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Trying to push my app to heroku gives me this error FileNotFoundError: No such file or directory: '/app/gettingstarted/media'

While trying to push my app I get the follwing error FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘/app/gettingstarted/media’ But it does exist which confuses me.My file structure that leads to it is this src/gettingstarted/media Media is an empty directory. My pushes were working just last night. Heres the result of me running git […]

Proper install dependency by requirements.txt or how to properly install dependency which was edited

I am using this dependency on my django site. https://bitbucket.org/tim_heap/django-bleach Problem is on django 1.9 there is a fix, and the repository was forked to someone else. This is the repository https://bitbucket.org/C14L/django-bleach.git And this is the fix https://bitbucket.org/C14L/django-bleach/commits/4dd2616f490d5d63bc119b24e07fdf8154f25503 On both there is manual how to install it pip install django-bleach But that is the same […]

Trying to deploy on heroku but encounter error

I am fresh with ruby on rails and I’ve been trying to deploy to heroku using git but I encounter error. My working environment is windows but using WSL to run ruby code in a ubuntu environment. This is the content my gem file source ‘https://rubygems.org’ git_source(:github) do |repo_name| repo_name = “#{repo_name}/#{repo_name}” unless repo_name.include?(“/”) “https://github.com/#{repo_name}.git” […]

How to fix gem file in rails app after changing gem versions? (github, heroku)

First, I am an idiot, and I know this question may be a bit vague. I have a rails site that I pushed to github, and I was then trying to push it to heroku and I changed a few of the gems. I do have gems mentioned twice in gem file, the second under […]

ENOTFOUND: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND api.heroku.com api.heroku.com:443 Error for heroku create

My steps are below: Download the heroku-osx.pkg, and installed it. $ heroku login with my account and password cloned the ruby-getting-started: $ git clone https://github.com/heroku/ruby-getting-started.git But when I run $ heroku create in my Terminal. Reports the error: Creating app… ! ▸ ENOTFOUND: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND api.heroku.com api.heroku.com:443 I have find the related question in SO: […]

Cloning two remote repos with the same data

I have a remote repo in GitHub and I have another remote in Heroku with the exact same data. I’ve started working through a new device and tried cloning both repos but can’t find a simple way to do it. git clone [repo name] creates a new directory. So cloning from the second repo will […]

React on Rails – ! master -> master (pre-receive hook declined)

I’m working in rails 4.2.5, recently I have added react_on_rails in my app. I am getting the error(mkdir: cannot create directory) when I try to deploy the code on Heroku. App uses couple of webpacks one for Ruby and another for Node. git push heroku master Counting objects: 963, done. Delta compression using up to […]

Why is git not pushing contents of a folder?

After copying a folder ‘myapp’ into to my working folder, I do the following to add it to my staging area: git add . and then commit the changes: git commit Then I push my changes to Heroku: git push heroku master So my folder, called ‘myapp’ is present on heroku, but the problem is […]

Heroku push rejected, failed to compile Ruby/disabledeploys app

I was invited as a collaborator to a Rails app deployed in Heroku. I cloned the app, made a few changes and then committed to git and tried to push to Heroku but I am getting that error message. Any ideas about this “Ruby/disabledeploys app”? I already tried to google about it but had no […]

Push to Heroku No Changes

I have been able to successfully push my files earlier in the day with changes showing up. However now when I have made changes, and done the push the changes don’t show up on Heroku, despite thee console indicating that everything happened successfully, here is my heroku log: (I should add when I run localhost […]

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