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Server(C) on the PI doesn't make connection with Client(Java)

I have 1 client written in Java and 1 server on the PI written in C making connection through a socket. At first the server and the client could talk to each other. After a git merge it didn’t work anymore but nothing has changed. Can someone see what’s wrong? Any insight would be greatly […]

Best practice to build JAR w/ gradle and deploy it – with Jenkins

I have a Java/Groovy project in a Git repository that creates a JAR that provides a REST API. I want to deploy that project using Jenkins. What is the best practice to do that including adapting configuration to the destination system (f.e. database passwords). On my local machine I can create a runnable JAR this […]

How to import a GitHub hosted project as a Java Project in Eclipse?

I have forked this project on my GitHub: https://github.com/iluwatar/java-design-patterns and now I’m trying to import (clone) my own origin repo locally. I managed to do it via Bash command line, but I’m not being able to import the project in Eclipse and make it a “Java Project”. It’s imported as a “Generic project” where packages […]

Sort commits topologically using jgit

I’m having a issue where commits are being displayed out of order. The reason is not important, I just need to retrieve the commits and display them correctly in a changelog. I have done some research and the best solution I can find is using jGits RevSort.TOPO to sort a RevWalk topologically using jGit. This […]

Java Cannot run program CreateProcess error=2

i’d like to run a command that executes a shell script with the java class “DefaultExecutor”, but i get this error: Cannot run program “get_encrypted_password.sh” (in directory “C:\Temp\scripts”): CreateProcess error=2 specified file not found”. the script works well with git bash. can someone tell me where i’m doing wrong? public Entity updateWithEncryptedPassword(Entity entity) throws IOException […]

How to change GitHub accounts when trying to push from Git?

So I may have set up Git under an account that I will not be using in the future, and I want to change that account to my personal GitHub account. I would like to push under my personal rather than that one. If this has any relevance, I’ve created a separate SSH key for […]

Combining a maven project with a java project

Currently, I have a maven project that has a server running (using Jersey REST API). I also have a java project, I need to move all the contents of the java project into the maven project. The maven project is a subset of the java project. However, the maven project only displays the parts of […]

Howto organize different project versions that require different Java versions?

Like Apache Lang or Apache Collections, older versions of my project require only Java1.5. But I would like to continue with that project and introduce also types that require Java8. Importantly I don’t want to change Java requirements for the complete project to Java8, since some legacy projects did not move to Java8 yet, so […]

Maven projects structure and gitlab

I currently have 4 maven projects, A, B C and D. A, B and C all depend on D. I need these projects to be hosted on gitlab (using gitlab CI). Whenever I change any of the above 4 projects, I want to have new jars built from A B and C (automatically build D). […]

Android Studio: Github commit warning – Access can be package-private

Warning displayed in android studio on GitHub commit request I have created earthquake class to hold the relevant data and implemented its getter, setter methods. I encountered a warning Warning:(7, 1) Access can be package-private while I was trying to commit the changes to GitHub. My question for this is: What is the best practice […]

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