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IntelliJ Git rebase error

I have the following situation: A branch master; A topic branch x off of master; I have made a commit to master, and I would like to have this available in x as well. It is my understanding that I have to rebase x on master. This is what I do: Checkout the x branch: […]

Can't checkout local branch using git plugin

For some reason I can’t checkout local branch in IntelliJ IDEA (123.150) git plugin. I suspect I simply don’t understand how it’s supposed to work. I thought that I have local branch if I cloned repo on my disk. Here is what I did Created new project via “Check out from Version Control”. IDEA shows […]

How does one create a multiple “syncronous” repository remote GIT branch in intelliJ

I have a large intellij project that has 12 git roots and have it set for “synchronous” repository/git root management. I can easily create a new local branch on all the repos, but I can’t figure out how to push out the new branch to a *new*remote*branch* on all the corresponding remote repositories. Push even […]

git and intelliJ project

I created a project in intelliJ, now i would like to have it on git so i can revert changes etc. First i selected the root of the project and then did this: In preferences i setted the password etc: However, if i look on the git website i can’t see the project. What is […]

IntelliJ – Clonning existing playframework project from bitbucket

I’m trying to clone an existing play! project from bitbucket, this repo only contains the files which aren’t ignored by the default play’s .gitignore file. I get the files correctly but the problem is, how should I add the rest of the files and directories any play! application contains? I mean, how should I make […]

IntelliJ IDEA and specifying GIT refspecs

I’ve been using Eclipse with GIT and Gerrit for a long time but decided to give community edition of IntelliJ IDEA (12.1.3) a try. I’m able to fetch and pull changes from our repository but I can’t find an option in IntelliJ where I can specify refspecs for push operations. Is there a way to […]

Git expects numerical timeout?

Working on a project in IntelliJ and pushing/pulling all material to github. Suddenly it stops working: I tried to fetch the code from github and get the error message: Fetch failed Error: option ‘timeout‘ expects a numerical value Similar error messages have occurred whenever I tried to push, but ultimately the push always went through. […]

one class under another class on intellij?

I made a commit then I did a reset ^hard to undo the commit, then my repository become a mess. Now it’s almost repaired, one thing I did was rename a .java because it was in lower case, but I cant pull it again from github, even it’s on gihub. and the project explorer shows […]

Using vim as an external tool in intellij idea

I want to use vim editor as an external tool in intellij idea. I mapped a Ctrl-U combination to opening the current file with vim. Then I want to use the fugitive plugin, which is a wrapper over git and uses the git binary. But the vim opened from idea cannot locate the git binary. […]

Intellij Idea – Attach to existing VCS

I have a project on Github that I pulled down to my new computer and opened the project in Intellij Idea and on my other computer I set up the project with Github through Intellij so it is already set up to commit and push changes to my repository. But with my computer I am […]

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