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How do you push from nitrous.io to GIT

I was following this guide Nitrous to Heroku Guide It describes the process to fork a git repo but I want to push my directory of stuff to Git and then to Heroku. Well I really wanted to just push my stuff to Heroku. Argghh now I am lost. So either push directly to Heroku […]

Connect to the database in a Heroku node.js app without revealing authentication details on git

I have a node.js app that I pushed to Heroku. It uses MongoDB for it’s storage. Heroku offers a free MongoDB as an addon that your app can connect to. Now my question is, since the connection string is of this format: mongodb://dbuser:dbpass@host:port/dbname, and since Heroku uses git to push, how do I push my […]

How to reset everything Heroku in my Git/Rails 3.1 Project

I solved my problem while writing this post, but I thought this might be good information for other noobs like me 🙂 To solve the problem below edit the following file .git/config There’s a section that looks like this [remote “heroku”] url = git@heroku.com:adjective-noun-1234.git fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/heroku/* This is what git tries to push to. […]

Is the Heroku Git Repo Public?

When deploying an app, Heroku’s documentation mentions a git push. Does this mean that Heroku pushes my code to a public Git repo? Or is it private, like OpenShift?

How to push your local master branch to Heroku when you've already pushed a feature branch?

To try out a feature branch, I pushed it to Heroku’s master (since that’s the only branch it uses for your website), i.e. I did: git push heroku feature-foo:master Meanwhile, I made some commits to my local master branch. Now I want to push my local master back out to Heroku, but am getting: To […]

git push only one file to Heroku

Is it possile to only push one file to Heroku, instead off all changed files? Thanks…

How to deploy to Heroku directly from my Gitlab repository

In my team, we use Gitlab a remote repository, so we are finding a solution for auto deploy we apps to Heroku directly. We found Codeship for auto deploy apps to Heroku from Github. Any tips? Tricks?

How to read a single file in Heroku via bash

I’m trying to read a file in Heroku because it’s an old website where Git got corrupted and I no longer have the files for it. I have rolled back to its version to to read from it and I’ve gotten to the bash folder where it is using heroku run bash ls app/views/ How […]

Git Errors when Pushing on Heroku

I’m using Heroku and have a Rails app that is stable (production env), so I wanted to create something new where I can have quality assurance env where I can see how the changes will work on Heroku (as well as aggregating enhancements for releases) without always pushing to my production app. So what I […]

Failing to push git to Heroku port 22: bad file number

After creating my rails project, pushing it into the GIT repo, was not able to push it to Heroku. When I run the command: git push heroku master I get this error: ssh: connect to host heroku.com port 22: Bad file number fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly Am not behind a firewall, proxy […]

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