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! No such app as demo_app

I’m new to github/heroku and I am doing a rails tutorial right now. When i tried to submit my application, I get an error that says ! No such app as demo_app . However, when I did git remote -v I get: heroku git@heroku.com:demo_app.git (fetch) heroku git@heroku.com:demo_app.git (push) origin git@heroku.com:schan93/demo_app.git (fetch) origin git@heroku.com:schan93/demo_app.git (fetch) but […]

git push heroku master issue. heroku wont allow me to upload my application

I’ve been following the ruby on rails application tutorials and i followed everything step by step but when i reached the last step to upload my application to heroku, i received an error message. I tried installing the gem it’s asking for, but i still keep getting the same error message. $ git push heroku […]

pathspec error when trying to commit

I am new to git and heroku. I am trying to commit new changes to index.php by: git add . && git commit -am “test” && git push and my output is error pathspec ‘”\226am”‘ did not match any file<s> known to git. I’m sure I am just typing a command error, but don’t know […]

Replace all files in git repo with the files that are on local machine

I want my git repository to look exactly like I have it locally. As in if I have A,B,C,D and E files in my git repository and on my local machine I have deleted A,B and C, leaving D and E. When I push I want to see only D and E in the repository. […]

rails app in development doesn't show up on heroku

Im developing a rails app. Following this tutorial here: Tutorial I finished a part and wanted to push all the changes up to heroku and view them there. I can view the site on my local machine. On heroku all I see is this: I typed in the following commands after I made my changes, […]

Stop overwriting specific code when merging git branches?

I am currently building a webapp that I will deploy to Heroku. My webapp references it’s own data through an API. For local development, I am referring to the api as such: ‘http://localhost:3000/mywebapp/’ + id + ‘/json’ For Heroku, I will have to do something like: ‘http://mywebapp.herokuapp.com/’ + id + ‘/json’ I have two git […]

Remove Heroku completely

Can you tell me how to remove heroku account and apps from computer as well as from their website completely. I want to start from scratch as heroku command-line client is giving me unknown errors, Just tell me the way to remove/uninstall heroku and all its stuff like foreman, git etc etc from my windows.

Specify '–remote' Heroku app based on git branch

Is it possible to to target an app version in Heroku based on the current Git branch? In the Heroku docs, its specifies how to target a a specific version of the app. # run command on ‘production’ $ heroku run rake db:migrate –remote production To make things easier, you can use your git config […]

I am trying to push to Heroku, but it says I have bad fingerprint

! Your key with fingerprint XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX is not authorized to access app I have already pushed the new key to the server, but it is not allowing me to access the server. I have two heroku accounts as well.

How do I set Heroku as git's origin?

Currently I have to submit stuff via: git push heroku master Heroku is not the origin for some reason, github is – I don’t want it to be though – I think it’s because I downloaded the GitHub desktop client anyways. Anyways – how do I make heroku the origin?

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