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Add old commits to Github contribution history with Heroku Github Integration

I am considering adding the Github integration to an existing Heroku app and I am wondering if I move the commits from the heroku branch to master branch, will they appear in my contribution history on my Github profile?

How to add sub-modules to github repository

Hello i am looking for a way to add my submodules to my github repo for example iris https://github.com/kataras/iris I tried git add * git add . and then committing and pushing but the folder stay empty (greyed out) The reason I want to add these submodules is because I want to deploy my application […]

Can't view Heroku logs – Cannot read property 'run' of undefined

I am attempting to deploy a python3 app to heroku. The app has some kind of error and isn’t rendering (I see the generic error message in the browser) so I’m trying to troubleshoot via Heroku logs, but I get this error instead of the log output. C:\Users\Kate\AppData\Local\heroku\tmp\heroku-script-182282411:14 cmd.run(ctx) ^ TypeError: Cannot read property ‘run’ […]

Is it possible to create a Heroku review app from a Bitbucket pull request

I’ve been using this feature with GitHub, but it seems there’s no way to get a review app running when the codebase is hosted on BitBucket. Is there a way of getting around this limitation?

How to ignore a file on Github when doing a git pull

I am using Ruby on Rails 4, Ruby 2.2.2, and deploying to Heroku. I have my secret variables configured with Heroku config:set and I want to use Rails.application.secrets.secret_key to access my secrets. What is the best way to manage my config/secrets file with Git and GitHub while developing and deploying to Heroku? I have my […]

Heroku for private server deployment?

anyone knows how to achieve a way to deploy rails apps like heroku on private server? i use passenger for rails deployment powered by nginx. atm i you capistrano, but i want to just use git push server production for deploying my apps, including migrations. any suggestions? thanks in advance!

Git Pushing a branch to heroku

I am very new to git but I need to use it for one of my projects. A few days ago I created a local branch for the project and started working on (the new branch) it locally. Now I want to be able to push this new branch of the project to heroku. I […]

initialized empty git repository

i tried first sample Facebook App on Heroku in this command prompt i write like this 1)$git remote 2)$git remote add heroku git@heroku.com:stellent.git responses like this not a repository (or any of the parent directories): git i enter $git init response is initialized empty git repository in C Is there any way to find correct […]

How to get the last push date or file modification date when deploying to Heroku?

What is the easiest way to get the latest file modification date (latest of all files, not a single one) or last push date to Heroku? I would like to put on the footer: “Last site update on July 28, 2011” Working in Rails 3. Thanks!

Git push after svn commit for automatic deployement to Heroku?

I am trying to implement a very simple automatic deployment system for my team. Our code lives in an SVN repo, yet I use heroku to deploy my application (which uses GIT) Currently I do the following locally: svn update git add . git commit -m “foo” git push heroku master However I would like […]

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