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Push rejected, no Cedar-supported app detected

I know this question has been asked several times. But I couldnot stop myself to post this here. I am nooby. I am trying to push the app from git to heroku using the following command ubuntu@ip-1×2-xx-xx-xxx:~/vexxx$ git push heroku master I am getting the following error. Counting objects: 8, done. Compressing objects: 100% (6/6), […]

Cloning a previous version on Heroku

I’m new to Heroku. After pushing bad code to the server, I used heroku rollback to revert to a previous version. I then tried to clone this rollback to my computer with: git clone git@heroku.com:<project>.git <dir> Unfortunately, this clones the corrupted head, not the rollback. Is there a way to actually clone a specific previous […]

heroku console show the latest sha hash from git deployment

I have a development branch hosted on Heroku and we have a couple of people using this branch to look for bugs, it would be nice to show the SHA-1 Hash of the commit that’s the latest deployed on Heroku so that we know which bugs belong to which commit. But I cannot at all […]

Unable to push master to heroku

I’m unable to push use git push in github as well as heroku, i have tried various methods as suggested on this question . pls help to resolve this problem .. i see the following report while i try to push. D:\My\weblog>git push heroku master Permission denied (publickey). fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly […]

git push error while pushing to remote repository

I am getting the following error while trying to push the changes to remote repository. Command git push heroku Error fatal: You are pushing to remote ‘heroku’, which is not the upstream of your current branch ‘master’, without telling me what to push to update which remote branch. Can anyone please advise what might be […]

Github and Heroku repos? How to read, push, pull, and generally keep them synced

Possible Duplicate: git push to multiple repositories simultaneously I want to let other people read my rails app from github. So I usually push repos to github and heroku. Now I want to do both with one app and keep them synced. How do you do this?

push to heroku through port 443

I am unable to use the default port 22 and so have run into difficulties setting up git and heroku according to the hartl rails tutorial. I was able to push to git by including the following in the ~/.ssh/config file: Host github.com User git Hostname ssh.github.com PreferredAuthentications publickey IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa Port 443 However, a […]

Push rejected, failed to detect set buildpack heroku/php

I’m trying to deploy my php app from github to heroku, but it’s not working. I’ve had experience with deploying php apps to heroku, but for some reason, I’m having trouble this time. This is what I’ve done. Created an app in heroku Linked my github to my heroku app Added a remote to heroku […]

Gulp deploy dist folder of Node app to Heroku

I’m reasonably new to node, git, github and Heroku and I’m struggling to work out the best way of sending my application to Heroku without cluttering up the repo with my compiled, minified app and without doing too much in Heroku. My node.js project looks a bit like this: – client … code – server […]

How can I deploy old commits to Heroku

We’re trying to deploy a big Rails project to Heroku for the first time, but something’s breaking during the Heroku compilation process and we have no way of knowing what. So now we’re going to plan B, which is to walk up the commit chain and test deploy each step of the way against Heroku […]

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