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Team synchronization on working sets in egit

When I right click on any working set(In package,Navigator etc view) I am not getting synchronization option under Team Menu. See Picture below. Note that all projects in this working set are present in the git repository. Is there any way to synchronize single or multiple(group of i.e working set) projects with git repository without […]

brought changes with git pull, but I don't see them staged

I have a local branch L1. It origins from remote R1. then I made it trackable with R2. Now i want to pull R1 to –> L1 I used source tree software to git pull. I see there are changes, as L1 is 41 changes ahead R2 but i don’t see them anywhere: no in […]

Is there any guideline of “What to share on Github” regarding RCP developments?

I recently started developing a plugin, which consist of several Eclipse Plugin-Projects. I use Maven/Yycho as a build tool and GitHub as version control system. Now I was wondering what to push to my GitHub repositories. The POM files and Feature/Updatesites as well? It seems that this stuff is: very User specific (the path are […]

Creating a New Web Application project in Google app engine through Eclipse in Mac

I have installed the Google plugin for Eclipse and tried to create a new Web Project. I have followed all the steps mentioned in creating a new web project in developers.google.com and clicked finish. After that I am getting a dialogue box as shown here and it gets stuck in that Auto share Git Projects […]

2D Perlin Noise Terrain Generator Error (Java)

My name is Chris and first, I’d like to thank for you for taking time out of your day to look at this question. And yes I am a beginner. At the moment, I am trying to create a game along the lines (and with the same Terrain generation) as Minicraft (Yes, Mini, not Mine) […]

Managing Java wrapping of a C++ API for use by a Java GUI: proper version control

We have a large project consisting of the following: A: C++ source code / libraries B: Java and Python wrapping of the C++ libraries, using SWIG C: a GUI written in Java, that depends on the Java API/wrapping. People use the project in all the possible ways: C++ projects using the C++ API Java projects […]

git pre-commit hook – run java formatter before a push is committed bash script

I am trying to create a bash script where I would run jalopy (Java Code Formatter) on the files that are about to be committed to make sure that Code Formatting is done properly and otherwise reject the commit. I have researched and have tried the following so far: #!/bin/bash AllVariables=”$@” checkingAnyArgs=’/tmp/checkingAnyArgs’ echo >> ${checkingAnyArgs} […]

deploy to production from master or hotifx?

We are adopting Git on the company after some years of SVN usage. The git flow suits our needs very well with the master/hotfix/develop/release branches. So far everything is going well, apart from a conundrum. Our project is a Java app for weblogic, we produce a WAR file on the project build. The context is: […]

How to remove EGIT from Eclipse Kepler?

I’m using the J2EE bundle of Eclipse Kepler, and I’m working with Git. I’m also using git-extension as a UI to git, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else, so for me egit is just an annoyance that brings information that I don’t want on my screen. How can I permanently remove it from […]

Directory structure for using git with Eclipse

I”m going to have to re-organize my directory/folder structure in order to use git with Eclipse, since repo’s are not supposed to be located within the workspace. Being a git newbie I’d like some confirmation that my intended structure makes sense before I start re-organizing and init’ing repos. My current workspace includes an Android project, […]

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