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fatal: remote heroku already exists

I am running the following commands and get fatal: remote heroku already exists. error. I dont know what is wrong here, it used to work without errors before. git init git add . git commit -m ‘Initial commit’ git remote add heroku git@heroku.com:myapp.git

How Do I Remove references to an old Heroku app in local git folder?

I deleted a heroku app reinitialized the local repository but when I try to add the new remote repository it won’t let me add the new remote because the remote already exists but with the old name. I tried doing a rename but that didn’t work either because of course the old app no longer […]

Git: How to ignore a file from one repo and add it to another?

I have a Ruby on Rails application that I am trying to host on Heroku. I would also like to use a GitHub public (free) repository to track changes. I need to check-in a file containing passwords to the Heroku remote repo, but ignore the file so I don’t check it in to GitHub. Is […]

Cannot 'git push' to Heroku

I cannot git push to Heroku in the normal way from my home. I’ve tried using two different accounts (home and work), on different apps, with different ssh keys. It’s not a corrupted repo because it works from my work computer. (In fact, I normally work around this by ssh-ing to work and deploying from […]

Github & Heroku Webhooks : Add label when pushed to origin, close when pushed to prod

I love webhooks. Github has them, heroku also. We extensively use the commit messages Fixes #345 git commit message that will close issue 345 when pushed to origin What I’d like to achieve is: When I push to origin, a label is added to the issue, something like Fixed When I push to my heroku […]

Git proxy that pushes to multiple remotes

I’m looking for a piece of software that I hope someone has built. I’m going to describe this software here hoping that someone heard about something like this and can point me in the right direction. I’m developing a web app which is deployed on Heroku. Because of Heroku’s limitations, I am being put in […]

Prevent Django SQLite db from being overwritten while pushing to Heroku

I’ve got a Django application that is storing a large amount of data in it’s models. The problem is, whenever I deploy to Heroku even if it’s a small change, the remote database with the correct data gets overwritten with the local database of dummy data. Scenario: I have a db file my_db which is […]

Changing heroku repo for pre-existing app

I created a heroku repo some time ago for my rails app but deleted it because I was never using it. Now I have come to the point where I need to use heroku but I am encountering the following error: ! No such app as furious-mist-2295. which was the old repo name, so it […]

How to deploy .gitignored compiled files in Heroku?

I have a compiled folder named /target where my server.js lives. Since it’s compiled files, I added /target to .gitignore since I don’t want all those changes checked it into my GitHub. But Heroku ignores anything listed in the .gitignore, so I’m unable to spin up the app. Ideally I’d like to run node /target/scripts/server.js […]

How can I setup my .git/config to be able to push to / pull from multiple remote repositories?

Ok, I have three different computers that I work from and right now their configurations are all different so I have to push/pull a certain on each and its very bothersome. What I want to do is have ONE config file that I can use for all three that will allow me to do the […]

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