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How to develop on multiple computers with Libgdx and Intellij Idea

I have a laptop and a desktop computer. At the moment I can only code on the desktop where i have created and developed the project for now. When I load up the project, which sync with Copy.com by the way, it doesnt work because all the library-paths isn’t the same on the laptop and […]

Fetching with JGit doesn't show the last commit

I’m trying to write a simple program to use the basic functions of JGit. I don’t want to use the default git merge tool but I’d like to fetch and then make the merge on my own. I’m using the code below and I’m having a weird problem, when I call the update method just […]

Heroku Slug Size exceed Limits More than 300m

My heroku slug size is 389mb, so push is rejected. Now the Point is, if i deploy my same application on new domain (by using heroku create again), the slug size, i am seeing is just 200mb.. Why its different? Then I have tried this approach: Approach 1: by deleting .git folder from my project […]

Maven thrift plugin – How can I include thrift definitions?

I’m currently using the maven–thrift-plugin to generate jars and jsnode automatically during build. I’m successfully able to compile and deploy the definitions and use them in another project. But now I need to have that other project define its own thrift type that includes the other definitions, and I can’t see how to accomplish this […]

OpenShift EGIT Eclipse

Has anyone out there actually gotten an existing Eclipse Dynamic Web Project working under OpenShift? Does anyone know a tutorial that ties all three title elements together? I have the OpenShift plug-in and the EGIT plug-in added to Eclipse Kepler. I’ve tried creating a new OpenShift Project in Eclipse. It does well until the final […]

Eclipse Package Explorer not matching physical folder structure

Newbie question I have downloaded a project from git repository using Eclipse (Import->Clone URI). It created a folder in my local MyDocuments git folder and I can also see the project in the Eclipse’s Package Explorer. For some reason, for any source file, say HelloWorld.java which I see inside the mydocuments git project folder, I […]

Move an implementation from one file to another keeping git tracking

Here is my problem. Inside a same repository I have multiple projects. Lets call them A and B (and forget about C, D, and all the others who are irrelevant in the current subject). In A I have a class (let’s call it SuperUsefull) with some logic that is pretty usefull all across my system […]

How to import a git project based on a revision in eclipse

Is it possible to checkout code from a GIT repository based on an old revision. For example, I would like to checkout as a new application a code base I have but around the time when the code was first created (i.e revision 10 or so) i don’t seem to see this option available in […]

How to apply a patch to a file outside a repository in JGit

I am building a solution to update files for a certain software in Java. I want to create something like the diff/patch Unix functionality, but with Java, for files that are directly in a FS, that is, outside a repository. At the moment, I could easily get a Diff with JGit by using the following […]

Eclipse Error Logging – Not Showing Because of imported from GIT?

I have just started using the built in GIT functionality of Eclipse and I have everything set up and working, my problem as of now is that I realized my project that I imported from GIT is not reporting errors in my Java like the local copy would. I’ve tried the following, Project -> Clean […]

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