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Deploy a pre existing django git repo to heroku

I have a DJango git repository.Me and some other developers are working on it and it has multiple branchs also. Now i want to deploy it to Heroku or want to use the heroku as a staging server means before pushing to git i want to push the code changes to heroku and if verified […]

Set `process.env.commit` on Heroku push

I’m using NPM’s scripts.postinstall to build our application using GulpJS when we push it to Heroku: “postinstall”: “./node_modules/.bin/gulp build –require coffee-script/register” I want to be able to set an environment variable at this time with the value of the commit hash. This will then be referenced in files as a cachebuster, e.g.: <script type=”text/javascript” src=”/index.{{ […]

git commit creates assets and temporary files for some reason

Whenever I run git commit -m “blah”, my apps are creating a bunch of random files, for some reason. This is causing a problem because it is taking up lots of space on my server and my git push heroku master command will timeout. What is happening? Below is the output from my last commit […]

Push failed: Could not get a logplex token for this app

I am trying to follow the SFDC Integration Workbook. http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/integration_workbook/integration_workbook.pdf I got stuck on Tutorial #1 Step: 4: To deploy the local code to Heroku, execute the following command: git push heroku master I get this error: ! Push failed: Could not get a logplex token for this app. Please try the request again. ! […]

Can't push to Heroku (non-fast-forward)

I’m having troubles pushing some code to Heroku. I’m still in the process of learning how all of these tools work, so I’m going to paste what I just did. saasbook@saasbook:~/typo$ git status # On branch master # Your branch is ahead of ‘origin/master’ by 1 commit. # # Changes not staged for commit: # […]

Bower error when pushing to Heroku : bower ENOTDIR ENOTDIR, not a directory '/tmp/build_xxx/bower_components

I’ve got problem when I try to push a ember-cli project on Heroku. This is the log which is return to me. Total 0 (delta 0), reused 0 (delta 0) remote: Compressing source files… done. remote: Building source: remote: remote: —–> Fetching custom git buildpack… done remote: —–> Ember CLI app detected remote: —–> Exporting […]

Receiving an error upon heroku login not sure why permission seems to be the issue

I keep getting this error but if I do sudo heroku login it works… How do I fix this, I even tried to do ssh generate but it works with sudo only too… The-MacBook-Pro:prod lior$ heroku login ! Error reading /Users/lior/.netrc ! Permission denied – /Users/lior/.netrc ! You may need to delete this file and […]

git push to Heroku does not create directory with .gitignore

So in my master I added a new directory to the root of my repo called log/ with a .gitignore file in it containing one line *.log When I check in bitbucket, everything has been pushed correctly and the directory exists when browsing source. However, when I do git push heroku master all the other […]

Pushing To Heroku Fails – No Such App Fatal

Git push onto heroku is pointing to a non-existing git repository. git.heroku.com/secure-reef-1722.git this is the repository created when we ran heroku create command. But when we run a ‘push’ command ($ git push heroku master), it says remote: ! No such app as boiling-inlet-6957. fatal: repository ‘https://git.heroku.com/boiling-inlet-6957.git/’ not found Also we are not able to […]

How to handle user editable templates in a cloud stateless hosting environment?

I’ve been using since a few year now a home-made PHP CMS/ERP based on Symfony components for my clients. Every site using this framework is hosted on a “classic” linux hosting and I use git to deploy updates. Every site has a folder that stores html/css templates, images and downloadable files that the site admin […]

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