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GIT: fetch-merge vs pull

I understand that fetch-merge and pull are the same thing, however sometimes by doing fetch-merge I get some conflicts which I would not get if I just did pull. Does anybody know why?

Error while configuring local repository in Git in Eclipse

This may sound too amateur but as a whole i want to configure my Git repository and move my code from eclipse to Github. So i checked out a couple of video tutorials and applied the steps but none of them seems to work in my case. This is what i did. 1) Right click […]

Automate changes to Maven Archetype generated artifact when Archetype changes?

Maven Archetypes are cool for generating artifacts, but I’m curious whether there are any tools in place to automate keeping generated artifacts in sync as the archetype changes. To give some additional context on the scenario, imagine… I create my own Maven archetype for a web service based on a proprietary service framework. I generate […]

How to include a forked repo from Git into my eclipse java project?

I am working on a forked repository and want to include that into my local Eclipse project. I have gone through many documents over the internet and I am unable to find any relevant document. Whatever I do, I end up copying file with no .project file in the eclipse project folder and hence is […]

How to configure git repo with multiple java projects in eclipse

I’m following this tutorial: http://spring.io/guides/tutorials/rest/ to get familiar with spring/REST. However, the git repo (git clone https://github.com/spring-guides/tut-rest.git) has many individual java projects each with their own gradle build. I’d like to edit the code in Eclipse, as that’s the whole point, but this hasn’t proved trivial. So far, I’ve created a general project for the […]

Indecision on which files to upload on GitHub

I have a java project made with Eclipse. Eclipse creates a big bunch of stuff, what folder should I really upload on GitHub? I think the “src” folder is the right one. Am I right? I am going to rephrase the question: Should I commit the .java or the .class files?

Package contents hidden after github merge

I was using Github and Git to upload a repo and the code from my intellij Packages using command line. I must have done a merge or a pull request or something along that line, when my classes just randomly disappeared from the package like so: Packages But the classes are in the packages when […]

Referencing a git repository in my Java File (Eclipse)

I’m creating a new Java project in Eclipse. The very first thing that I want to do is to be able to access code that I pulled in from a Git repository. I do not want to change the git code at all – I just need to import it into my code so that […]

Taking local Jersey REST service to openshift

I have a REST service, that uses Jersey, deployed on my local machine. The service does not use an ORM. Instead, it uses the JDBC driver to populate models from my MYSQL database. Everything is working as expected and now, I would like to deploy my service onto Openshift. I have read up on how […]

Multiple Eclipse Projects all tied to one central Git repo…how do I hide parent packages?

Scenario: We have a Git repository that contains all of our Java source code which is laid out in according to it’s package infrastructure.I want to refactor all the source code into smaller jars for simplicity and manageability. Since the Git repo is already being used by several developers, we do not want to redo […]

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