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When Git tells you it failed to push some refs,

I had installed rubyinstaller and msysgit, When I tried to deploy radiant to heroku, i was given the following warning message $git push heroku master //I use windows heroku receiving push !heroku push rejected,repository is empty. to git@heroku.com:faculty.git ![remote rejected]master->master(pre-receive hook declined) Error: failed to push some refs to git@heroku.com:faculty.git and when I $git push […]

cannot deploy to heroku because the key with fingerprint is not authorised

I have one git repository and I want to have 2 heroku apps from the single repo – production and staging. For the production app, i’m the collaborator (not the owner). For the staging, I would like to be the owner. I have done the following in the command line: heroku create app-staging-name git remote […]

Git deployment outside of heroku

I like very much the way applications are deployed at heroku by just pushing in git. Is there a way to use such kind of deployment in Java? P.S. I have a small application which is deployed to tomcat server. I don’t need distribution and other stuff.

Turn a git sub-directory into a git repository?

This question already has an answer here: How can I deploy/push only a subdirectory of my git repo to Heroku? 4 answers

git push heroku master. Error behid a Proxy

Possible Duplicate: How to push to heroku behind a proxy? I have on my Win7 behind a Proxy the Oracle VM with Ubuntu. I use git. I try to deploy in Heroku, but become Error: $ git push heroku master ssh: connect to host heroku.com port 22: Connection timed out fatal: The remote end hung […]

Hiding Confidential Data From Git But pushing to Heroku

I recently ran into a snag – I have confidential data stored in a .config file in my project directory. My gitignore has .config in it to keep this confidential data private. However, when I try to push my project to Heroku, the .config file is ignored – my app can’t run without getting the […]

can push to heroku but get permission denied when pushing to git

I have a git repo hosted at Github to which I have pushed numerous commits. However, today when attempting to do a git push I got this error: $ git push Permission denied (publickey). fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly Now, before telling me this is a dupe of the many other “git push […]

Heroku – Uploading SSH public key failed

I just got a new computer and I tried to download the code from heroku. It said I had no keys, so I did heroku keys:clear to add new ones. Then : heroku keys You have no keys. c:\Node\app>heroku keys:add Found existing public key: C:/Users/Zela/.ssh/id_rsa.pub Uploading SSH public key C:/Users/Zela/.ssh/id_rsa.pub… failed ! Application error I […]

Heroku: Fatal error at Commit

I have logged in heroku by terminal and wrote:git commit -m “intial commit”. I’m getting the following error:who are you “could not find your email addres” How can I solve this? Please help me

How do I keep my Heroku deployed Django powered project DRY?

I’m going to be hopefully deploying the first of many (fingers crossed!) projects through Heroku here soon. My concerns about a git and pip driven environment are that it becomes difficult to clone our internal reusable private Github repo apps through pip. For example, we have apps for blogs, comments, feedback, search, and so on […]

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