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How to deploy to Heroku directly from my Gitlab repository

In my team, we use Gitlab a remote repository, so we are finding a solution for auto deploy we apps to Heroku directly. We found Codeship for auto deploy apps to Heroku from Github. Any tips? Tricks?

How to read a single file in Heroku via bash

I’m trying to read a file in Heroku because it’s an old website where Git got corrupted and I no longer have the files for it. I have rolled back to its version to to read from it and I’ve gotten to the bash folder where it is using heroku run bash ls app/views/ How […]

Git Errors when Pushing on Heroku

I’m using Heroku and have a Rails app that is stable (production env), so I wanted to create something new where I can have quality assurance env where I can see how the changes will work on Heroku (as well as aggregating enhancements for releases) without always pushing to my production app. So what I […]

Failing to push git to Heroku port 22: bad file number

After creating my rails project, pushing it into the GIT repo, was not able to push it to Heroku. When I run the command: git push heroku master I get this error: ssh: connect to host heroku.com port 22: Bad file number fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly Am not behind a firewall, proxy […]

Heroku: how to “git pull” after 'git push -f'

I got this error message (copied below) after trying to push to Heroku. I initially set up a facebook canvas app and selected the hosting on heroku options. It gave me a heroku url, which I added as a remote on the app I was developing on my machine heroku git:remote -a desolate-springs-1684 But when […]

Automated heroku deploy from subfolder

I know you can deploy automatically to heroku from github, but I haven’t found a way to only push a subfolder from github to heroku. From the command-line I know it is possible to do this with: git subtree push –prefix <subfolder> heroku master However, I would like to know if there is a way […]

fatal: Not a git repository … error message

When I git push on heroku, I receive this fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git error many times. Everything works fine in my application and the push completes normally. I just wonder why this happens. I also see the same message 4-5 times in my logs in heroku, when […]

Git pull error: “fatal: Couldn't find remote ref master” from Heroku

I upload my application on heroku. But I face some problems. What the problem: fatal: ‘priroda’ does not appear to be a git repository? ~/priroda$ git pull fatal: ‘priroda’ does not appear to be a git repository fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly ~/priroda$ git remote -v heroku git@heroku.com:secure-anchorage-3129.git (fetch) heroku git@heroku.com:secure-anchorage-3129.git (push) origin […]

Why is my heroku app empty when I clone it (it should be parse-server)

I created a heroku app using the Deploy to heroku button on this page https://github.com/ParsePlatform/parse-server-example I can check its running by running code similar to the following which returns results in terminal. curl -X GET \ -H “X-Parse-Application-Id: ********************” \ -H “X-Parse-Master-Key: *******************” \ http://MY-APP.herokuapp.com/parse/classes/Speech I want to update the cloudcode, my understanding on how […]

Push rejected, no Cedar-supported app detected

I know this question has been asked several times. But I couldnot stop myself to post this here. I am nooby. I am trying to push the app from git to heroku using the following command ubuntu@ip-1×2-xx-xx-xxx:~/vexxx$ git push heroku master I am getting the following error. Counting objects: 8, done. Compressing objects: 100% (6/6), […]

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