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renamed heroku app from website, now it's not found

After renaming my heroku app from the heroku website, whenever I cd to it’s directory in a terminal and run any heroku command, I get App not found. Does anybody know of a way to remedy this?

Replace remote git repo (Heroku)

i’m new to git and heroku. I’ve created an app on heroku, pushed some files to the repo. Now I want fully replace this app’s repo with new content from another folder (and have a .git repo in that folder). What is the right way to do this?

Use Git dependencies with npm and Node on Heroku

I have this package.json file: { “name”: “application-name” , “version”: “0.0.1” , “private”: true , “dependencies”: { “coffee-script”: “1.1.3” , “express”: “2.5.0” , “less”: “1.1.5” , “jade”: “0.17.0” , “connect-redis”: “1.2.0” , “hiredis”: “0.1.13” , “redis”: “0.7.1” , “bcrypt”: “0.4.1” , “promised-io”: “0.3.0” , “jugglingdb”: “git://github.com/juggy/jugglingdb.git#master” , “nodemailer”: “0.2.3” } } and I want to […]

Heroku 'Permission denied (publickey) fatal: Could not read from remote repository' woes

I’ve searched around for many hours on end looking to a solution to my seemingly easy-to-fix problem. It’s not that my search turned up nothing, it’s that my search turned up so many different solutions -none of which have worked. Anyways, I am simply unable to push, pull, or fetch from my Heroku repository from […]

How does “git push heroku master” know where to push to and how to push to a different repo?

When pushing to a repository hosted on Heroku one must execute the following command: git push heroku master What do heroku and master indicate in this command? How does git know where to push to? (the git path) Also, I didn’t know I can use heroku rename to rename an app, so before, say I […]

'git push heroku master' is still asking for authentication

I have executed: $ heroku login But when I try to push, I’m still asked for authentication: $ git push heroku master Username for ‘https://git.heroku.com’: <email> Password for ‘https://<email>@git.heroku.com’: Then I get a WARNING: Do not authenticate with username and password using Git. I ran heroku login again and authenticated successfully but I still get […]

Your account example@email.com does not have access to <app-name>

I am having trouble pushing code to heroku. I have an account but I’ve forgotten password. I created a new account and tried to push with it but now it shows me this error: Your account someoneelse@gmail.com does not have access to ! SSH Key Fingerprint: How can I log in with the new account? […]

How to view remote Git revision on Heroku

For deploying to Heroku, I use git push heroku master. But how do I see which revision I pushed up to heroku? (I’m often in doubt if I pushed the recent version up) For those not familiar with it, Heroku’s create script generates a remote git repository that you push to. Upon push, the code […]

Trying to heroku git:clone after heroku fork yields an empty repository

I just ran: $ heroku fork -a oldapp newclonedapp and it worked fine and runs etc. Now I want to pull the code down to work on it [I realize heroku is not for version control and I usually use github for this but in this case I need to get the code from the […]

Develop on windows, run unicorn in production on heroku

I have a new Rails project and i decided to give heroku a try, deployment seems very easy there I am developing on windows, so running unicorn is not a choice, but webrick is fine for development BUT, when it come to deployment , i want to use unicorn, and heroku perfectly support this The […]

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