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Git Commit Object Author and Commiter Fields

I am trying to make a server using Java that runs on a Linux machine and I would like my server to support Git in a similar fashion to GitHub. I have figured out a lot of things to achieve this but there is one thing I would like to know… Assuming I have the […]

Include GIT installation in a Java app

I have a Java app that uses GIT. I want to install GIT seamlessly on the user’s computer – mac, win & linux – instead of asking them to install it on their own… How can I include the GIT installation inside a Java app? Thanks

Heroku Push rejected – no Cedar-supported app detected

I made a new project with Play Framework I can’t seem to push it to Heroku. I used the below code to create the heroku app since I was using Maven too. heroku create -s cedar –buildpack https://github.com/heroku/heroku-buildpack-play.git from this thread. AFAIK I have all the files I need. I have application.conf in conf/ Counting […]

Clone a GitHub Repository in Eclipse Luna Release (4.4.0) on Windows 7

I am kinda new to cloning GitHub repository using Eclipse. One can open the GitHub Project repository from Eclipse using Git view (Window->ShowView->Others…->Git). After cloning the GitHub project on my local working set folder, I am not able to find any Java Code file or project files under Package Explorer pane. Here are the steps […]

What's the best way to use GIT in our work environment?

We currently do not use any kind of version control software. We recently started using Eclipse, and our source code is maintained on a network drive. An Eclipse project was created and everyone has imported the project into Eclipse on their machines. Due to the way we are set up, we are always getting stuck […]

Git push without pull

I’m making a school project with my class mates, and one of them has broke the main of the program and he push it to github. I have the project without the main modified and it works perfectly. Is there any way so I can push my files without making the pull, and replace the […]

Why can I not add .jar to eclipse git repo?

I am using Eclipse Kepler for Java. Normally you can add internal/external .jars to a Java project in the build path located in the properties. Why, when I clone a git repo and import it into my projects, do I lose that ability? I don’t understand. I kinda need to do that.

How to remove remote branch with JGit

I’m not able to figure out how to remove a remote branch. I was trying to mimic the following GIT command: git push origin :branchToDelete The following code and it’s variations with the empty source: RefSpec refSpec = new RefSpec(); refSpec = refSpec.setSource(“”); // remove branch from origin: git.push().setRefSpecs(refSpec).add(branchToDelete).call(); throws and exception like: org.eclipse.jgit.api.errors.JGitInternalException: Exception […]

How could I launch the sequence of git commands from java application?

I need to add the file to the repository and then commit it from my java project. I use Runtime.getRuntime().exec(“C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Git\\bin\\sh.exe”); to start git but what should I do next?

eclipse egit cannot connect to remote repository

I am running Win7. I have installed egit plugin on Eclipse Juno. I am trying to import from a remote git repository but after some seconds I get this error: “ssh://user@host/repository_path:java.net.ConnectException:Connection timed out:Connect ssh://user@host/repository_path:java.net.ConnectException:Connection timed out:Connect Please check: Network conection settings Network connection->SS2 Eclipse preferences”. I have already created a pair of public (2048 bit) […]

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