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maven – using local source instead of external dependency

If someone could help me out here it would save me a lot of time. I maintain an open source library that gets pushed out to a sonatype repository. I make changes to that library a few times a day and push it out to the 1.0_snapshot build using mvn deploy. Let’s call it project1 […]

Can I use git or another versioning system to private repository on http hosting acount without ssh?

I have 2 www/ftp accounts with php and sql in hosting companies but I haven’t access to ssh. Can I install there any Version Control System like git or Mercurial? Or is any public free site to set up a private encoding developing repository?

What is the recommended workflow using Liquibase and Git?

Recently we started using Liquibase. It didn’t occurred yet but we imagined what would happen if two developers commits changes in the change log file to the shared Git repository. How to solve or avoid a merge conflict? To broaden this question some what: What is the recommended workflow using Liquibase in combination with Git? […]

Running a compiled Jar file in Jenkins

I am trying to run an executable jar file through jenkins. What I am trying to achieve here is I have an executable jar file created and is residing locally in my machine. I want to put it in Git and then run it in jenkins. Is there some how I can do this? I […]

Advantages of using public maven repository for libraries instead of local

What are the advantages of using Maven’s public repository vs storing your libraries locally? I see the following disadvantages in using public repository: If for some reason some library is updated my application will probably crash, considering I use hundreds of libraries that’s bound to happen sometime. If a specific library version is specified to […]

Configuring known_hosts in jgit

Using jgit with gitolite for source control, I have an application that generates certain code on command and which we want to be committed to source control. The goal is to pull with a fast forward, commit the new code, and then push it. I have the following method: private void commitToGitRepository(String updateComment, Config config) […]

Upload maven pom.xml to Git repository?

I want to publish my Java project on GitHub. I’m not sure if I should upload my pom.xml from Maven in my repository. I’m using Eclipse without eGit. On the one hand: the pom.xml is necessary to know which libraries I used. On the other hand: it’s a configuration file which maybe shouldn’t made public. […]

jGit using RevWalk to get RevCommit returns nothing

I’m newbie on jGit and Git. I’m trying to query the historic of commit of a git repository, but I would like to get only the commit of a specific user. Reading the docs I saw that RevWalk will allow me to add RevFilters in orther to limit the search. First, I use a Git […]

Can I use git in local area network?

I want to use EGit in a small eclipse project with my colleagues, but we don’t want to Submit the project to the github.com. What I should do with the next picture ? The ip address is and the project is in D:\EclipseProjects\ForwardA.git. How I should fill the URI,Host,Repository Path ? Is the Authentiacation […]

Can I somehow alias R in Android?

I have two Android applications that share 90% of their code with each other, and due to political reasons (I think also technical reasons) need to have separate package names (so they’ll appear under different URLs in Google Play) I use git with two branches for each app, and I sync the two branches manually […]

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