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Jenkins git-plugin auto-install and configure git on Windows slaves

I have production Jenkins installed on RedHat server, with many Linux Slaves. Git plugin works flawlessly on Linux slaves but I didn’t find any way to make it autoinstall git on Windows slaves (like it does in Java,Maven and Ant). If I can only make the Run Command work on Windows – this could be […]

Jenkins: Get build branch as an environment variable

I am executing a build which merges the changes from one branch into another(through the ‘merge before build’ option). Now, I need the $GIT_BRANCH variable in my execute shell, and it gives me the second branch(into which my changes have been merged) as opposed to the earlier branch which I started out with. Is there […]

hudson + git + maven

I will be moving to git for my version control soon. My continuous build system is Hudson and I use maven to build my artifacts. Anyone have a best practice for setting up git to work best with these other tools. recommendations on how packages and plugins should be managed in git to most easily […]

Expanded env variable in name of local subdirectory for repo

I’m trying to configure a parameterized local subdirectory based on some environmental variables (such as BUILD_ID or BUILD_NUMBER) in Hudson version 3.0.0 with GIT plugin. When I put something like “code-$BUILD_ID” in the configure page of the job, in the field “Local subdirectory for repo (optional)”, visible pressing the Advanced button under “URL repository” field […]

Integrating GIT into Hudson

I have a Hudson project setup, basically “URL of repository” = D:/Development Say I have a .NET solution under /SomeFolder/SomeProject/SomeProject.sln, how can I get Hudson to monitor the /SomeFolder/SomeProject folder in Git? I am new to git, so should I have a new Git repository for each project? I have used SVN with Hudson and […]

Hudson git plugin won't clone repo on Linux

Alright, so I’m having some issues with my repo on github being cloned on my Hudson server which is running Fedora 8. The output is the usual error output when an error is encountered with git: Started by user anonymous Checkout:workspace / /home/tomcat/.hudson/jobs/CIExample/workspace – hudson.remoting.LocalChannel@3861e6 Using strategy: Default Checkout:workspace / /home/tomcat/.hudson/jobs/CIExample/workspace – hudson.remoting.LocalChannel@3861e6 GitAPI created […]

Hudson + Windows + GitHub + Git Plugin = really really slow fetch stage

I’m setting up my first Hudson + Git project (previously done many with Hudson + SVN). I expected the clone stage to be slow, as our repository is quite large, but subsequent builds where a fetch + merge is being used are just as long. The following options are enabled: Merge before build Clean after […]

hudson+git FATAL: Could not apply tag

I’m trying to set up hudson with git according to this article, but I still get git errors during build: FATAL: Could not apply tag-PROJECTNAME-ID … Caused by: hudson.plugins.git.GitException: Command returned status code 128: *** Please tell me who you are. running: git config –global user.name shows valid data, .gitconfig is accessible. How to correct […]

Marking upstream Jenkins/Hudson as failed if downstream job fails

I am using Parameterized Trigger Plugin to trigger a downstream build. How do I specify that my upstream job should fail if the downstream fails? The upstream job is actually is dummy job with parameters being passed to the downstream.

Writing jenkins plugin: where is the documentation?

On my current project we’re using Jenkins to monitor our builds. Now they want me to write a Jenkins plugin to add some more monitoring parameters. I’ve taken a look at how the status monitor plugin works, and I can’t figure some things out. I’ve tried to look for documentation for writing a plugin, but […]

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