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Heroku: upload single unversioned file

I have a Rails 4 application hosted by Heroku. Seeing as I’m working on an open-source project, there are several unversioned files containing sensitive information listed in .gitignore. For example, I have a .secret file at the root of the app that contains the key with which cookies are encrypted. I created this file by […]

How do I include library from github in python project without pip?

I’m not sure what’s the python way to include another library getting from github. I’m planning to use this library https://github.com/nim901/gfycat which right now I just downloaded the zip and extract it and put that in lib folder. I have to checkin this library into the repo to work in Heroku. Is there a way […]

Problem pushing to Heroku with dm-migrations

I couldn’t find anyone else having this error, so I hope it’s not something specific to my machine or something. —–> Heroku receiving push —–> Sinatra app detected —–> Installing gem data_mapper 1.0.0 from http://rubygems.org ERROR: Error installing data_mapper: dm-migrations requires dm-core (~> 1.0.2, runtime) ! Heroku push rejected, failed to install gem error: hooks/pre-receive […]

SSH Fingerprint not authorized on Heroku after git restore

I had to restore my master branch from github a couple weeks ago and since then I’ve been receiving an error that states “Your key with fingerprint… is not authorized to access my app.” I’ve looked at the previous answers to this problem and have tried deleting the old keypair, creating a new one and […]

How to solve the “Push rejected, no Cedar-supported app detected” on Heroku when pushing a Django project?

I followed all the steps indicated in the heroku site and each time I get the same error: $ git push heroku master Counting objects: 11, done. Delta compression using up to 4 threads. Compressing objects: 100% (8/8), done. Writing objects: 100% (11/11), 4.12 KiB, done. Total 11 (delta 0), reused 0 (delta 0) ! […]

Error when deploying Rails app to heroku (could not create resource with vendor)

I want to develop a little Rails application and to deploy it to Heroku. It is the second time I use Heroku but the first time I did not have problems This time, when I tried to deploy it with this command line: git push origin master I had this: Counting objects: 73, done. Delta […]

Ruby on Rails deleted migrations still running on Heroku

So at one point in the development process I added a migration to add a column to my users table. This column added a “dollars” attribute. After that I decided to remove the “dollars” attribute by writing a remove migration. I later accidentally deleted the initial migration to add the dollars, so to solve the […]

Rails Localhost not working

So when I run “rails server” and try to open any project, i get this error when trying to open localhost:3000 : Error But this is what my terminal says: The thing is I thought it was because me pushing to git heroku was causing it to fail so another form said to uninstall heroku, […]

Heroku: ! You do not have access to the app heroku

I originally had an app with the default name heroku set up. However I wanted to change this so I had two apps, an staging and production app. Following the heroku guide here I think i’ve got it working, running git remote -v shows heroku git@heroku.com:oldapp.git (fetch) heroku git@heroku.com:oldapp.git (push) staging git@heroku.com:newapp.git (fetch) staging git@heroku.com:newapp.git […]

Can't push Rails app to Heroku

All of a sudden we can’t push our Rails app to Heroku- it’s failing the same way on both staging and production environments, as well as a new app we just set up for testing. This app has been running on Heroku for 9 months, with multiple pushes a week, without any issues, but as […]

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