not working? repository root is public static final String REPOSITORY_ROOT = […]

Can not start kurento repository server

When I followed the Kurento Tutorials to run the example Java – Repository,which needs install the kurento repository server first,I met some problem. Following the Kurento Repository Server installation guide ,in the last step, I run server at user-level by the commands : $ cd kurento-repository-server-x.y.z $ ./bin/start.sh Unluckily,it shows $ bash ./start.sh ========================================================================= Kurento […]

Using JGit, “IncorrectObjectTypeException: Object … is not a tree

I’m trying to implement the code here two diff two git commits. try { ObjectId head = repo.resolve(tipCommit); //String with commit hash ObjectId base = repo.resolve(baseCommit); //String with commit hash log.info(“Resolved HEAD as ” + head.toString() + “, and base as ” + base.toString()); try { ObjectReader reader = repo.newObjectReader(); log.info(repo.getAllRefs()); log.info(base); CanonicalTreeParser oldTreeIter = […]

How can I build a Gradle project that depends on another, but keep local paths out of version control?

I’m working on organizing two Java projects of mine. Both are using Git for version control. For building them, I’m migrating from simple shell scripts calling javac to Gradle. Project C depends on Project L. How can Project C’s build.gradle find what it needs from Project L? I’d like to avoid checking into version control […]

“java could not find the main class” and “could not read maven project”

I’m working on java 1.6 on eclipse. Yesterday, i tried to compile it to a runnable jar, but it didn’t work. So , finnaly i tried to change the java version and i still can’t compile the project. Then i tried to convert my project to Maven. Finally, i use this solution : How do […]

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