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Maintain seperate git branches – One for heroku and another for github

I have got a project in nodejs which is on github and deployed on heroku. In that project I use a few API keys and those keys are stored in config.js file which is ignored while pushing to github. But I need those files for deployment on heroku. So my problem is when ever I […]

Git – Heroku deploy app that is composed of a couple of git repos

Recently I built an rails app for a local business. They like this app so much that they’ve gotten a couple of other local businesses interested in having their own version of the app. Here lies the problem that Im uncertain how to fix. The core business logic behind the app would be the same […]

getting the error ! master -> master (pre-receive hook declined)

I am not able to git push heroku master anymore I get the following error (after the bundle install and assets precompile step that looks like had no problem) The error is the following: remote: Verifying deploy………………………. remote: remote: ! Push rejected to my-project. remote: To https://git.heroku.com/my-project.git ! [remote rejected] master -> master (pre-receive hook […]

Git Push Heroku Master HTTP Transport Authentication

I am having issues trying to push my app using git to heroku via HTTP. I have run: $ heroku login from the command prompt successfully, but when I try to push to heroku, I get prompted for a username and password again with the following message: remote: ! WARNING remote: ! Do not authenticate […]

Error when pushing forked Laravel package to Heroku

I’m experiencing an issue with a Laravel package that I forked from Bitbucket. I created a new repo on Git and pushed this modified version of the package; everything works fine locally but, when I push the code to Heroku, I get the following error: remote : [RunTimeException] remote : Failedto execute git clone –no-checkout […]

Heroku Repo Size and Slug Size increase with each deployment. Why?

I change some text in my application and deploy new version with git push heroku master But everytime I push, it increase a lot. I write here the increasement after each deploy. 168.2 KB 37.9 MB 178.6 KB 38.7 MB 187 KB 39.4 MB 194 KB 40.2 MB 205.3 KB 40.9 MB 232.8 KB 41.8 […]

Images not getting displayed

I am facing the following problem. I am not able to see the images (Seen as broken images). Till yesterday everything was working properly, I did the following and from that on-wards its giving error. I wanted one image(without using file uploader, eg. carrierwave) from file-system to be changed on the server, So I did […]

How do I access my Git tags on Heroku?

I’m running a Python app on Heroku using Gunicorn. I want to display the output of $ git describe for versioning. It seems that none of my Git tags have been pushed to Heroku from my Travis CI deployment. How do I: (a) push all my Git tags to Heroku from Travis or (b) fetch […]

Net::SMTPFatalError in MessagesController#create — 550 Cannot receive from specified address : Unauthenticated senders not allowed

I have a rails 4.1.8 app using Devise, Heroku and Sendgrid. Sending emails is part of the apps functionality. Everything works perfectly in development on my laptop that I built the app in. Emails are being sent and received…all is good. I git cloned the repo on my desktop, and I am getting the above […]

Replacing Production App – Heroku

I am trying to replace a deleted Heroku app that was my production location. When I run “git push production master”, I now get the following: remote: ! No such app as arcane-ocean-9502. fatal: repository ‘https://git.heroku.com/arcane-ocean-9502.git/’ not found How do I replace this? “git push staging master” works just fine. Thanks in advance!

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