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heroku commands and push giving me 'CLI is deprecated. Please reinstall' error

I have had no problem pushing to heroku, but now whenever I write a command such as: heroku create heroku open git push heroku master It gives me this error: $ heroku open ▸ heroku-cli: This CLI is deprecated. Please reinstall from ▸ https://cli.heroku.com What should I do to stop this? I have ran heroku […]

Heroku installation error in windows

I have installed Heroku toolbelt in my windows machine. But after executing heroku login I am getting the following error: ‘MySQL’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. ‘MySQL’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. ! Git must be installed […]

heroku cli login showing wrong account info

When I successfully log in on the command line using my personal account using: $heroku login Enter your Heroku credentials. Email: ME@gmail.com Password (typing will be hidden): Authentication successful. when I push with: git push staging master It gives me an error: ! Your account SOMEONE-ELSE@gmail.com does not have access to MYAPP-staging. ! ! SSH […]

can't git-push to heroku due to “Build stream timed out”

I have a Django app on heroku, I commited and pushed many time before but on the last time I’ve tried to push I got this error (and I keep getting it): $ git push heroku master Counting objects: 16, done. Delta compression using up to 4 threads. Compressing objects: 100% (9/9), done. Writing objects: […]

Can I update a single source file on Heroku without recompiling the slug?

I’m working on a rails project that’s being hosted on Heroku. I’m wondering if it’s possible to update one file, without restarting the app. Why. I have a bug, but I can’t track it down. It works perfectly on my local system, but it seems to stop mid way through processing on heroku. As there […]

How do I retrieve a git repository from Heroku?

I created an app and deployed it to Heroku, but I didn’t have a github git repo (I know really bad idea!) and my local git repo has been deleted (just plain stupidity here). So I have no copies of my source. I need to make some updates and the only thing I can think […]

Should I commit Godeps/_workspace or is Godeps.json enough?

I’m writing a project in Go to be deployed on heroku, managing dependencies with godep. When I godep save, I get both a Godeps.json file listing my dependencies with versions and an _workspace/ directory with the source for all dependencies copied in. I’d rather not commit _workspace, all that code’s already on github elsewhere. It […]

how to completely replace code in a git repository

I have a Facebook application on my local machine and another created with Heroku (the code in the Heroku application was created automatically by Heroku). I’d like to completely replace the code within the Heroku application with the code on my local machine. I’ve already initialized a git repository in the directory on my machine […]

Passwords in git tree + Heroku + Github

I have a very basic application done in Sinatra I have deployed it in Heroku (http://frasesbarrio.heroku.com) There is a button for sharing in Facebook and in fact it can be used as a Facebook application. For Facebook authentification, my application has its own app id and app secret (right now they are two constants in […]

'You don't exist, go away' – what does this heroku error mean?

So i’m pushing my code like usual and: git push heroku master You don’t exist, go away! fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly Does anyone know what this is supposed to mean?

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