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How to fix language-level with deploy java heroku

After push to git app Deploy the application then issues a log Error in writing that something is supported language versions above 1.6 but in the beginning you can see that the language version 1.7 > —–> Java app detected —–> Installing OpenJDK 1.7… done —–> Installing Maven 3.1.1… done —–> executing /app/tmp/cache/.maven/bin/mvn -B -Duser.home=/tmp/build_0f74c7a1296de88f7a8d95975dd06c6b […]

Git detached head after pull/push fail

The problem was seemingly a pretty standard issue caused by a discrepancy between the remote branch and a local CSS file I was pushing to git. I received the standard error message that “Updates were rejected because the tip of your current branch is behind.” Ok, no worries. I used a git pull origin master […]

Error deploying Play Framework 2.4 on Heroku

I am trying to deploy a Play Framework (Java) Application (v 2.4) on Heroku, but when I excute the command git push heroku master I get the following exception: remote: [warn] :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: remote: [warn] :: UNRESOLVED DEPENDENCIES :: remote: [warn] :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: remote: [warn] :: com.typesafe.sbtrc#client-2-11;0.3.1: not found remote: [warn] :: com.typesafe.sbtrc#actor-client-2-11;0.3.1: not found remote: [warn] […]

Git config: one fetch and two push destinations

I am using EGit for version control in Eclipse. I’d like to have two remote Git repositories, one is Github and the other Heroku. The former is for the system development team, and the latter is only for deployment. I set the git config file as follows, but it doesn’t work for both remotes. [core] […]

Heroku, Procfile and gitignore

I have this scala http-akka project called yutani hosted on Heroku. This project works by doing a heroku local command. The path of the procfile is “web: target/universal/stage/bin/yutani”. However, when I see the logs of my app, I can see the following error : bash: target/universal/stage/bin/yutani: No such file or directory I understand that I […]

“heroku git:clone -a myapp” results in “`git:clone` is not a heroku command.”

I was using heroku git:clone -a myapp to clone my app successfully from heroku over the past 6 months while developing. But since today this command results in “git:clone” is not a heroku command. Did they change something? I also updated to the latest heroku-toolbelt version, but still same issue.

Best way to sync Heroku with git repo?

What is the easiest way to sync Heroku (git) with github or bitbucket (alternative git source) ?

Error pushing to proper Heroku Web App

Somewhere along the way here I copied a node app and it’s still associated with an old git repository/heroku app. When I try to create a new heroku app and push to heroku i get the following error: ! No such app as young-journey-xxxx fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly However I don’t want […]

rails + git + heroku – error on git push

I’m trying to push my app to heroku using: git push heroku master the process runs fine for a little while then spits out all kinds of errors that I’ve never seen before and I can’t find much help on google. Here is the error log form console: XXXXX-MacBook-XXXXXX xxxx$ git push heroku master Counting […]

git ,how to go back?

I did these operation: $ bundle exec rspec spec/ $ git add . $ git commit -m “Finished layout and routes” $ git checkout master $ git merge filling-in-layout $ git push $ git push heroku But then I found the program messed up. I want to go back to last commit. Both local and […]

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