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Deploy on Heroku failed: Could not find devise-1.4.4 in any of the sources

I follow a deploy article by Getting Started with Heroku. I tried to deploy my app to heroku. At the beginning I had this problem —–> Gemfile detected, running Bundler version 1.0.7 Unresolved dependencies detected; Installing… Using –without development:test Fetching source index for http://rubygems.org/ Could not find devise-1.4.4 in any of the sources FAILED: http://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/bundler […]

Pushing my local repository to heroku – all my real “users images” are replaced with test users images?

So, my problem is: – I have an heroku repository with images from users in “public/assets/..” using the paperclip gem – I have another local repository with test images like “from users” but it’s different. If i change .gitignore and add “public/assets/*” after a couple of days all my images are gone frome heroku ((( […]

saving a folder from being destroyed after push on heroku

I have an app that lets users upload documents. The app saves the documents to a folder on the server, say users_documents. The app is hosted on Heroku. When I do a git push heroku master the new app is deployed but all the files in users_documents are deleted, is there a way to tell […]

git hooks post-merge

Is there anyway to tell whether or not the merge made was associated with a pull? I’d like to use git-flow’s merges as a hook to send my data to heroku. Ideas?

Using Git with a Redmine hosted on Heroku

I have a question. I am using Redmine for a issue tracking system for my upcoming project and I recently did the install on Heroku and I was wondering if there was a good way to use Git via a github repository to do issue tracking (ie. I can make a commit, do a refs […]

When Git tells you it failed to push some refs,

I had installed rubyinstaller and msysgit, When I tried to deploy radiant to heroku, i was given the following warning message $git push heroku master //I use windows heroku receiving push !heroku push rejected,repository is empty. to git@heroku.com:faculty.git ![remote rejected]master->master(pre-receive hook declined) Error: failed to push some refs to git@heroku.com:faculty.git and when I $git push […]

cannot deploy to heroku because the key with fingerprint is not authorised

I have one git repository and I want to have 2 heroku apps from the single repo – production and staging. For the production app, i’m the collaborator (not the owner). For the staging, I would like to be the owner. I have done the following in the command line: heroku create app-staging-name git remote […]

Git deployment outside of heroku

I like very much the way applications are deployed at heroku by just pushing in git. Is there a way to use such kind of deployment in Java? P.S. I have a small application which is deployed to tomcat server. I don’t need distribution and other stuff.

Turn a git sub-directory into a git repository?

This question already has an answer here: How can I deploy/push only a subdirectory of my git repo to Heroku? 4 answers

git push heroku master. Error behid a Proxy

Possible Duplicate: How to push to heroku behind a proxy? I have on my Win7 behind a Proxy the Oracle VM with Ubuntu. I use git. I try to deploy in Heroku, but become Error: $ git push heroku master ssh: connect to host heroku.com port 22: Connection timed out fatal: The remote end hung […]

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