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Where is Heroku getting its RSA key from? It seems to be somewhere other than ~/.ssh/

I’ve had to create a new RSA key for pushing to Heroku. I’ve deleted the old key and added a new one to ~/.ssh/. However despite this, Heroku keeps giving me the following error: ! Your key with fingerprint 83:3c:2c:45:81:5a:71:d7:40:2e:bf:fd:b7:e5:63:e2 is not authorized to access my_server. I’ve been through each of the keys that exist […]

heroku app not being properly updated?

I’m new to the web development scene, so sorry if my lack of knowledge bugs you When i run my local code using rails s and testing on my own server, the front end is not the same as the local one. My first attempt was to initially fix some snippet of code, then use […]

How to resolve “Push rejected, no Cedar-supported app detected” error in Heroku

This is my Django project structure: Testing |_djangoApp |_Testing | |– __init__.py | |– settings.py | |– urls.py | |– utils.py | |– wsgi.py | |_manage.py |_Procfile |_requirements.txt |_README.md I am using codeship.io to deploy the build and for pushing it to Heroku, which is well configured. On heroku i have added an application with […]

Heroku – Precompiling assets failed. Push rejected, failed to compile Ruby app

I’m a bit too new at RoR to spot where the error is. Been following railstutorial.org and I get this on my push to heroku. Is it aborting because of this –> NoMethodError: undefined method `link_to’ for . ?? That’s the only thing that I was able to spot for myself. warning: push.default is unset; […]

How to change location of private key for git push

I’m working with heroku. My local project which is in a git repository is on a flash drive (F:) I need to change the location of my ssh private key which I originally set up on another computer’s c drive to f:/ssh where the private key also resides. $ git push git@heroku.com:MYPROJECT.git master The authenticity […]

Unable to update app on heroku: “git add .” gives error

“fatal: Unable to create ‘/Users/apple/documents/herokuapp/.git/index.lock’: File exists. If no other git process is currently running, this probably means a git process crashed in this repository earlier. Make sure no other git process is running and remove the file manually to continue.” I’m working on thru my Mac Terminal trying to update my app on Heroku.

Pushing Rails App to Heroku – “fatal: Could not parse object”

I am a Noob trying to push my first app from onemonthrails.com up to heroku. I have been trying to solve this issue on stackoverflow and other sites. I cannot seem to come up with an answer. I tried deleting the gem-file then recreating before I pushed it up, diddn’t work. Also, I started with […]

git privacy in node apps deployment to Heroku

I am new to Heroku but I managed to deploy my development first Sails@beta to Heroku, I created a Heroku app and submitted my git commits to the git repository provided by Heroku. Is the git repository provided by Heroku Private? Is there any possibility to track changes from a UI (something like GitHub)? or […]

Git – Push current Heroku repo to a remote github repo

I have a project set up with a heroku Git repository and after making some new changes on a new branch I want to push this branch and the diff between my last Heroku commit to the Github repo. How would I go about doing this so I can engage in a work flow of […]

Heroku thinks app is in same folder

I referenced this awesome thread from the following to fork my Heroku app and clone the github repo to have two seperate github repo’s and Heroku app’s for production and development. Trying to heroku git:clone after heroku fork yields an empty repository $ git clone git@heroku.com:oldapp.git -o old newclonedapp $ cd newclonedapp $ heroku git:remote […]

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