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Google Code and Eclipse Update Site

I am trying to use an Eclipse Update Site project from a Google Code project site (http://code.google.com/p/mdpm). It uses a git repository, here is the url to the update site https://code.google.com/p/mdpm/source/browse/#git%2Fcom.lowcoupling.mdpm.updateSite The problem is that Eclipse doesn’t manage to get it from the Install New Software dialog. I mean I clearly understand the problem is […]

Error installing EGIT In eclipse

I am having some real issues installing the eGIT plugin for eclipse. If i go to the install new software page and enter http://download.eclipse.org/egit/updates-nightly or http://download.eclipse.org/egit/updates-nightly in the work with bar i get no results – only a could not find message. If i change the work with to all available sites, and then search […]

Cannot add dependency in maven project in eclipse kepler version

I am using eclipse kepler version. This version of eclipse already comes with a maven plugin. I tried to add a dependency by going to pom.xml and then going to dependencies tab and then clicking on add. I then input some spring like springframework in the search box but nothing happens. I don’t get any […]

Library not loaded error (Eclipse/Java) – works on original computer, but pushed all to git and then breaks on machines that pull

I’m working on a Java project using Eclipse and git. I use git from the command line, and Eclipse solely as an editor. The project on github is located at: http://github.com/samheather/3JVision On the original computer I wrote this on, everything works fine. I pushed all to the git repository, using git add . git commit […]

Pushing to Git from IntelliJ IDEA gives Permission denied (publickey)

I am trying to push/commit a new Java project from IntelliJ IDEA. I created a new repo on GitHub and have added my files through the Git Shell terminal. So, we can verify that I can push/pull/commit to that repo via Git. Now, when I try to do it via an IDE — in this […]

Using Git to find dates of TODOs

I’ve just started working on a large system. It has a lot of code in it that hasn’t been very well looked after. There are over a thousand TODOs scattered about the code (some Java, some Perl, some various other languages), which I found using Intellij IDEA. Also in Intellij, I can annotate a class […]

JGit RevWalk.parseTag does not release lock on pack file

I am using JGit API to display tags of a repository. Following is the method that I have created to get tag from a Ref object. private RevTag getTag(Git git, Ref ref) { RevWalk revWalk = new RevWalk(git.getRepository()); RevTag tag = null; ObjectId id = ref.getObjectId(); try { tag = revWalk.parseTag(id); } catch (Exception e) […]

Problems with accents and special characters in Git

This is my first project using Java and Git, so I ask for some comprehension. The code I’m working in is very simple, I receive a string and I have to do some validations before giving a response, one of the validations is: if(info.contains(“ç”)) { //Here I return some value } else { //Here I […]

Running a multi project Maven-built webapp on Heroku?

I’m migrating my multi project Java webapp from Cloudbees to Heroku. I have one main webapp that depends on 3 other library projects that I have written (also Maven+Java). On Cloudbees this was simple, you just build everything through Jenkins, the JARs get poked into their Maven repos then the main webapp gets built taking […]

Deploying Maven Java application to OpenShift on Tomcat 7

I have a Java application built with Maven running on my local PC. I’m using Eclipse and Apache/Tomcat for my server. I have two projects in my application: The Java code (JavaApp) The Web Application (WebApp) In my WebApp Pom I am including my JavaApp as a dependency. This runs fine on my local server […]

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