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How to make CircleCI run on every push to GitHub repository?

I want to achieve the workflow in my project like that: I make a git push origin master, then the tests are run, then after the tests the project is deployed to Heroku. I’ve already set up auto deployment on Heroku from github repository and checked that it should wait for the CircleCI tests to […]

push to heroku after push has been made to git repo

I have a situation in where I have two remotes. Confirmed by running git remote -v Now, I already did git push But now, I want to push to heroku as well. So I used git push heroku master. However, it shows already-up-to-date. Please note that I already deployed once to heroku prior to this […]

Have the server build VS. check in & push a locally built app

What are some pro/cons to pushing built code vs. having the server build it? This is a general question, but here’s my specific scenario to illustrate what I’m talking about: On Heroku I’ve got a React app that has a simple express server to do OAuth. Currently, I have a postinstall hook in my package.json […]

Pushing to GitHub vs. Deploying to Heroku with webpack bundle

I am using webpack on my app and use GitHub as my remote repo and then deploy to Heroku for production. I have a folder that has all my client files that I work on, so I want to store all of this on my GitHub repo but not on Heroku because they’re just going […]

Getting CSV files to work on Heroku rails app

I am trying to import ailments.csv to work on Heroku and its just not wanting to work properly. I have searched and searched with no real solutions. Locally it is working fine and the ailments show. Here is the Heroku app link so you can see what I’m having issues with. https://sleepy-garden-73993.herokuapp.com/ HOW TO GET […]

Heroku CLI doesn't work with Git Bash — keeps looking for Ruby in the current directory

So if I’m on Desktop/code Ka@KA ~/Desktop/code $ heroku console /c/Program Files (x86)/Heroku/bin/heroku: line 4: /c/Users/Ka/Desktop/code/ruby: No such file or directory /c/Program Files (x86)/Heroku/bin/heroku: line 4: exec: /c/Users/Ka/Desktop/code/ruby: cannot execute: No such file or directory It’ll look for ruby in Desktop/code If I’m on any path, it’ll look for Ruby on that path. Why is […]

How to git push subtree from a local branch to heroku master

I have a rails app that is not at the root of my git repository. /repositoryroot/myapp When I normally push the app to heroku, I use git subtree -P myapp/ push heroku master. Now I’ve added a staging app on heroku and I have some changes under a local branch that I want to push […]

Spring boot on Heroku

I get the following Error: [ERROR] Failed to execute goal pl.project13.maven:git-commit-id-plugin:2.1.15:revision (default) on project placebook: .git directory could not be found! Please specify a valid [dotGitDirectory] in your pom.xml -> [Help 1] Can someone Help me? The [dotGitDirectory] exists!!!

Webpack Node.js on Heroku Deployment Error

I built an application with React/Node.js/PostgreSQL Webpack and now attempting to deploy on heroku. Everything works perfectly on my localhost, but it doesn’t serve on Heroku. error message image on Heroku – I’ve tried multiple buildpacks to make it happen, but it still gives me the same result, and I cannot figure out the problem […]

Heroku , pull sqlite3 database

Hello everyone I am using Heroku to host an app, all seems working (i am using node.js, express.js and sqlite3, all data seems to be updating) Yesterday i wanted to “download” my database but when I downloaded my database seems to be outdated (the version that i downloaded, in fact, the database that it downloaded […]

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